Another Case of Anti-Atheist Discrimination

Another Case of Anti-Atheist Discrimination April 9, 2013

And we have yet another case of discrimination against atheists. At almost exactly the same time as an Oklahoma BBQ joint threw Camp Quest out of their restaurant after agreeing to do a fundraiser with them because they are atheists, Shelley Segal was forced to change venues for a show for the same reason in Tacoma, Washington:

We had originally booked a coffee and ale shop called Anthem in the middle of downtown Tacoma. It was a new venue (for us), the staff was incredibly friendly, and it looked like the perfect all ages venue for a show like this. We discussed doing the event there, and they were on board.

That fell apart this morning, when I received an email from the booking folks. It was a polite, professional email, but the intent was very clear. I’ll quote the relevant part:

This isn’t something that we feel comfortable promoting or hosting because it doesn’t align with what we believe and stand for.

Now legally this may be a bit different from the situation in Oklahoma because they aren’t discriminating against a customer but against a performer. And they have no obligation to book a performer. But it’s still a real asshole move, even if it isn’t illegal.

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  • Doug Little

    coffee and ale shop

    So a bar then??

  • hexidecima

    seems to be.

    their supposed mission statement: “We create unique experiences that change lives and bring people back. We do this by loving and serving people, by preparing top-notch handcrafted food and beverages, and by creating an environment where real relationships are fostered.”

    hmmph. It seems that their “heroic hospitality and exceptional customer service” is only for certain people.

  • Doug Little

    Also checkout their Vision and Values Page. I believe they are not living up to the hype.

  • hexidecima

    I also looked up the Eternity Bible College that was mentioned on the podcast. Unsuprisingly it appears to be just one more diploma mill with no accreditation.

    oh well, it has introduced me to Shelly Segal which is a good thing.

  • Alverant

    I’ve heard of a similar thing with SJ Tucker. She’s a wonderful musician who happens to be pagan. One time she was scheduled to do a performance at a church. Then they heard her music and changed their minds. (I guess “Go Away Godboy”, a song about a persistant Jehovah Witness, doesn’t sit will with some people.)

  • madgastronomer

    “Go Away Godboy” is not actually about a JW, or at least not about one who goes door-to-door, and if he’s one at all (I don’t remember), then his theology is pretty far out even for them. He was an online stalker of a friend of SJ’s (and mine), who literally thought he was Jesus, or claimed to some of the time, and he was bound and determined to bring our friend salvation. Personally. And he was madly in love with her, so it was destiny that she convert and be with him, if I recall.

  • thumper1990

    @Doug Little

    So a bar then??

    No. Bars sell lager and shots. Pubs sell beer (i.e. ale or bitter), lager, shots, and sometimes coffee. This was a pub. I didn’t know you guys had them. Huh.

    /beer snobbery.

  • Alverant


    You don’t say? I honestly did not know that. I thought it was JW who got obsessed that he couldn’t convert a heathen. I’ve been harassed by those trying to convert me a few times so that might have colored my view.

    Still, a song with a title like that I hope my confusion can be forgiven. It’s still one of my favorites.