ADA: America Deserves God’s Wrath

Bill Johnson of the American Decency Association — really just a post office box and a few cranky old bigots about an hour away from me — says that America deserves God’s wrath for daring to treat gay people like, you know, human beings with equal rights.

God blesses a nation whose God is the Lord. As we Americans turn our back upon the Lord, deny and mock His Word, and blaspheme His Holy Name, we set ourselves up for judgment.

Many astute believers state that America is already experiencing the judgment of God; that God has removed His hand of protection from America.

It is difficult to ignore this as a reality. America is deserving of God’s wrath.

Once again, the Christian sounds very much like many victims in abusive relationships: “He wouldn”t beat me if only I was better. I deserve it.” Except that Johnson thinks God wants him to do the abusing too.

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