Tony Perkins for the Senate?

Tony Perkins, president of the virulently anti-gay Family Research Council (whenever you see “family” in such a context, read it as “bigot”), is being mentioned as a potential Republican candidate to run against incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu in 2014.

While multiple GOP sources tell The Daily Caller they think Perkins is interested in a campaign, other Republicans in Louisiana and Washington say they haven’t heard anything about Perkins gearing up for a run.

Other conservatives in the Christian conservative community are reacting favorably to the idea.

“Tony Perkins is a thoughtful public policy leader, credible candidate for U.S. Senate and someone who has represented Louisiana values in Washington DC and not the other way around,” Gary Marx, the executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, told TheDC.

Only on Planet Wingnuttia would Perkins be considered a “thoughtful public policy leader” rather than a bigoted theocrat.

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  • TGAP Dad

    Oh please, please, please…

  • steve84

    Tony Perkins isn’t just a professional homophobe. When he was in Louisiana politics he also had ties to white supremacist groups.

    Also this isn’t the first time. He tried to run for Senate in 2002.

  • Sastra


  • bullet

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE do this! Come on, Tony. It will embarrass the hell out of our state again, but I can’t wait to campaign against you. It will be almost as much fun as “Vote for the Crook” in 1991.

  • roggg

    For some reason every time I read “Tony Perkins”, I think of Tony Robbins.

  • otrame

    It will be almost as much fun as “Vote for the Crook” in 1991.

    Ah, yes. The good old days. I never lived in Louisiana (perish the thought), but I would most definitely have voted for the crook*. With bells on.

    *And believe me, friends, he was absolutely a crook.

  • jamessweet

    Yeah. Thoughtful, heh. It’s sorta funny, because I can think of people on “our side” whom I like, but who I would never ever EVER label as “thoughtful”. Pat Condell comes to mind, although lately he’s been so much of a douche maybe it is a bad example… Even PZ, y’know, I mean, I guess if you asked me, “Is PZ thoughtful?”, I’d probably say yes, but I would never think to describe him as “a thoughtful leader of the atheist movement” — I’d use words like “outspoken” first. “Thoughtful”? What a weird adjective to use on such an extremist as Perkins!

  • cottonnero

    Which explains the small degree of sympathy I have for Landrieu’s unwillingness to “evolve”. I’d rather see a Democrat who is shit on gay rights issues than Tony Perkins, who is pretty likely to be shit on every issue.

  • ArtK

    “Thoughtful” is a fine word to use. Perkins is full of thoughts. Bigoted, stupid, ridiculous, obnoxious, self-serving, probably self-hating, homophobic, misogynistic thoughts. He’s full of other stuff too, but “shitful” doesn’t work so well in a political endorsement.

  • Stacy

    For some reason every time I read “Tony Perkins”, I think of Tony Robbins

    Funny, I think of Norman Bates.

  • whheydt

    Re: Otrame @ #6:

    Shouldn’t that be “Parish the thought”?

  • ah58

    Perkins has always struck me as a self-hating closeted gay. I think it would be interesting to see what turned up in his personal life due to the increased scrutiny such a run would generate.

  • hunter

    It will be interesting to see if Perkins decides to run. Unfortunately, any dirt that comes out about his past — white supremacist connections and all the rest — is as likely to endear him to voters in Louisiana as not.