Humanist Weddings Controversial in Britain

It appears that non-religious weddings are more controversial than same-sex weddings in Britain, where members of parliament are running into opposition in trying to add recognition for humanist weddings into a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage.

Jedi, druid and pagan weddings could be made legal across Britain under proposals from MPs, it was claimed last night.

They want to change the law to allow humanist weddings, for couples who do not want a religious or civil marriage to express their commitment.

But Tories say such an amendment would ‘dilute’ the institution of marriage by allowing other ‘ridiculous’ sects to marry couples…

MPs are trying to amend the same sex marriage bill, the controversial legislation to allow gay weddings, to allow humanist weddings to have legal force too. It will be voted on next week.

But government sources say if they are empowered to carry out marriages, it will be impossible to stop other sects going to court to claim the same power on the grounds of discrimination.

A government source said: ‘Marriage is hugely important and binds families and society together. We believe allowing same-sex couples to tie the knot will strengthen marriage by making it more relevant in modern society.

‘But proposals such as this which seek to undermine and dilute the institution of marriage by creating a two-tiered system are ridiculous. We have a fundamentally different marriage system to the one in Scotland and while they may be open to pagans, spiritualists and Jedi’s conducting marriages, we are not.

Hey, let’s try this: It’s none of your fucking business what goes on at someone else’s wedding. I don’t care if they get married by a drunken clown or an Elvis impersonator and you shouldn’t either, unless you’re just another religious authoritarian. This is really quite simple: Everyone should have a legal civil union, for which all they have to do is say “I do” or sign a legal document. If you want to hold a ceremony of some type — any type you want — that’s entirely up to you.

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