The Humanist Service Corps Begins

One of the exciting long-term programs of the Foundation Beyond Belief is the development of the Humanist Service Corps to undertake projects around the world to help solve vexing problems in local communities ranging from access to clean water to greater justice and respect for human rights. The first step in that development is the Pathfinders Project. FBB needs some help in raising the last of the funds necessary to complete that first step. Here’s a video about it:


The first $24,000 has already been raised. We need another $16,000 to make this a reality. The page to donate is here. Even if you can’t help financially, please help by spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter. The more people we can reach about this, the more likely it becomes a reality.

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  • helenaconstantine

    Shouldn’t the humanist service Corps be devoted to editing ancient texts? There are still millions of fragments from Oxyrhynchus that no one has so much as looked at, so there is plenty of work to do.

  • Jadehawk

    no, that would be the humanities service corps