Jennifer Leclaire: Hero and Martyr

Jennifer Leclaire, one of the editors of Charisma magazine, is a very brave woman. Really, she is. Just ask her, she’ll tell you how courageous she is in the face of persecution — err, I mean criticism — from the “gay agenda.” After writing recently that gay football players are an attempt to turn kids gay, people actually pointed out how stupid that claim was.

The gay agenda swarmed around me like a shark that smelled blood. I received emails that purposed to intimidate me. I was sought out on Facebook and repulsive messages were posted on my wall. I was told I would rot in hell. I’ve been labeled a bully who wields “clobber verses” despite the fact that my op-ed didn’t offer a single Scripture. I’ve been compared to white slave owners, deemed stubbornly close-minded, and, of course, there’s the tired old homophobe line. One email simply said, “f**k you.” I’ll stop there because to further expound on the evil that the gay agenda unleashed against me is not edifying.

What was my crime? Telling the truth. God’s truth is love, and it doesn’t always feel good or sound pretty. But the response from the gay agenda to God’s truth is often hate. Still, despite the persecution, I stand in prayer for those the enemy has captured. Like God’s heart, my heart breaks for their lost souls. I am contending for light to flood in, deception to break and repentance to come.

Oh, the humanity! I find it especially amusing that she thinks being told she would rot in hell is an attempt to intimidate her. Really, Jennifer? How many times do you claim that others are going to hell to be tortured for eternity by your “loving” God?

By the way, do you ever hear a non-fundie use the word “edifying”? I can’t ever remember hearing it except from wingnuts. It’s a verbal tribal marker, much like the use of the word “fellowship” as a verb (“we’re going fellowshipping tonight”).

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  • Yeah, because being a fucking idiot and having someone point out that you are a fucking idiot is exactly the same as the Jesuit missionaries running the Huron’s guantlet and being mutilated and killed.

    I can forgive those KKKristianist fuckwads for a lot of their depradations and delusions (Hate teh BatshitKKKrazzee Burnin’ Stoopit, Love the stoop!) but for taking one of my favoritest words, EVER, “Edifying” and making it a five letter word with a four letter meaning? For that they will be doing the non-stop, never ending backstroke in the lake of burnin’ feces!

  • Childermass

    I am surprised about your “edifying” comment. It is a common word, and I have most definitely seen its use in non-fundies. Indeed it would be surprising that such a word could possibly stay only in fundamentalist circles anyways–there is way too much contact between fundamentalist and non-fundamentalists as well as the children of both.

  • shadowwalkyr

    God’s truth is love, and it doesn’t always feel good or sound pretty.

    If God’s truth is love, then is not love God’s truth? And if that is true, should Christians not be embracing God’s truth of love, and truly support marriage equality?

    Meanwhile, if love isn’t feeling good or sounding pretty, maybe you’re doing it wrong?

  • rabbitscribe

    Speaking of non-verbs: “I received emails that purposed to intimidate me.” When asked if there was a God, Buddha’s reply is often translated, “The question tends not towards edification.” Edifying or not, if it’s true that God’s heart breaks for lost souls, he’s welcome to simply not set them on fire forever, if that would make him feel any better.

  • brucecoppola

    I did not know that an agenda could swarm.

  • Meanwhile, if love isn’t feeling good or sounding pretty, maybe you’re doing it wrong?

    Tough love, shadowwalkyr. Tough love. God yells incoherently and kicks you out of the house if he catches you with pot or pornography. As if He didn’t do those things when He was a teen.


    Tough love.

  • raven

    God’s truth is love, and it doesn’t always feel good or sound pretty.

    Their god’s love usually ends up with someone being murdered or mass murder.

    The Big Boat genocide, the Canaanite genocide. God’s chosen people being overrun by the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Germans, while being kicked out of their homeland by the Romans 2,000 years ago.

    The biblcial law with ca. 20 death penalty offenses for sabbath breakers, disobedient children, nonvirgin brides, adulterers, heretics, etc..

    Her religion even starts with a murder…of god.

    Jennifer LeClaire has been reading the fundie instruction manual again, Orwell’s 1984.

    God’s love = huge piles of dead bodies and endless hate.

  • raven

    Jennifer Leclaire:

    God’s truth is love, and it doesn’t always feel good or sound pretty.

    BTW, Jennifer, god’s love forces me to tell you that you are a not very bright bigot and hater.

    I’m sure Jennifer will soon come up with the typical fundie solution to people pointing out her mindless drivel and Orwellian use of language. She will just stop reading anything not from her small cult of believers.

    Fundies live in thought bubbles well insulated from reality and the rest of the world. Homeschooling, private xian schools, fake bible colleges, Liberty U., Fox news, and on and on.

  • This is what comes when a group is so one-dimensional that the one and only comparison they are capable of understanding and of making is “war.”

    Everything is a war to them.

    When a Democrat disagrees with a Republican, it’s an “attack.” Hell, even when one wingnut has a minor disagreement with a fellow wingnut and gives voice to it, he’s “attacking” the other wingnut.*

    Meanwhile, they’ve given us War on Christmas, War on Easter, War on Drugs and War on Terror, and many more I’m sure I’m leaving out. They’ve also launched bitter wars on language, the Constitution, logic, reality and truth.

    All done, of course, with the claim that they are following a “religion of peace” and in communication with a magical sky man who is pure love. (See earlier point of a fighting a war with language, reality, etc.).

    * Ironically, they claim to defend the right to free speech, but only in the one-way-street version in which they are allowed to have it and those disagreeing with them are actually infringing on their speech.

  • I’m with Childermass – “edifying” is perfectly cromulent and not solely fundie. In fact I’m surprised to see them use it at all.

  • dfarmer1584

    I love your blog Ed. I read this blog regularly, and I thank you very much for producing it. As a non-commenting “lurker” I wanted to say that first, so that my rare comment was not an entirely negative one.

    “Edifying,” I encounter this word regularly in non-wingnuttia circles, usually in writing, but occasionally in conversation. I am sure I have used it myself though I can’t recall a specific instance. I don’t think it is a “tribal marker,” and I hope it does not become one. It is, after all, a pretty good word! Concise and specific. I like it. I think, if it is becoming a tribal wingnuttia word, we ought to reclaim it.

    I personally pledge to use the word “edifying” in a non-wingnuttia context at least twice today, in both conversation and in writing.

  • velociraptor

    @ 7 raven:


  • Taz

    I received emails that purposed to intimidate me.

    In the immortal words of Calvin, verbing weirds words.

  • By the way, do you ever hear a non-fundie use the word “edifying”? I can’t ever remember hearing it except from wingnuts.

    Mr Han used it in “Enter The Dragon” – right before Bruce Lee mopped the floor with him. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Sastra

    I am contending for light to flood in, deception to break and repentance to come.

    This here is the heart of darkness and the fatal flaw in all ‘arguments’ which rest on a spiritual foundation. There is no argument — no rational debate, no line of evidence, no standing on common ground in order to persuade or convince the other side to change their minds. No.

    You don’t reason with the other side.

    You piously bow your head and wait for “light to flood in, deception to break and repentance to come.” Because those who disagree with you are dark, deceived, and wicked. The only way they will agree with you is if they are transformed into Goodness instead of Evil.

    It’s an evil, pernicious, divisive bit of passive-aggressiveness. And it makes a wonderful refuge to hide in when the facts are not on your side and you can’t make a reasonable case. “My opponents are not mistaken; they’re perverse …. but I love them anyway.” Like hell you do.

  • Michael Heath


    Your comment posts are consistently insightful. Thanks for taking the time to contribute.

  • Cathy W

    I’ve seen “edifying” used in a lot of circumstances, but “fellowship” is definitely a verb only to Fundies.

    My personal pet-peeve lately: the use of “prosper” as a transitive verb. “God prospered me with a little extra cash this week.”

  • gopiballava


    “but I love them anyway.” Like hell you do.

    She means love in the biblical sense – the kind of love God feels for us, not in the colloquial sense.

  • Pah! Typical Liberals! She wrote a story, in love (God’s love!), and you dare to oppress and threaten her, criticizing her and crushing her dewicate widdle feewings? And some of you were downright rude!

    Look, if you God-denying homosexual agenda homosexuals and God-denying homosexual agenda homosexual followers are going to blow your stack every time someone writes a story called “Why Gay NFL Players Should Stay in the Closet“, well, then you should ignore my feigned outrage and her pretend martyrdom, because holy crap what kind of an awful person writes something like that and I can’t believe I got this far before reading the story that provoked the outrage.

  • “Why Gay NFL Players Should Stay in the Closet“:

    Tebow’s not even in the closet, he’s just not on the playing field and his career is going nowhere, fast. Just think how much worse it would be if he was one of the “KKKweers for JESUS”, he wouldn’t even be on the bench, he’d be in a locker!

  • Stacy

    The gay agenda swarmed around me like a shark that smelled blood.


  • Stacy

    She really ought to enter the Bulwer-Lytton contest.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    My Random House College Dictionary, which I borrowed from my platoon leader’s desk in 1983, has “purpose” as a transitive verb meaning “to set as an aim, intention or goal.” Nothing outrageously inept there, I think.

    I am a high school teacher and use the word “edifying” often enough, though usually ironically. However, if I hear the term “impactful” one more time, I might scream.

  • dingojack

    All these porpoises puts me in mind of:

    Macbeth: My dearest love, Duncan comes here tonight.

    Lady Macbeth: And when goes hence?

    Macbeth: Tomorrow as he purposes.

    Act I, scene V


  • thumper1990

    The gay agenda swarmed around me like a shark that smelled blood.

    Wait, they’re anthropomorphising the gay agenda now? And then metaphorically comparing this new anthropomorphic entity to predatory animals?

    My head hurts.

  • Brenton Loubser

    Oh come on be nice. So what if she’s journalistically, intellectually and theologically challenged. Everyone should get a fair chance to shoot their mouth and then wait for Satan to attack them, even if he’s only trying to help her stylistically. Loved her article on “Rock Star” preachers. About 8 people commented on the vagueness and generalization, yet she clearly heard from God that she supplied enough detail. She repeatedly insists the false doctrines are clearly defined when CLEARLY THEY ARE NOT. Duh. I think I will also call myself a “Watchman” to the body of Christ and then fire unnamed missiles at unnamed targets in the general hope that I might actually hit something. I also don’t get the link at the end of the Charisma magazine article to her private ministry website, naturally a non-profit. So, the for-profit magazine with a readership of about 255,000 directs traffic toward her own NON-PROFIT website where you have the OPPORTUNITY to DONATE? Talk about crossing over…