Oh, Coach Dave is Upset

Coach Dave Daubenmire is a former high school football coach who spent the 1990s proselytizing his players before the ACLU put a stop to it. After that, he became a full time wingnut evangelist who posts incoherent rants to Youtube. In a recent one, he threw a fit about Jason Collins coming out as gay and President Obama praising him. My favorite part is where he says that homosexuality only exists “because men like you and men like me are letting it go on and won’t stand up and push back and say anything about it.” Yeah, if there’s one thing this country is lacking, it’s Christian right men publicly condemning gay people.


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  • rmsc

    Is he saying he;s spending too much time bent over and and not pushing back?

  • Bigots with platforms. It gets so, so tiring….

  • Doug Little

    Nice hat, what is that a dagger buried into his frontal lobe?

  • I’ve never understood this meme of keeping an “honorific” even when it no longer applies.

    People still call Jimmy Carter “president”, and Mitt fucking Romney “governor”. They ain’t either.

    This guy is not a “coach” (even though that’s about the puniest honorific one can possibly achieve). This guy’s proper pre-name adjective is “douche-nozzle”.

    And don’t get me started on “Reverend”. Just don’t get me started!

  • tubi

    Hey Kevin….”Pope” Benedict!

    (runs away)

  • Kevin,

    He goes by coach, because “Douche Dave Daubenmire.” was a little too much of an alliteration for him. And he needed a way to stand out from all of the other famous Dave Daubenmires.


    Crossing Guard Holytape.

  • The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge

    And don’t get me started on “Reverend”. Just don’t get me started!

    *Hides behind couch…*

  • In the video, I think you can actually hear all the blood rushing to his penis when he’s talking about butt sex between two men.

  • slc1

    Via Mike the Mad Biologist, the following link indicates that the late Vince Lombardi had no problem with gay men and knowingly had gay players on his teams. His Washington Deadskin teams had Dave Kopay and Jerry Smith, both of whom came out of the closet after their careers were over. However, Lombardi knew that they were gay and it bothered him not at all.


  • raven

    IIRC, Doubenmire was fired from teaching in the public schools. He then got a job at a private xian school.

    And was fired from that one also. Guy is just a control freak that no one pays much attention too.

  • marym

    Like most fundy evangelicals, Daubenmire has a dirty secret: his son is a registered sex offender.


  • jnorris

    Coach, you’re too much of an idiot for anyone to be threatened by you. So, why aren’t you killing gays like your bible commands? Are you afraid they are armed and you are too chicken-shit to be a real evangelical christian?

  • For a very different perspective from the world of sports, this talk by Dave Zirin about his new book is well worth watching.