Gaffney: Hillary Clinton an Enemy of Women’s Rights

The completely unhinged Frank Gaffney was on one of Rick Scarborough’s Tea Party conference calls last week and claimed that Hillary Clinton has done more damage to women’s rights than anyone else other than Obama. Why? Because she supports the Muslim Brotherhood, of course.

Hillary Clinton made this speech … the irony is she spoke about the plight of women at this event and the truth of the matter is, I would argue that perhaps no one, save only the President of the United States himself, but no one has done more to undermine women’s rights in a larger part of the world than Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State because she presided over and was the handmaiden of this effort to promote the Muslim Brotherhood.

And one other data point on this Rick, I believe it is going to be very important to hold her accountable for having had a women closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood at her right hand for over twelve years now and how has left the State Department where she was the Deputy Chief of Staff on the same day the Hillary Clinton left office and is almost certainly going to be helping her in her presidential run in the days ahead, Her name is Huma Abedin and she needs to be held accountable and so does Hillary Clinton.

Seriously, how deranged and delusional do you have to be to believe that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are on the side of the Muslim fascists? Has the Obama administration not shot enough missiles in Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen? Has it not killed enough Al Qaeda leaders? Has it not used the State Secrets Privilege to maintain the massively bloated and unconstitutional anti-terror infrastructure enough? Did it not push through the Patriot Act and FISA reauthorizations with no constitutional safeguards quickly enough? What more could they possibly want?

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  • ArtK

    What more could they possibly want? A conservative white heterosexual male Protestant in the White House. Then all will be right with the world. God will rain manna down on the American people and all brown-skinned foreigners will bow to our obvious superiority.

  • dugglebogey

    Conservatives think Hillary has damaged the women’s rights movement by actually trying to exercise hers.

    Women wouldn’t know they were second class citizens if none of them ever tried to actually do anything…

  • No One

    From Wikipedia:

    John McCain stated, “These allegations about Huma and the report from which they are drawn are nothing less than an unwarranted and unfounded attack on an honorable woman, a dedicated American and a loyal public servant… The letter and the report offer not one instance of an action, a decision or a public position that Huma has taken while at the State Department that would lend credence to the charge that she is promoting anti-American activities within our government… These attacks on Huma have no logic, no basis and no merit. And they need to stop now.”

  • Kengi

    Can we trust Frank Gaffney? He’s just following orders from Rahm Emanuel.

    He’s related to the Football player Jabar Gaffney (people with the same last name are, obviously, related). “Jabar” is another form of the name “Jabari, which links him to Jabari Parker, a high school basketball player in Chicago. Everyone in Chicago is controlled by the Corrupt Democratic Machine. Rahm Emanuel now controls that machine. Frank Gaffney is, therefore, controlled the Rahm Emanuel.

    This means Rahm wants to run for president and is trying to destroy Hillary Clinton’s reputation.

    Very sneaky, but I saw through it!

  • slc1

    Of course, the fact that she is married to former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who, the last time I looked, was of the Jewish persuasion (although obviously he must be a JINO if he married a Muslim) is ignored by Gaffney and the other nutcases who have attacked her.

  • All of Obama’s drone strikes are part of a misdirection campaign to hide his true affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. Just when we’re all lulled into a false sense of security, he’ll strike. Before know it, we’ll all be wearing burkas and gay married to illegal immigrants.

  • marcus

    ” Has the Obama administration not shot enough missiles in Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen? Has it not killed enough Al Qaeda leaders? “

    Silly rabbit! He’s just eliminating the competition in anticipation of his ultimate take-over.

  • roggg

    To be fair, the extreme right wingnuts think Clinton (and Obama, and anyone else aligned with their mythical left) is guilty of being evil. Which evil? All of them. Any accusation of wrongdoing can and will be supported with some convoluted rationalization. They hate murirka! They hate god! They hate freedom!

  • thumper1990

    And one other data point on this Rick…

    Er, Frank? That word, “data”… it does not mean what you think it means.

  • mobius

    What more could they possibly want?

    A completely Republican government?

  • Huma Abedin isn’t a very conservative Muslim. While Muslim Men are allowed to marry Jewish women, the reverse isn’t true. She didn’t even have a Muslim wedding.

  • meg

    I’ve kinda been waiting for this . . . with Clinton effectively being positioned as the next Democratic candidate, they have to start laying the foundations for the next round of attack. I wasn’t entirely sure they’d be able to go after her the same way as they do Obama, but I underestimated their complete lack of reality, didn’t I?