Glenn Beck and the ‘Movement of Darkness’

This is an amusing rant from Glenn Beck on his show last week. He says that every 20-40 years there’s a “movement of darkness” and that “people of light” have to push it back. And it has something to do with hippies and communists, Martin Luther King and Janis Joplin. So we need to go to the moon. Or something. See if you can make any sense out of this.


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  • blf

    See if you can make any sense out of [the incoherent rant].

    I can think of far more enjoyable ways of killing my own brain cells.

    (Or procrastinating, which is what I’m currently doing…)

  • matty1

    I’m not watching that but really, don’t associate MLK with the phrase “people of darkness” unless you are hoping for a gift membership of the Ku Klux Klan.

  • troll

    Movement of Darkness sounds like a great name for an orchestral black metal band. Now I want to see Glenn Beck wearing full corpsepaint and shredding.

  • cottonnero

    I was thinking Movement of Darkness sounded like what you do on the toilet with the lights off.

  • Trebuchet

    I’m not going to watch it either. Perhaps RWW will have a little more info without having to click on the video.

  • Everyone knows the Movement of Darkness can only be stopped by Ash.and his boomstick!

  • mobius


    That is one of the worst attempts at communication I have ever heard. I couldn’t tell you with any certainty WHAT he was trying to say.

  • dingojack

    I’m not sure about Mr Bek shredding, but at a pinch he might just fit through an industrial-grade wood-chipper.



    * Sorry – the Syrup of Figs just kicked in and I had a little ‘Movement of Darkness’ (ifyaknowhatimean). 😉

  • grumpyoldfart

    He looks like a duck hunter.

  • busterggi

    Sixty years later and the right is still bitching about hippies – they need new material.

    BTW that age of darkness in the ’80’s – that includes Reagan’s October Surprise deal with Khomeni, Iran/Contra and the Silerado/Bush family bank fraud right?

  • Crap, I watched it.

    It seems Glenn Beck is now a preacher. But I can’t get it out of my head that he is a Mormon and the more I learn about Mormons the more I am astonished that anybody AT ALL is a Mormon, and having watched this clip I am astonished that anybody listens to him.

  • Does that include the Brights?

  • Dennis N

    So hippies had nothing to do with progress in the 60s? Who did then? Conservatives?

  • “Where are the people who are saying ‘Go To The Moon’?”

    Dear Glen,

    Go to the moon.

  • Doug Little

    Now I want to see Glenn Beck wearing full corpsepaint and shredding

    I don’t. That would destroy a whole genre of music for me.

  • sbh

    Apparently Martin Luther King was not the same person as Janis Joplin, and he would have been horrified by Woodstock. And God was responsible for the civil rights movement and getting man on the moon, but the hippies have got the credit for it.

  • angrymudcrab

    You know, if Glenn Beck want to proceed with the Enlightenment, I’m cool with that. Oh wait, he is part of a movement to undo it. It wasn’t god that put a man on the moon, it was a host of scientists and engineers. People with skills Beck’s movement deems less valuable than a good understanding of Christian Theology. It is also good to note that the main reason we went to the moon was to one up those evil commies, aka people of darkness, who managed to be the first into space. Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings.

  • iangould

    so what was the “movement of darkness” in the 1870’s?


  • Larry

    Movements of darkness come. Movements of darkness go.

    Nobody can explain that.

  • angrymudcrab

    @iangould 18:

    Not sure, but he might also be referring to the Paris Commune, since the Franco-Prussian war started in 1870, and after the collapse of the 2nd French Empire, the Parisians set up a Marxist/Anarchist commune, which was rather brutally put down by soldiers in service to the 3rd Republic. It was one of the first attempts at establishing a socialist/communist state.

  • dingojack

    Eight Movements of Darkness ago would be around 1776.

    OMG!!! The Founding Fathers were all fasco-commi-bildberg-masonic-trilateral-agenda 21 Lizardmen from the hollow of the planet, bent on unleashing darkness on the American continent.

    (No wonder the churches hated the Constitution so much).


  • Sunday Afternoon

    @3: “Movement of Darkness” has me humming tunes from Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark:

  • slc1

    Re dingojack @ #21

    Forget not the Council on Foreign Relations.

  • raven

    Well there is movement of darkness.

    Amd Glenn Beck is part of it. The fundie death cults own the Dark side of our society.

    But it isn’t a wave. It’s always there and always trying to engulf us. The Manicheans might have had a point.

    And the Dark side occasionally wins. Via Toynbee, we know that there has never been a society or civilization (used in a loose colloquil sense) that ever lasted. They all fall sooner or later. I’m hoping our American one will hang together for my projected lifespan but it is going to be close.

  • unbound

    No worries here. That movement of darkness goes away when you flush.

  • Larry @ 19:

    Movements of darkness come. Movements of darkness go.

    Nobody can explain that.

    Take an internet out of petty cash.

  • ebotebo

    What a stool!

  • Draken

    Ed, take it easy on the Glenn Beck postings. Each time I watch him I lose a couple of brain cells. It’s getting more and more difficult tying my shoes.

  • dingojack

    So all them evulll mooslims are lurking around the woods in Texas waiting for the Catholic bears to finish so they can have their ‘movement of darkness’* in peace, eh Glenn?



    * cf Australianisms: ‘packing darkies’ – to be very afraid or apprehensive & ‘choking a darky’ – to defecate.

  • Scr… Archivist

    Sunday Afternoon @22,

    And since OMD had a song called “88 Seconds in Greensboro”, they’re obviously comsymps. Maybe Glenn is onto something….

  • Worldtraveller

    Larry@19: Just don’t forget to flush.

  • alwayscurious

    Go to the moon?!? Preposterous! That’s the reason we defunded NASA: to discourage nonsense about space and rockets. If there’s any reason to go to the moon–or any other place off Earth for that matter–private enterprise will fully support it. Another tax break or two should do the trick.

  • malefue

    i like the “the light got sloppy” part. why did the light slow down so much, it allowd all the hippies and communists to take credit for the moon landings.

    he would be hilarious, if he wasn’t so serious about what he’s saying.

  • Ichthyic

    Glen Beck is just like Jesus.

    you see, Jesus’ handler, god, abandoned him just like Beck’s conservative handlers abandoned him.

    Beck now is wandering in the desert, whinging: “Why have you abandoned me, oh great conservative handlers!”

    …and thus you end up with a rant like this, where he decries the “light” for being “sloppy”.

    I’m totally not kidding. I would be money Beck actually does see himself this way.

  • noe1951

    re: Grumpyoldfart@ #9

    Thanks a lot — now I keep hearing

    “Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit…”

  • dan4

    @10″…that includes Reagan’s October Surprise deal with Khomeni…”

    Left-wing conspiracy crap bullshit. A congressional committee looked at this in the early 90’s and found there was no such “deal.”

  • space cadet

    If there had been only a transcript available of that word salad I would have said that it had to be heavily edited to make Beck sound like a complete maroon. Luckily there’s unedited video for proof. Not so luckily, I know there’s thousands of people who saw that and nodded their heads in complete agreement, as if what he said made any kind of sense at all.

  • Ichthyic

    Beck is really just projecting here.

    that “cycle of darkness”?

    yeah, that’s the inevitable rise and fall of authoritarian fuckwits like himself.

    it’s Beck and HIS ilk that are the “darkness” that has be illuminated and dispelled, over and over and over again.