Fischer: Pray for Obama, Just Like Hitler

Bryan Fischer went on a bizarre diatribe about the need to pray for President Obama to bow to the will of God, saying that Hitler lost and killed himself because people prayed for that to happen. One wonders why he let him kill millions of people before answering those prayers.


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  • blf

    Is there any genuine historical event these nutters won’t “revise” / lie about ?

  • “One wonders why he let him kill millions of people before answering those prayers.”

    The recently released, “Eagle’s Nest Chapel” tapes where Hitler (a sometimes devout christian–like, during speeches) spoke directly with GOTT im Himmel:

    Hitler: “GOTT, vy do I alvays have to be ze bad guy?”

    GiH: “Dolfie, liebchen, how vould it look if I vas goink out of my vay to kill the jews, the gyps, the slavs and the crips? You’re toast anyway, so just play your part, vorstehensie?”.

    might clear things up.

  • dingojack

    So Bryan, nothing to do with the Allied armies pushing in from the west and the Soviet armies pouring in from the east then?


  • Hitler lost because millions and millions of people, whether directly serving in the armed forces of the Allied coalition, or working in factories or on farms, or crewing merchant shipping transporting munitions & materials around the world, worked their asses off (taking risks up to & including getting injured or killed in the process) to make it happen, and there were way way more of those millions of people than there were of the millions of people who were doing the same thing for Hitler – and they were better at making & using way way more things like ships, planes, tanks, etc., to boot.

    If he means to minimize this fact, Fischer can take a hike.

    (Not that Fischer will appreciate this, but Hitler also lost because (a) the structure and aims of the Nazi government squandered the military & industrial resources of the German Reich and occupied Europe and (b) Nazi Germany’s endowment of these resources was fundamentally insufficient to win the war, provided Germany’s enemies were willing to make the effort to fight back, which in the event they were.)

  • slc1

    Re composer99 @ #3

    In addition to which Frankenberger’s many strategic and tactical mistakes doomed any chance of his prevailing. As it was, it was a much nearer run thing then most historians realize.

  • @democommie:

    Now I’m combining Hitler with Wreck-It Ralph…

    “Zangief here, bad guy. When I hit bottom, I was crushing mens’ skulls like sparrow’s egg between thighs. I ask myself, ‘Zangief, why do you always have to be bad guy?’ Then I have moment of clarity… If Zangief is good guy, who will crush mens’ skulls like sparrow’s egg between thighs? So I say, ‘Zangief, you’re bad guy, but that doesn’t mean you’re bad guy

  • busterggi

    I could be remembering wrong but wasn’t most of the support for hitler in the US championed by various Christian churches and organizations?

  • Synfandel

    “Can you believe God makes you breathe?

    Why did he lose six million Jews?”

    – Greg Lake, Hymn—The Only Way

    Mr. Fischer probably thinks he has an answer for that.

  • Larry

    No, I think Obama is gonna be just fine when his 2nd term expires in 2016 and he leaves office. All the praying, gnashing of teeth, and wailing on the part of the psychotic xtian haters isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference in changing that.

  • raven

    One wonders why he let him kill millions of people before answering those prayers.

    And why the godless commies of the USSR did much of the fighting to make it happen, defeating the Germans and their allies.

  • Draken

    Hitler’s suicide was possibly one of the least consequential acts for the outcome of the war. The commies were already trying to find the doorbell.

  • dan4

    @5: Why do you always refer to Hitler as “Frankenberger?”

  • jws1

    @12: Because climate change is the only thing he’s honest about. That, and his bloodthirsty zeal for Israel.

  • dingojack

    Dan – ’cause he thinks he’s being all ‘coolly contemptuous’, but really he’s being a boring dick?*



    * speaking from my position as one of FtB’s most boring dicks, of course

  • dan4

    “…the people prayed for that to happen.”

    Uh, isn’t the Bible AGAINST suicide?