Farah Promotes Praise of His Own Idea

Joseph Farah is terribly excited by the reaction of his followers — who are also terribly excited — to his idea for a day of prayer and fasting on September 11, 2013. So the Worldnutdaily wrote an article promoting the excitement of their mindless followers to their own idea. It isn’t journalism, it’s the Worldnutdaily.

“I am now convinced that something wonderful is going to happen on 9/11/13 – or at least as a result of the prayer and repentance by hundreds of thousands or even millions of Americans who take part in this very American tradition in times of crisis,” he said.

Farah is not only impressed with the sheer numbers responding, but also their level of enthusiasm and urgency.

“We need to do this every week – starting right now,” wrote one respondent.

Oh no. You need to do this every day. Every hour. You should never eat again and you should spend all day, every day, praying. Are you committed to your position or not? After all, people do pray all the time for all the things you’re going to pray for on that day, don’t they? None of those prayers will be new. If God exists, he’s heard them all millions and millions of times, calls for revival in America, for repentance and forgiveness, for God to place his “hand of protection” over the country. So why would that day be special? Why do you think you’ll get your prayers answered that day rather than any other? Answer: You don’t. So you should pray every single day, all day long, while not eating because, apparently, that ups the chances that God will give a shit that day.

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  • blf

    So you should pray every single day, all day long…

    As long as they don’t realize you need to aim, it doesn’t matter how many terawoos they scatter about.

    Aiming. Really important. Just a few kilowoos applied to the right place will cause — absolutely nothing.

    It also has to the correct mix of woo-woo. And the slightest bit of counter-woo, or non-woo (known as reality), is fatal to the mix.

    Praying is so hard…

    (Preying, on the other hand, is far too easy…)

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!


    A date that commemorates a specific event can and does sometimes matter and mean a lot for many people.

    I don’t think prayer works or that Joseph Farah (who?) is worth listening to with this stuff – but I do think its pretty clear why some dates (anniversaries, symbolic days) are particularly special to some people on both national and individual levels.

    I don’t think its good or reasonable to mock or underestimate the important of September the eleventh or other significant dates, for example, for Aussies April 25th. (ANZAC day.)

  • something wonderful is going to happen

    Didn’t Dave say that in 2010?

  • birgerjohansson

    You do know that September the eleventh has a rather different meaning for people in Chile, right?

    And why doesn’t Fara want to pray at September first? The date has some, shall we say, negative associations, fifty million dead, hint, hint.

  • tubi

    I suggest also wearing a hairshirt. All day, every day.