Jesus vs Voodoo in North Miami Mayoral Race

On Tuesday, the voters in North Miami went to the polls to elect a new mayor. One of the six candidates for that office is Anna Pierre, who is — to put it mildly — batshit crazy. A month ago she claimed that her opponents were using voodoo against her. But that’s okay, because she has Jesus on her side. This is a flier her campaign has released:

jesus endorsement

She also calls herself Princess Anna Pierre. And it appears that Jesus’ endorsement didn’t mean much. She finished dead last out of 7 candidates. She got a total of 56 votes.

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  • Jesus H. Christ has a terrible record as an endorser. He should consider a different line of work.

  • matty1

    Shouldn’t a politician claiming endorsement have to get the endorser to publicly confirm it?

  • atheist

    The battle is getting harder in this iration, it’s armagideon. But remember to praise Jah Ogun. And he will guide you… in this iration.

  • Nemo

    Free health care though

  • Randomfactor

    Yes, sadly she may also have been the only “progressive” in the race.

  • The “princess” comes from her days as a Haitian pop diva, I kid you not.

  • Abdul Alhazred

    Without in any way giving credence to voodoo as such, it’s entirely possible one or more of her opponents tried voodoo.

  • It’s Miami, prolly a Santeriist or two in that demographic.

  • atheist

    Voodoo voter ballots, with ANNA PIERRE, rn scratched out.

  • atheist

    Her song Suk Sou Bonbon isn’t bad. Also, I guess if she comes from Haiti then folks using voodoo wouldn’t be so unusual. Voodoo was developed in Haiti.

  • Zeno “Jesus H. Christ has a terrible record as an endorser. He should consider a different line of work.”

    Wrong. He’s got a perfect record. He’s behind all the candidates.

  • So, voodoo > Jesus?

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  • grumpyoldfart

    She got 56 votes.

    Jesus is really pissed off about it. Look out Miami.

  • mxh

    Remind me not to trust anyone with a nursing degree from Lindsey Hospital or Miami-Dade University or a public health degree from FIU. Clearly they have issues educating people.

  • anubisprime

    Well it can be assumed that at least 56 muppets are far more deluded then this particular jeebus sunbeam!

    To be deeply batshit insane is one thing…to vote for it is summat’ else entirely!

  • Ichthyic

    She got a total of 56 votes.

    I’m curious if one of them was named Jesus.

  • bobmunck

    56 votes? Were three of them Jesus? (The Trinity, you know.)

  • dan4

    @15: Anubrisprime calling someone ELSE “deeply batshit insane?” Clearly s/he meant those words as a compliment.

  • @18:


  • dan4

    @19: It means that Anubisprime that, judging from his/her past comments on this board, anubisprime is “deeply batshit insane.”

  • dan4

    @21: Whoops, let’s try that again: It means that, judging from his/her past comments on this board, anubisprime himself/herself is “deeply batshit insane.”