Corsi’s New Book Recycles ACLU-Communist Nonsense

Corsi’s New Book Recycles ACLU-Communist Nonsense April 15, 2013

The Worldnutdaily’s Jerome Corsi has a new book out about the ACLU. I’m sure it will have all the accuracy he has displayed with the Swift Boat Vets and with his birther crusade to prove that Obama is really a Kenyan Muslim who was in a gay marriage (before there was such a thing). Judging from the WND’s promotion of the book, it’s the same rehashed bullshit we’ve seen for nearly a century now:

“The book exposes the roots of ACLU in the 1920s among socialists and communists who were opposing World War I,” Corsi told WND. “It’s founder, Roger Baldwin, was a draft resister in 1917 who went to prison. Among the early board members were outright communists, including William Foster, who was at one time the general secretary of the Communist Party USA and wrote the book ‘Toward Soviet America.’

*yawn* Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard this for decades. As always, the wingnuts leave out a few inconvenient facts. Like the fact that Baldwin, like many socialists at the time, reacted in horror to the abuse of Stalin and abandoned communism. Baldwin, in fact, purged the ACLU of communists and wrote a book called The New Slavery, which detailed communist abuse around the world. He was then taken by Douglas MacArther to Japan to write their new constitution after WW2. Clearly a commie menace.

“The initial impulse of the ACLU was to fight for a definition of civil liberties that lined up with atheist, communist ideals,” Corsi continued. “Primary among the objectives was to eliminate God. [Communist philosopher Karl] Marx’s idea was that religion was the ‘opiate of the people,’ so the idea of God had to be broken down to establish the basis for communism, namely scientific materialism, which clashed with the religious conviction of America’s Founding Fathers, who believed our rights were inalienable, granted by God, and chief among those was freedom of religion.”

Thus, rather than defending the freedoms enshrined in the Bill of Rights, as many today believe the ACLU does, the group’s goal has been from the beginning to destroy the very basis for those rights, which, as the Declaration of Independence explains, are “endowed by our Creator.”

Which explains why they have defended hundreds of Christians over the years when their religious freedom was restricted. They have, for decades, repeatedly defended street preachers whose right to preach was denied. They supported Jerry Falwell twice in suits against the state of Virginia that prevented him from buying property for his church. They’ve defended students who were not allowed to hand out religious literature to their classmates.

WND claims that this book leaves the ACLU “exposed at last” and promises “revelations” about the group, but this is all just a tired rehash of the same old lies the right tells itself all the time.

The punchline to all of this is that on the very same day that the Worldnutdaily published this article, they also published this one:


It’s actually a link to a CNET article about the IRS claiming the power to read your emails without a warrant. And who is that revealed that and is taking the IRS to court over it? The ACLU. Clearly part of their communist agenda.

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  • Two words that apply to wingnuts “cognitive dissonance.” The ACLU fights against efforts to use the government to promote the majority religion and, therefore, it is evil. When it does something they like, it makes them uncomfortable and, as a result, it simply doesn’t register on their mind or memory.

    Also, see “Morton’s demon”:

  • “Well, I wus lookin’ everywhere for them gol-darned Reds

    I got up in the mornin’ ’n’ looked under my bed

    Looked in the sink, behind the door

    Looked in the glove compartment of my car

    Couldn’t find ’em . . .

    “I wus lookin’ high an’ low for them Reds everywhere

    I wus lookin’ in the sink an’ underneath the chair

    I looked way up my chimney hole

    I even looked deep down inside my toilet bowl

    They got away . . .” — Bob Dylan

  • I’m surprised he didn’t accuse Obama of using his time machine to found the ACLU. That’s as plausible as anything else he’s eer written.

  • blf

    [Baldwin] was then taken by Douglas MacArther to Japan to write their new constitution after WW2.

    Not so sure on that: The constitution was drafted in 1946 and approved in early 1947. Baldwin didn’t come to Japan until 1947 (exact date not known to me). Whilst he may have been involved in the late stages, it seems improbable he was involved in the drafting. (Milo Rowell and Courtney Whitney seem to have been the main architects of Japan’s Constitution. with critical contributions from Beate Gordon and others.)

  • “Mr. President, while I am most emphatically and sincerely opposed to taking any step that will force our country into the useless and senseless war now being waged in Europe, yet if this resolution passes I shall not permit my feeling of opposition to its passage to interfere in any way with my duty either as a senator or as a citizen in bringing success and victory to American arms. I am bitterly opposed to my country entering the war, but if, notwithstanding my opposition, we do enter it, all of my energy and all of my power will be behind our flag in carrying it on to victory. …

    “It is now demanded that the American citizens shall be used as insurance policies to guarantee the safe delivery of munitions of war to belligerent nations. The enormous profits of munition manufacturers, stockbrokers, and bond dealers must be still further increased by our entrance into the war. This has bro ught us to the present moment, when Congress urged by the President and backed by the artificial sentiment, is about to declare war and engulf our country in the greatest holocaust that the world has ever known.” — Sen. George William Norris, R-Neb., in debate on World War I resolution

  • busterggi

    “The book exposes the roots of ACLU in the 1920s among socialists and communists who were opposing World War I,” Corsi told WND.

    The vast majority of the US population opposed US involvement in WW I – apparently the US was a communist state up during the first four and a half years of that war.

  • pacal

    Dear Mr. Corsi:

    Why are you lying? Why are you such a liar?

  • Hey busterggi, you know who else opposed the U.S. getting involved in foreign wars?

    George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, etc. Commies! The whole lot of them were Socialist Commie Nazis.

  • thomasmorris

    Yeah, I hardly consider draft resistance a damning crime – in fact, I consider it an admirable trait as long as the person does it out of an actual dedication to principles (as opposed to “I think the war is great, but I just don’t feel like serving.”) Heck, I don’t have a problem with it even if it’s simply done out of a fear of dying – I don’t think a government should ever be able to force its citizens to serve in overseas wars.

  • thomasmorris, what about underseas wars?