Barber: Obama in Collusion With Judge Who Ruled Against Him

When a federal judge last week overturned a decision by the Obama administration not to allow the sale of emergency contraception — the morning-after pill — to teenagers without a prescription, I ended my post about it by saying, “I can’t wait to see how the wingnuts blame Obama for this.” Matt Barber, come on down:

It seems a little redundant to me, in fact, that this Federal District Judge Edward Korman that he required, ordered, the Food and Drug Administration to lift any age and sale restrictions on Plan B.

Well, this is the Obama FDA, so that’s in perfect keeping with what this radical, pro-abort president is trying to do. You know, you even have to wonder what kind of collusion is going on. So I’m sure this is a “don’t throw me in that briar patch” kind of situation in terms of this judge ordering the FDA to do something that President Obama would be inclined to do and has shown he’s inclined to do in the first place.

Well of course. Obviously Obama didn’t really want to prevent the sale of Plan B contraception to teens without a prescription. Never mind that he could have done what the Reagan-appointed judge did without ever bothering to go to court and getting overturned. It reminds me of the Worldnutdaily’s “forensic profiler” who continually claims that when Obama says X, he really means the opposite of X. On Planet Wingnuttia, the truth simply does not matter.

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  • What are the wing nuts going to complain about in 2017? They must be going crazy in anticipation of not having a demon to rail against.

  • …radical…

    They have said that word so often, it no longer means anything.

    Wait. Did they grow up in the ’80s?

    Radical, Dude.

  • Trebuchet

    @Kevin: According to them, by 2017 Obama will have proclaimed himself King, or President-for-Life, or Emperor, or something. And when that doesn’t happen, they’ll accuse him of running everything from behind the scenes, even if we have President Bachmann.

  • Trebuchet:

    …even if we have President Bachmann.

    Oh, no you didn’t.

    How the hell do you expect me to sleep? Ever again?

  • I’m with nigelTheBold: there are some things that should never be said, even in jest!

  • Taz

    Even if he’s right about the Obama administration agreeing with this ruling, how is that collusion? What exactly is he accusing this judge of?

  • Ben P

    Even if he’s right about the Obama administration agreeing with this ruling, how is that collusion? What exactly is he accusing this judge of?

    obviously the judge is just a liberal activist commie judge who only wanted to kill babies, and he worked with Obama to overturn the law, because Obama told him privately that even though they’re fighting to support the rule, they really want the judge to overturn it.

  • shouldbeworking

    Palin can see Russia fom Alaska so Bachmann can see Canada from from Minnesota! You just promoted Canada to the same league as Russia. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

    What did we do to you to deserve such an honour?