Erik Rush: Terrorist Wannabe

Erik Rush, the utterly deranged Worldnutdaily columnist and Fox News contributor, responded to the bombings at the Boston Marathon only hours after it happened, when no one had any idea who was behind it, by demanding that all Muslims be killed. Seriously. Right Wing Watch has the screenshots:


And the difference between him and a terrorist would be…what, exactly? He now claims that he was merely being sarcastic, but there is nothing that even remotely hints at it being sarcastic. And when people challenged him on it, he calls them things like snank and bitch (women only, of course). So I’m not buying it.

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  • Not to jump to any conclusions, but Muslims aren’t the most likely perps to attack the Boston Marathon on tax day. What to either of those things have to do with their grievances?

  • grizzle

    That second tweet qualifies him for an Ed Brayton “Doubled-Down on Stupid” Award….

  • A tragedy like this is a Rorschach blot. What people see in the first moments can give profound insight into a person.

    Sometimes you get a profound insight into how much of an unrepentant asshole they are.

  • cottonnero

    As someone who still can’t quite get sarcasm to come through on the Internet clearly, I’m sympathetic to the idea that one could express an idea sarcastically and not have it sound that way to an outside observer.

    A more self-aware person than Rush might acquire some personal insight from the fact that nobody thought he was being sarcastic, and what that says about how the world perceives him.

  • matty1

    We still know nothing. The most persuasive things I’ve read suggest that the fact no one has claimed responsibility points to a lone nut rather than an organised group but that’s not terribly strong evidence.

  • sqlrob

    The first sentence of his first tweet is accurate though. That’s the likely outcome of this. And security theater and power grabs grand?

  • Doug Little

    This qualifies as sarcasm fail if indeed he was being sarcastic. Of course it’s not unheard of for people to pull the sarcasm excuse when they get called on shit, I’m on the fence.

  • Phillip IV

    He now claims that he was merely being sarcastic, but there is nothing that even remotely hints at it being sarcastic.

    More than that, the tweet he was responding to didn’t really provide any opening for a sarcastic answer – after all, even Rush couldn’t possibly deny that he was doing exactly what the other guy was accusing him of.

  • What vile, contemptible behaviour from Erik Rush. Sadly, it is also characteristic of him and his co-ideologues.

  • NVSkeptic

    He now claims that he was merely being sarcastic…

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  • raven

    It’s just the traditional throwing out of the scapegoat. You’ve got to give them credit. They waited a few hours. It’s already been Moslems. And atheists. I’m sure gays will be in there somewhere. It’s always understoon in some circles that it is god’s doing. Everything happens for a reason. Thanks god.

    Last night, DHS/FBI said they had no idea who did it. They were asking the public for help and sounded a bit desperate.

    The police claim that if you don’t solve a murder in a week or two, the probability of solving it goes way down.

    IIRC, they never did really solve the Atlanta Olympics bombing or it took a long time. Eric Rudolph eventually pled guilty, but I don’t know that they had enough evidence to convict if he hadn’t. At first they tried to blame the security guard who found the bomb right before it went off and warned people away. And ended up paying him a nice sum in reparations, when it turned out there was no evidence.

  • Sastra

    Frankly, as time goes on it becomes less and less likely that this was an act of ideological terrorism — from Muslims or anyone. What the hell is the point of Sending a Message if nobody is sure what the message is? Terrorists are usually eager to claim responsibility, if for no other reason than gloating rights.

    I think it’s starting to look more and more like a Sandy Hook and some kook or set of kooks with a serious grudge against the world in general and/or a love of violence for its own sake. But I certainly could be wrong.

  • raven

    ‘Godless’ Are Already to Blame for the Boston Marathon … – Patheos

    www. patheos. com/…/friendlyatheist/…/on-twitter-the-godles…

    by Hemant Mehta – in 3,619 Google+ circles

    2 days ago – Boston Atheists and Secular Coalition for Massachusetts Release Statement About … It’s tragic; the bombs exploding in Boston Marathon. …. which member of the Axis of Evil (Islam, Christianity) was responsible for this?” …

    Well, at least they got us out of the way early on.

    Now on to the more likely groups. The Space Reptiles, Illuminati, and the US DHS.

  • raven

    Terrorists are usually eager to claim responsibility, if for no other reason than gloating rights.

    Usually after an event like this, the terrorist groups line up to claim credit. Whether they had anything to do with it or not.

    The big problem is figuring out which, if any, are the real culprits.

  • Alverant

    @matty1 #5

    Perhaps. Or perhaps when the group found out they killed an 8 year old child they said, “Oh crap, we didn’t mean to do that. We’d better keep quiet now.” OTOH they did pack their bombs with shrapnel so they did intend to kill someone. Maybe it was the fact they killed a child and not adults shocked them into silence.

    Even if it’s a lone nut, they could still be part of a group. I’m sure someone knows something but is chosing not to tell because of the fallout their group will receive.

  • Synfandel

    You have to admit: his sarcasm is gut-bustingly hilarious. I’m still in tears from the keen edge of his razor wit.

  • dingojack

    Synfandel – Oh young Erik is some kind of ‘wit’, just not kind you mentioned.


  • matty1

    @15 I agree it’s not strong evidence and things could easily go in any direction. I was merely pointing out that there is an argument from evidence for the lone bomber hypothesis whereas attempts to blame organisations that have not claimed responsibility seem to rest on little more than “But we know they are bad people”.

  • Doug Little

    If it is a lone bomber surely there is some reason for him/her carrying it out that he/she would want that message to be conveyed. Maybe someone has come forward but the authorities are not passing along any information to the media or maybe even if the media has been contacted they are specifically not broadcasting the message. It’s frustrating not having someone to blame for an act like this but on the other hand if their message is broadcast it fulfills one of the reasons of committing the crime in the first place.

  • criticaldragon1177

    Erik Rush is a sick, hate filled man. We have groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, Anti Defamation League, and Council On American Islamic Relations because of people like him.

  • regexp

    When Obama goes golfing – its indication of a dictatorship and enslavement of America. When Rush tweets he is in favor of genocide against a group of people – its sarcasm.

  • Now he’s busily retweeting anyone who used profanity or racial slurs in response to his tweets, and calling women “bimbos” for not having as many followers as he does. Classy.

  • dan4

    (Writing from the premise of accepting Rush’s explanation/defense as fact): as if all instances of sarcasm should be immune from criticism.