Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Fischer vs Beck

With Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck both saying recently that they really don’t care whether gay marriage becomes a reality, Bryan Fischer is verklempt. He says Beck “has completely lost his marbles.” I don’t think Beck ever had any marbles. Neither has Fischer.


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  • But give Fischer credit for recognizing that O’Reilly is a “pompous, arrogant windbag.”

  • I think they should settle this in the manly way of men: Pistols at 10 paces at dawn.

  • Jeremy Shaffer

    I think they should settle this in the manly way of men: Pistols at 10 paces at dawn.

    Only if there are landmines set at 10 paces. Best to make sure that humanity’s interests are looked after in all of this.

  • Holy shit! Glenn Beck gets it!

  • slc1

    I don’t think that there is anything new here relative to Beck. He was on Billo the clown’s show several years ago and stated at that time that he wasn’t particularly excited about the notion of same sex marriage.

  • mikeyb

    As if Glenn Beck says anything important enough to even bother to disagree with. It would be like Kirk Cameron disagreeing with the authoritative Stephen Meyer.

  • anubisprime

    Reality is slowly dawning in wingnutville!

    Some denizens are still not up to speed but some seem to be accepting that “there’s a giant on the beach…there’s a giant on the beach!”

    And they cannot do a dammed thing about it!

    Others that rarely visit the beach are a lot more sceptical…like Fischer!

    Gay marriage will become legal in the majority of states in 5-10 years probably, a few hang out’s boasting bigotry and jeebus in equal proportion but the argument is more or less mute cos the current is overwhelmingly flowing in the logical direction these days, the inevitable, but grudging acceptance is fairly well ascertained as becoming more positive across the globe…but that is mostly a different matter, but it just shows that there are more enlightened then the average gud’ol’ bhoy with his assault rifle with extended clips, or indeed the ju ju men with their ‘prtotesteth far to much’ innate homophobia.

    But damn it is entertaining to see the cognitively challenged chase their own tails and those tails of their oppo’s.

    Like a dog with two dicks and a confusion of priorities…tis but spectacular.

  • @anubisprime. Don’t get your hopes up.

    History teaches us that there was a similar moment in women’s suffrage — in the 1860s. Took until 1920 for the Constitution to catch up.

    I’m not all that hopeful about the US Supreme Court doing anything other than ruling in a very limited way on the cases before it. I don’t think those rulings will go against equality (eg, upholding DOMA), but neither will they result in a broad mandate for governments to recognize same-sex marriage, either. But the vote will be 5-4. Which leaves us hoping that fat Tony has his stroke before Obama leaves office.

    Chip away. Chip away. Make slow steady strides.

    My county — a relatively conservative place — just gave partnership benefits to same-sex couples. In a state where gay marriage is constitutionally prohibited.

    Chip away. Chip away.

    It won’t come in one fell swoop.

  • gopiballava

    I think the second half was fascinating. How does god answer their prayers? By trying to work on convincing Obama. But it’s up to Obama to listen or not. So god isn’t using his omnipotence, I guess?

  • Doug Little

    I think they should settle this in the manly way of men: Pistols at 10 paces at dawn.

    Only if the pistols are fully automatic with extended magazines and were purchased anonymously on the internet, just like the NRA would want them to.

  • fastlane

    I think Doug Little’s got the right idea. I’m in for $5 on the dumb guy…. (can’t lose!)

  • dan4

    @7: Decaf, anubisprime, decaf.

  • Nomad

    Yes, thank you dan4, resident tone troll. Here, have a cookie.