WND Declares North Korea a Suspect

The Worldnutdaily does its usual bangup job of “journalism” with an article headlined “New suspect in Boston bombing: North Korea.” Ooh, that would be interesting. So of course there’s a solid substantive basis for the accusation, right? Some new evidence that points to a North Korean plot behind the bombings? Nope:

The Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people and wounded more than 180 was on the same day as the 101st anniversary of the birthday of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung, raising questions among analysts whether Pyongyang, as in some of its past terrorism, used proxies to carry out the attack in the U.S.

Uh, yeah. And the 9/11 bombings took place no the anniversary of the CIA overthrowing Salvador Allende in China and installing Gen. Augusto Pinochet in power. So the Chileans must have been behind it, right? And that’s it. That’s all they’ve got. Wow, how incredibly compelling.

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  • My God. You’re right. It all makes sense now. Chile was behind 9/11.

  • joe_k

    Are you not convinced by that incredibly sound logic, Ed? It makes perfect sense!

  • imrryr

    It was also the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Damn you, iceberg! Will your bloodlust ever be sated?!

  • coragyps

    Aha! It’s the Elders of Zion behind it all! Titanic. Iceberg. Goldberg. Obvious Jewish conspiracy!!

  • davidct

    Hey, I saw “Red Dawn” – it makes perfect sense. It also helps to have an IQ below 70.

  • drr1

    And if I recall correctly, Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865. All the proof I need that John Wilkes Booth’s ghost was behind it.

  • dingojack

    15 April 1755 – Samuel Johnson publishes his A Dictionary of the English Language. So the English Language should be a prime suspect too!

    For other connections see here.


  • Didaktylos

    Actually – this is one of those things that is so stupid that it reaches sensible by the back door. Have you noticed that since the Boston Marathon Explosions, the shenanigans of Kim petit-fils have been out of the news? A bit of breathing space to allow for de-escalation?

  • cry4turtles

    On April 15, my refund says the IRS is involved.

  • If North Korea launched terrorist attacks on the US they would be fair more sophisticated, and lethal, than a couple of kids with home made pressure cooker bombs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangoon_bombing


  • shouldbeworking

    The Whirled Nut Daily suspects North Korea of being more looney than WND.

  • stubby

    I need to stop going down the rabbit hole that is the wnd comments section. Apparently Michelle Obama has changed her name to Moochelle. Classy stuff.

  • Evidence?! We don’ need no steenking evidence!

  • jamessweet

    In fairness to WND (oh god I will now barf for the next 72 hours continuously), this appears to have been published on the 17th, one day before the Tsarnaev brothers were publicly identified. At that point, it was not completely crazy to be speculating about the perpetrators based on the date. I admit myself to speculating that it could be domestic radical anti-gov’t terrorists based on it being Patriots Day (but in my defense, I also pointed out that if a different group has said, “Hey, let’s target the largest marathon in the US!”, they would have no choice but to execute the attack on Patriots Day, so it was weak evidence for speculation).

    If they had made the DPRK pitch yesterday, that would be totally moronic. Making it on the 17th? Well, with a little less WND hyperbole, pointing out the date coincidence was not entirely crazy on the 17th.

  • mikeyb

    Starting Monday right wing wingnut radio and TV will put out the real conspiracy – it was all Obama’s fault. It was an inside job funded by George Soros in Bill Ayer’s living room with the help of Acorn, all overseen by Obama.

  • tfkreference


    “And if I recall correctly, Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865. All the proof I need that John Wilkes Booth’s ghost was behind it.”

    You’re assuming that Booth is really dead.

  • drr1

    tfkreference wrote:

    You’re assuming that Booth is really dead.

    Ooooohhhhh, excellent point, and one that I’d not considered. Are you thinking, perhaps, Wilkes-zombie? Or maybe that he’s been kept alive over the decades by some secret gay cabal in Argentina, just waiting for the right moment to exact his revenge?

    Quick, someone contact Joe Farah. With proof like this, Worldnut will want to let the FBI know they’ve got the wrong bad guy.