Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Heritage Foundation vs Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation has released its much-anticipated new study on the fiscal evils of immigration, which completely contradicts its former position on immigration. ThinkProgress has a list of the contrasting positions between the two studies. Like the new one says:

“[F]ormer unlawful immigrant households would likely begin to receive government benefits at the same rate as lawful immigrant households of the same education level. As a result, government spending and fiscal deficits would increase dramatically.”

And the old one said:

“An honest assessment acknowledges that illegal immigrants bring real benefits to the supply side of the American economy, which is why the business community is opposed to a simple crackdown… Most immigrant families have a positive net fiscal impact on the U.S., adding $88,000 more in tax revenues than they consume in services.“

I think this shows just how far to the right Heritage has slid. I mean, I really have a hard time believing that Jim DeMint would have even been considered for the leadership of the group 10 or 15 years ago. The author of the 2006 study has hammered the new one:

“Unless they expect readers to believe all this household income (a) generates no productive work (e.g., makes product, mows lawns, nurses the sick, and starts businesses that hire other Americans) and (b) is 100% remitted abroad, consuming nothing in the U.S. macro economy, then the report is misleading.”

Of course it is.

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  • davefitz

    As always, politics shape reality when it should be the other way around.

  • Reginald Selkirk
  • doublereed

    Yup, Hatewatch is looking into Richwine, because he’s basically saying that immigrants won’t have as much social mobility because Latino’s aren’t as intelligent.

    Conservatives are freaking out, because this guy is essentially a spokesman for the Heritage Foundation and he’s a white nationalist.

  • davefitz

    That minority outreach plan that Reince is working on is going to pay off HUGE…for Democrats.

  • I think this shows just how far to the right Heritage has slid.

    No, they were always way to the right.

    They no problem with illegal immigrants when they were a source of easily exploitable cheap labor, that could benefit corporations.

    They don’t like immigration when it will be subject to fair employment practices which will limit the exploitation.

  • After taking a good hard look at the facts, the Heritage Foundation had to change it’s mind. Before, there were all the facts. Now, there’s the additional fact that Obama’s for it. This, obviously, changes everything.

    That’s just simple math.

  • And the old one said: “An honest assessment acknowledges that illegal immigrants bring real benefits to the supply side of the American economy…”

    That’s not at all contradictory to their new position. They said illegal immigrants were good for the economy because they could be counted on to work hard and never be able to stand up for themselves or apply for any government benefits. Now they oppose letting this underclass achieve legal equality because they’d be able to stand up for themselves and get back some of the government benefits they had previusly been taxed to pay for. So like their fellow right-wing sockpuppets the libertards, they can be as vile as they want, and still brag smugly about how consistent they are.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Jason Richwine (previously known for arguing that Hispanics have lower IQs that would contamine “our” precious bodily fluids) has already resigned from the Heritage Foundation.

    So far, no official news of his taking up a new position with the Murdoch Machine.