The Irony of Rush Limbaugh

I’m sure many of you remember Suzanne Venker, the anti-feminist author (and Phyllis Schlafly’s niece) who claims that women have screwed up the institution of marriage by not being sufficiently submissive to their husbands. You might want to turn off your irony meters before reading this:

Is there a “War on Men” in America?

Suzanne Venker, the author of the recently released “How to Choose a Husband,” believes the answer is an unequivocal “yes,” and the biggest voice in radio is 100 percent in her camp.

In the soon-to-be-released May issue of “The Limbaugh Letter,” radio icon Rush Limbaugh engages in an in-depth interview with Venker on the complexities of modern-day relationships, feminism vs. the traditional nuclear family, the breakdown of marriage and what she dubs the “War on Men.”

Yes, the author of “How to Choose a Husband” having a conversation with Rush Limbaugh, who has been a husband four times, about the breakdown of marriage. Seriously, they’re just making it too easy for me at this point. There’s no degree of difficulty at all anymore.

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  • Randomfactor

    I suppose there’s some logic in asking Rush about marital stability. You could have learned a lot about food safety from interviewing Typhoid Mary.

  • Limbaugh’s marriages failed because his wives were insufficiently submissive. How can anyone blame him for that?

  • chisaihana5219

    Not really ironic at all. I am fairly sure that Rush blames the breakup of his marriages on his former wives. They were not submissive and sexy enough for him. It was never his fault. He wanted a wife that fit Venker’s mold and never got one. It’s really hard to find sexy, mindless slaves in the 20th century.

  • Trebuchet

    Completely off topic and completely annoying: Today’s popup ad was for a “free energy” scam. Ed, can’t you do something about this? I don’t mind the regular ads, even find the “help Allen Keyes save America” ones amusing. But the popups suck.


  • Alverant

    I bet he also considers himself a law-abiding gun owner despite his drug addiction.

  • slc1

    Re Trebuchet @ #4

    How many times to we have to tell Trebuchet that Firefox with Adblock Plus and Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon will block these popups? The big guy helps those who help themselves. I have yet to see a popup on this network. I would be willing to bet that Chrome has a similar addon.

  • intergalacticmedium

    Trebuchet, get adblock.

  • Trebuchet

    Guess I’ll go look for the adblock. But the functionality is supposed to be built into Chrome, I think. I’ll shut up now!


  • D. C. Sessions

    But the popups suck.

    A lot of things about IE3 suck. I think you may be the last person on Earth still using it.

  • ArtK

    This is like T-ball for satirists and comedians.

  • This is nothing knew for Limbaugh — a moral high-horse type who, in addition to the four divorces, was involved in that prescription-forgery thing when he was hooked on narcotic painkillers. He really doesn’t even pretend to practice what he preaches because he knows his cross-eyed acolytes are never going to stop listening to him no matter what he does.

  • slc1

    Re Trebuchet @ #9

    Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer have built in popup blockers. None of them work very well, that’ why developers have produced addons.

  • slc1

    Re Trebuchet @ #9

    Here’s three popup blockers available for Chrome.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Trebuchet, you’re trusting the popup blocking feature of a free browser produced and distributed by an advertising company. Does this suggest anything to you?

    I don’t use adblockers. FTB has to pay the bills and I don’t begrudge them that. I do block off-site scripts [1] and Flash, though, both for security reasons and to save my sanity (Flash ads are as bad as popups.)

    [1] NoScript

  • The answer to Rush’s multiple marriages was anticipated in the 1956 libretto (lyrics by Richard Wilbur) for Bernstein’s “Candide”:


    Since marriage is divine, of course,

    We cannot understand, sir,

    Why should there be so much divorce.

    Do let us know the answer.


    Why, marriage, boy,

    Is such a joy,

    So lovely a condition,

    That many ask no better than

    To wed as often as they can,

    In happy repetition.

  • tbp1


    A brilliant exposition!


  • tbp1

    As a divorced, remarried woman, Ms. Venker is living in sin in an adulterous non-marriage, according to Jesus himself. Wanna bet she cites the Bible in opposition to single-sex marriage?

  • slc1

    Re tbp1 @ #19

    If she is a Catholic and has received an annulment of the first marriage from the church, then she is not living in sin in an adulterous non-marriage as, according to the rules of the church, the first marriage never happened.

  • @19:

    Well, yes, but…..

    The “IOKIYAR”* is the most used excuse for paedophilia, marital infidelity, serial fraud, etc,, amongst ReiKKKwing pols. For the unelected fundies there is “IOIAYLFRHB”**

    * It’s Okay If You’re A Republican”

    ** It’s Okay If You’re A Lying Fuckbag Religious Hypocrite Bigot.

  • tbp1

    @ 20: No idea if she got an annulment or not. All I have seen is that she is divorced and remarried, which Jesus himself forbade, if you take scripture seriously (I don’t, but she apparently claims to). If she did get an annulment, it’s just another example of the RCC’s hypocrisy, in addition to her own. Somehow people from wealthy, connected families find it easy to get annulments, while others do not (and yes, I know liberal Catholics do it, too).

  • dan4

    It would be interesting to know if Venker is even aware of Limbaugh’s three divorces.

  • I switched off my irony meter and it still exploded.

  • Stacy

    I don’t get pop-ups and I use a FREE anti-virus program (Avira). Pop-ups: They’re not Ed’s fault.

    As for Limbaugh: Don’t forget that time he got caught at the airport–returning from a trip to the Dominican Republic–with Viagra in his possession.

    He wasn’t married at the time. The Dominican Republic is a major destination in the sex tourism trade.

    Make of that what you will. As several others have said, his fans don’t seem to care what he does.

  • tbp1

    @25: Moreover the Viagra was prescribed to someone else, and the Dominican Republic is not just a destination for sex tourism, but is particularly well known as a destination for people wanting to have sex with minors.

    Sadly, as you say, none of that seems to matter.

  • raven

    wikipedia child sex tourism:

    Dominican Republic: Some reports say that child sex tourism is a current problem, particularly in coastal resort areas, with child sex tourists arriving year-round from various countries.[31]

    The source for this is a US State Department report on children and human trafficking.

    Drug addict, multiple divorces, potential child sex tourist, and his fan base just doesn’t care. As long as you are a member of the tribe and hate the right groups, that is all that is important.

  • teele

    So, Ms. Venker is an author, and appeared on Mr. Limpballs show? Why the hell isn’t she devoting her time to her newest husband? Don’t you think he must be neglected while she’s having her little career?

    It does not surprise me at all that she’s in the family business with her aunt, the Vampire Cow. I have been coming by here for a couple of years now, and I was shocked when I came across Phyllis Schlafly’s name for the first time in 35 years. When I was MUCH younger, and trying to agitate for passage of the ERA, Ms. Schlafly was gadding about the country telling other women that THEY ought to be tied to the ironing board, baking cookies for their little ones and cleaning the skid marks out of their husband’s underwear. This was back before you could look up someone’s age on the internet, so I believed her to be around 65 then (based on how she looked and acted). To discover after all those years that she was still kicking was a shock! I still cringe every time I see her name in this blog, because for me she stands for everything evil and disgusting and vile — definitely on my top ten all-time list of villains.

  • raven “Drug addict, multiple divorces, potential child sex tourist, and his fan base just doesn’t care. As long as you are a member of the tribe and hate the right groups, that is all that is important.”


  • “You might want to turn off your irony meters before reading this:”

    Turned off, battery removed, wrapped in lead–makes no difference, mine is toast.

  • martinc

    Stacy @ 25:

    The Dominican Republic is a major destination in the sex tourism trade.

    What defines that? Given that the USA is one of the few Western countries that still criminalise prostitution, couldn’t it be argued that simply leaving the USA at all means going to a “major destination in the sex tourism trade”?

    raven @ 27:

    potential child sex tourist

    Whoa, is there evidence for that? Thailand also has a child sex tourist problem, but no-one is saying that going to Thailand for a holiday defines you as a “potential child sex tourist”, surely. I hope not: my girlfriend and I went there a couple of years ago, and she’ll be as devastated as I am to find we are “potential child sex tourists”. It’s particularly galling for her, being born there and having lived there for 30 years before she emigrated and all.

  • martinc

    I love the concept of annulment. It’s the Catholic Church’s way of whispering to the supplicant: “we just won’t tell God that it happened.”

  • Suzanne Venker

    Is that pronounced ‘Wanker’?

  • nora

    @ teele – I had the same reaction. I remember her well from the 70’s, making a living by telling women they should be housewives. I shudder just to see her name.