Barber Hearts Ssempa

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel has apparently never met a violent anti-gay bigot he didn’t support. As Right Wing Watch points out, just the other day Barber tweeted his strong support of Martin Ssempa, the Ugandan minister who pushes that infamous “kill the gays” bill.


Ssempa is an absolutely deranged anti-gay bigot. In 2011, he claimed he didn’t support the death penalty in the Ugandan “kill the gays” bill, but he urged the parliament to support it anyway. He supported it long before they took the death penalty out of the bill, replaced with long prison terms. And why is that any better? Putting people in prison for being gay is every bit as fascist and disgusting as putting them to death, for crying out loud.

Right Wing Watch says:

Of course it makes sense that Barber praises Ssempa, the champion of legislationthat makes homosexuality punishable by death who helped orchestrate media campaigns to “out” homosexuals.

According to reports, Ssempa’s speeches included references to “homosexual cults [that] were kidnapping children and raping them and drugging them to brainwash them and turn them gay” and homosexual Satanists who were killing people for their blood.

And this is the guy that Barber is praising and defending.

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  • With language like Barber & Ssempa’s, it’s a wonder people are afraid of Muslims & atheists.

  • Doug Little

    I know it would be really, really bad form but part of me wishes there was some way to accuse Ssempa of being gay so he gets the same treatment that he is advocating for gay people.

  • Ssempa actually has a conviction for making false accusations of “sodomy” against rival pastors.

    Let’s not forget Ssempa’s infamous “Eat Da Poo-Poo” speech:

  • Sorry, didn’t realise that would embed automatically. Perhaps worth making clear that it’s “not work safe”, as they say – as well as being deeply, deeply, unpleasant…

  • Gays “Eat da pop-poo!” I love it. He obviously has never seen a German scheisse videos done by Eric Cartman’s mother.

  • Lord–you think you’ve plumbed the depths of human depravity–then learn you were just twiddling your toes in a wading pool. Barber and Ssempa are, quite simply, evil. I wish I could give my brain a shower.

  • dan4

    The New Testament states that homosexuality (among other things) is “worthy of death” (got to love that “pro-life” Bible)…so a Christian’s support for the death penalty for gay equals, ahem, “mainstream” Christianity

  • thomasmorris

    That Twitter exchange is, uh… Fun.* Ssempa ends up “defending” himself – apparently where McCarthy saw communists, Ssempa sees “sodomites.” And all “sodomites” are pedophiles… Or something. Hard to know just exactly what is going on in the mind of someone that deranged.

    *Not actually fun. More depressing, and disturbing – and deeply revealing of the twisted mindsets of Barber and Ssempa.