Cindy Jacobs Saw the Bombing Coming

Fundie fraud Cindy Jacobs took to Twitter immediately after the bombing in Boston to declare that she knew it was coming and had warned people about it. One tweet said, “I had tweeted that we need to pray on this day. Also been warning about a multiple bombing taking place in America!”

Of course, she says we need to pray every day, which is a convenient way to always predict the need to pray. In another tweet a short time later she said:

Did not tweet about warnings of Mumbai type attack. Warned different groups in private. Did tweet about April 15th six days ago.

But that Tweet from April 9th was about North Korea:

Must take threats from North Korea seriously-possiblly April 15th. Need to pray protection for both the US and South Korea and Japan.

Nope, not even close. But one of her followers replied, “@cindyjacobs you prophesied about Boston!” Except, of course, she didn’t. And if she had, why didn’t she stop it? I mean, she has claimed in the past that her prayers have stopped previous terrorist attacks as well as earthquakes and hurricanes (not to mention bottomless bowls of spaghetti). Did her prayer powers suddenly go away?

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  • tubi

    She should be arrested as an accessory.

  • Michael Heath

    . . . one of her followers replied, “@cindyjacobs you prophesied about Boston!” Except, of course, she didn’t. And if she had, why didn’t she stop it?

    Duh, Satan blinded us unbelievers.

  • Sastra

    Ah, but the purpose of everything is to ‘strengthen faith in God.’ The bombing in Boston no doubt caused someone, somewhere, to believe and trust in God more than they would have otherwise. That makes it a good thing. The ends justifies the means.

    If Jacobs had prevented the bombing, there would not have been the same happy result as there now is. Unless she actually HAD prevented the bombing — not as a hypothetical, but as a fact. If that had happened then our after-the-fact insider knowledge would be that her act of prophesy was the best possible thing because it strengthened faith in God better than the bomb did. But since the facts are otherwise, we know that God allowed the best result and let the bomb go off so that more people — or maybe just the right person — was drawn closer to God.

    When you look at it this way faith can’t lose. Which is the point.

  • Sastra: If Cindy had godly knowledge and used it to prevent the bombings, that would have certainly brought me closer to her god.

    So, I think this god she speaks of has no desire to be thought well of by the likes of me. Thank Zeus. I like to sleep in on Sunday morning.

  • hexidecima

    time to stone this nasty woman since she’s lied about prophecy.

  • “why didn’t she stop it?”

    She did! Sort of.

    There were supposed to be 200 bombs detonated. Her prayers reduced that number by 99%. MIRACLE!!!

  • glodson

    When you look at it this way faith can’t lose. Which is the point.

    It only seems to reinforce those who already have faith. This is how the con works. She doesn’t go over for people who question, or look at this has a distasteful case of using the blood of others for her own message.

    It isn’t really about faith not losing, but rather getting the faithful to send her more money.

  • Doug Little

    Fuck that,

    Someone who was injured in the blasts needs to bring a civil suit against her then. I’m sure her story would change pretty fast about prior knowledge to the bombing if that was the case.

  • She lies! She can’t see the future. Worse, every time she prays, God fills all my bowls with spaghetti. Even the one in the bathroom.

  • grumpyoldfart

    She’s looking towards next Sunday’s service when she can re-tell the story just before the collection is taken up. She probably gets a 12% boost in the takings whenever she spins a yarn like that.

  • This reminds me of good ole “prophet” Sollog. He’d make an earthquake prediction for a specific place on a specific day, but any earthquake that happened on the planet within a couple of days of that date would be a hit , and hence proof of his prophet powers.

  • I prophesy that:

    The sun will come up tomorrow

    It’s going to rain

    This winter will be cold in some places

    Jon Stewart will say something funny tonight.

    Want more? Send me money. The more you send the more god talks to me. Really. Honest to god.

    Prove me wrong.

  • Duh, Satan blinded us unbelievers.

    With science?

  • mobius

    Did her prayer powers suddenly go away?

    No. I think her prayer powers have remained the same as they always have been…nonexistent.

    Her “powers of prophecy” seem to be of the usual sort…vague statements that can be fit to many different situations after the fact.

  • While Cindy was busy explaining her prophecysting about the Boston Marathon bombings she didn’t bother to inform MIT or Watertown PD (nevermind the alphabet soup of police/intel agencies that are involved in the situation) about the impending robbery or a Cambridge, MA 7-11 and subsequent shooting death of an MIT security person and the shootout and bomb detonations in Watertown.

    If I thought prayer really worked I’d pray that Cindy and the rest of ReiKKKwing’s Bloviation Brigade would be struck dumb.

  • macallan

    There will be an earthquake in Japan this week.

    See for yourself, I’m a motherfucking prophet!!!eleventyone!!!