Kobach’s Twisted Views on Immigration

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is the GOP’s point man on immigration issues. He was Mitt Romney’s chief adviser on immigration, the one who formed that brilliant “self-deportation” plan that Romney advocated. And he testified in front of Senate committee recently, arguing that we should “ratchet up the penalties” so that that DREAMers — young people brought here by their parents as children illegally — would self-deport back to their countries of origin. Never mind that they have often known no other country but this one.


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  • laurentweppe

    Oh, but Ed, don’t you understand the painful dilemna inflicted upon poor Kris Kobach?

    He is not allowed to openly advocate enslaving, slaughtering, or throwing into rape factory pennyless immigrants. Yet he cannot suffer seeing their children being given a chance to compete with his own offsprings. Can’t you see the inhuman effort he has to make to resist the uge to speak his dark, perverse mind?

  • Doug Little

    “ratchet up the penalties”

    This guy really doesn’t understand why people come here illegally in the first place, if he did he would be trying to help fix the problem rather than treat the symptom.

  • How about this as a rule of thumb? If you had no control over your existence in a country, you deserve to be considered a citizen of that country with all of the rights and responsibilities thereof.

    That covers people who were born here, people who were brought here as children by their parents, and people our dumbass military brings here (or anywhere else) thinking it can keep them captive for as long as it wants without charge or trial because they’re not Americans.

  • slc1

    What a surprise, a Kansas state official who’s a nutcase. Considering that the Governor of Kansas is a super nutcase, what else is new?

  • Is there nothing they can’t use the bible to justify? Now, he claims that people are guilty of crimes they did not commit. Crimes made by past generations. Who uses this argument if they don’t harbor racism?

  • What a surprise, a Kansas state official who’s a nutcase. Considering that the Governor of Kansas is a super nutcase, what else is new?

    Because the governor somehow dictates the mental state of every other state official?

    What a useless comment.

  • slc1

    Re Gretchlen @ #6


  • Oh look, there’s another one.

  • magistramarla

    I know one of those kids who did self-deport. He was brought here from South Korea by an aunt and uncle when he was nine years old.

    He was one of the most outstanding students I’ve ever taught. He graduated second in in HS class.

    I’m sure that he could have been valedictorian, but he always tried not to draw attention to himself.

    He attended college on a full scholarship, and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

    He was so afraid of being deported, he left for South Korea soon after he graduated.

    This frustrates me. This boy was very much an American kid. Who knows what contributions he might have made if he could have stayed here without being hassled?

    I certainly hope that he will come back as a legal immigrant, but I feel that he should never have had to leave.

  • dan4

    @1:”…into rape factory…”


  • marvin P

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