Ray Comfort Teaches How to Proselytize

In Ray Comfort’s latest column for the Worldnutdaily, he decides to teach people how to proselytize to gay people. He offers up this conversation he allegedly had on an airplane with a lesbian couple as the perfect example of how to do this the right way:

I was flying from Los Angeles to Miami when I found myself sitting next to two women. Sarah was sitting closest to me. She was 29, inappropriately dressed, with a ring through her nose, and she wasn’t the friendliest person I have sat next to on a plane.

After we took off I couldn’t help but notice that her friend kept kissing her on the cheek, holding her hand and rubbing her shoulder. They were “gay,” and that little revelation lifted my planned witnessing encounter up a big notch on the awkward meter. I really didn’t want an angry homosexual couple complaining to the airline (and the media) that I was a homophobic fundamentalist, imposing my “hate speech” by saying that they were going to hell because they were gay.

I waited until she had eaten, finished her movie, and simply said, “Sarah. I have a question for you. Do you think there’s an afterlife?”

She wasn’t sure, so I asked, “If heaven exists, are you going there? Are you a good person?”

She predictably said she was, so I took her through three of the Ten Commandments – had she lied, stolen and taken God’s name in vain? She had broken all three, so we then looked at whether or not she would be guilty on Judgment Day and whether she would go to heaven or hell. I then shared the cross and the necessity for repentance and faith in Jesus.

I didn’t mention her sexual orientation; I didn’t need to, nor did I want to. I simply shared the moral law (the Ten Commandments), because the Bible says that the law was “made” for homosexuals – see 1 Timothy 1:8-10. She wasn’t offended, and I kept her friendship and stayed out of jail.

Note the idiotic persecution complex at the end. There is no law against talking to someone on a place or against “hate speech.” But here’s the thing. I fly a lot and I’ve had many a conversation with people on airplanes. And if the conversation somehow veered into religion, I’m happy to talk about it. But if someone clearly struck up a conversation with me solely to convert me, I’d politely — or not so politely — tell them to drink a big steaming glass of shut the fuck up.

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