Third Rate Christian Right Legal Group Sees $ Signs

With the entirely fictitious claim that the Pentagon is going to court-martial soldiers merely for sharing their faith becoming a mantra on the right, the Liberty Institute, a third tier religious right legal group at best, is seizing on this as a way to get attention and raise funds. And the Worldnutdaily is helping with the PR campaign, which is filled with lies.

The Pentagon’s recent vow to punish Christian evangelism among military members, along with an activist’s assertion that such behavior is treasonous, has prompted a legal team to offer to defend any member of the armed services persecuted for expressions of faith.

The Liberty Institute has announced the launch of its Armed Forces Religious Liberty hotline – (972) 941-4543 – along with a petition to support Christian members of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

“The Pentagon released an appalling official statement that I didn’t believe at first, but unfortunately it’s true,” said Kelly Shackelford, president and CEO of the organization. “They are about to implement a new policy under which any members of the military ‘caught’ talking about their Christian faith will be subject to court martial or imprisonment!”

Shackelford said his group is establishing the emergency hotline “to protect our armed forces members, who can call and get free legal representation when they are persecuted for their Christian faith.”

All of this is a lie, of course. The Pentagon did not “vow to punish Christian evangelism” at all. But Shackleford, whose previous moment in the sun was defending John Freshwater, knows that this is the kind of thing that gets the dollars rolling in.

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