King: Visiting Mexico Undermines Our Sovereignty

Rep. Steve King launched into a deranged tirade about President Obama’s trip to Mexico this week. A president visiting other countries is hardly unusual, but King bizarrely claims that this trip will “undermine national sovereignty and the rule of law.” And he tosses in a ridiculous lie along the way:

Malzberg: Let me ask you, since there’s nobody more active on the immigration than you, and the president of course is in Mexico, and he’s going to give his, you know, his immigration presidential stump speech down in Mexico. To me, that is so inappropriate, it just reeks of inappropriateness. What can we anticipate in his campaign to, again, push for comprehensive immigration reform down in Mexico?

King: Oh my, you know, if you read the bill, the 834-page bill, I think what the president will be doing is already written into the bill. We know that it grants instantaneous amnesty to everybody that’s in the United States illegally, with some exceptions that perhaps will materialize due to law enforcement over time. But it also, in the bill, it invites everybody who has been deported in the past to reapply to come back into the United States, it says, ‘We didn’t mean it.’

So here’s the president down in Mexico, he’s the one that’s essentially carrying the greeting card. Presumably there are people in Mexico who have been deported, he’s down there as president saying, ‘We’re going to legalize everyone that’s in America and if you’ve been deported, come back and try again, we may be able to let you back into the United States.’ I think you’ll hear that from him. This is just, it’s completely outrageous to think that a president would undermine national sovereignty and rule of law that way, and not have the utter outrage of all of Congress lined up against him. And he doesn’t even have the utter outrage of all Republicans lined up against him, because some of them are complicit.

No, the bill does not grant “instantaneous amnesty” to those here illegally. In fact, the process for becoming a citizen takes more than a decade. The rest of this is just plain unhinged.


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  • Doug Little

    Oh my, you know, if you read the bill, the 834-page bill,

    I call bullshit on him reading the bill.

  • I wonder if these guys have heard that illegal immigration from Mexico has apparently dropped off heavily in the past few years, and may in fact be headed in the negative direction, with illegals actually leaving the US voluntarily.

  • I wonder how kitten King (what an unpatriotic name!) would have had when Nixon when to China.

    But let’s see….

    Junior went on 47 foreign trips, including Mexico (six times), Russia (seven times), China (four times) and Saudi Arabia (twice, where he famously kissed the king and held his hand like long-lost lovers.) Senior went on 60 foreign trips, including one to what was still officially named the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. St. Ronnie made numerous trips to Mexico, and one to the Soviet Union.

    Not that any of that matters.

  • Ugh. My question was about how many kittens he would have had.

  • Timegueguen:

    That’s been the republican plan all along: make life in America suck so much that they “self-deport.”

  • Trebuchet

    @ No.1:

    I call bullshit on him reading the bill.

    Fixed it for you.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    if you read the bill, the 834-page bill

    I think it’s pretty funny how the Republicans (maybe some dumb Dems, too) always tell you how long the bill is when they are against it. As though the length and complexity of a solution, in proportion to the seriousness of the issue, were somehow a serious objection to the legislation. Their argument comes down at that point to “reading is hard!” It’s a kind of rhetorical flourish, and it shows up a lot.

  • @No. 2,

    Lies! All liberal lies!

    The Messicans are takin our jerbs, like a swarm of taco-eating locusts. And they want even lerne to speak english write.

  • If I were Obama I’d have some Latino U.S. citizens secretly bussed down to Mexico, then bring them back on Air Force 1 and make sure the press is there to record the dark-skinned people’s deplaning.

    Might as well fuck with the fuckers. It’s not like they’re ever going to do anything but make up the worst things they can to tell their deluded followers.