Pat Robertson on Adultery

We’re used to Pat Robertson saying batshit crazy things in response to questions from 700 Club viewers, but this one just leaves me shaking my head. A woman says that her husband cheated on her and his response was to say hey, he’s a man, they do that — and it’s your job to be so wonderful that he won’t want to cheat.


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  • Wingnut motto: It’s always the woman’s fault.

  • congenital cynic

    I don’t think my wife would go for that explanation. Not that she’ll ever have the occasion to have to swallow such a lame argument. But then, Pat Robertson is a clown.

  • karmacat

    Wow. What will it take for these women to stop listening to this man? I am afraid that if he just out right called himself a misogynist, some women would still ask him for advice. I do hope the more he talks the more women will be running away from his messages

  • Stop talking about the cheating … he cheated on you … well, he’s a man! Okay.

    So, what you do is begin to focus on why you married him in the first place … on what he does good. Does he provide a home for you [inaudible]; does he provide food for you to eat; does he provide clothes for you to wear; uh, is he nice to the children; do you have a happy family; does he take the kids to sporting events; does he go out and watch their little league games; does he share stuff that is going on; and is he handsome … you know, what is he?


    Men have such a low threshold for being a good husband (supposedly by Dog’s appontment)! Cheating is just ‘the way men are’ and as long as they provide bare subsistence and do minimal things with the kids, then they are “good” fathers and husbands. But then again, he expects women to be shallow and forgive the turd because he’s handsome.

    But, Pat, unless he was bragging about the affair and giving her the details, it is kind of hard for him to have been sharing stuff that is going on.

  • snoeman

    @ karmacat: I’d be even happier if everyone ran away from his messages. Pat Robertson, to put it mildly, is not a particularly good human being.

  • anaximanchild

    Well, to be fair, the woman was *not* asking “my husband is cheating, what should I do?” She was asking “I want to get over it, how do I do that?”

    Having said that, “we’ll, he’s a man” is still pretty messed up. As a man, I find that insulting.

  • anaximanchild

    *well, not we’ll … damn you, autocorrect.

  • Who Knows?

    That has to be one of the weirdest bits of advice I’ve ever heard. Robertson shuts down his co-host, tells the woman he’s advising to stop whining about her husband’s cheating and be a good wife. Then, he tops it off with MERICA!!! for good measure.

  • Randomfactor

    Conquer adultery: support lesbian marriage.

  • tsig

    Stand by your man

    Give him two arms to cling to

    After all he’s just a man.

  • marcus

    Silly woman! Tricks are for menz!!111!!!!

  • It could have been worse. At least he didn’t call for her to be stoned for not being subservient enough.

  • typecaster

    Conquer adultery: support lesbian marriage.

    I’m not sure I understand this, and I’m honestly curious. Is there any reason to believe that lesbians don’t have extramarital affairs?

  • Randomfactor

    Well, neither of them being a man, I suspect they wouldn’t by Robertson’s view…and therefore God would be pleased.

    I also suspect I should’ve added the /snark tag.

  • D. C. Sessions

    She was asking “I want to get over it, how do I do that?”

    Cut your losses, start a life of your own. Because as long as you’re making excuses for staying with him, he’ll just have a doormat and you’ll just keep collecting things to make excuses for.

    But of course that wouldn’t be Christian, would it? After all, Baby Jesus has already forgiven him — now it’s your turn.

  • mary

    I wonder what his answer would be if a man asked how to forgive his wife for cheating.

  • Childermass

    It is pretty damn clear that some men will stray given the opportunity no matter how their wives act.

    While I am sure plenty of women have “driven” their husbands away, I seriously doubt that this is the case here. If I was a betting man, I would bet pretty heavily that the reason why the woman is angry is because she really did have love answered by betrayal and is looking for an answer that she will never get from load of [omitted] that is Pat Robertson.

  • frankb

    “You live in America and good things are happening.”

    But Pat , you told me that America is going down hill, it is being destroyed. You told me that America has turned away from God. But when a husband has cheated on his wife, good things are happening. Pat, you sound confused.

  • This video contains so much gold in so little a space. After she’s done reading Pat asks in this “Shit! My female co-hosts have complained that all I do is talk over them so i’ll pay them lip service” tone “What do you think?” She starts her explanation. One that is obviously trying to reconcile the faith with what would no doubt be a “get out of there” response. He cuts her off to tell the REAL story and her reaction of a shake of the head and an “okay” is amazingly telling. “Here he goes again!”

  • amyjane

    Christian clergy often say stuff like this. It used to be SOP to counsel a battered women to try harder to please her husband. It’s all the womans fault.

  • @20:

    RCC priests also urged women (not much information on how they dealt with abused/cuckolded men) to “stand by their man”. I used to think that they were just stupid; then when all of the allegations (many proven true) about clerics’ sexual abuse of young catholics began coming out I realized that it was simply, “resource management”. They couldn’t let couples split up and maybe MOVE the prey off the game ranch.

  • peterh

    @ #16:

    The magic book Robertson is always going on about has a tale involving that very scenario. And the fact that the tale does not appear in any of the earliest manuscripts would seem irrelevant except to point out Robertson & his ilk seem to reinvent stupid each morning.

  • davidct

    Robertson is far from alone in this attitude. I moved from Maine to Texas a few years ago. As one drives South the airwaves become increasingly populated with “Christian” talk radio. I remember a call in show for women seeking marital advice. The bottom line was that the secret to a good marriage is for the woman to “forgive and obey”. One is to put up with this sort of misbehavior on the part of men, to assure greater closeness to Jesus in the next life. Given the rates of divorce among the fundies, not many women can fully accept god’s will.

    These ideas don’t play well in Ann Arbor or Austin for that matter, but Pat did not become a multimillionaire by having small audiences.

  • pacal

    In Pat Robertson’s world women are commodities for men to consume. For women only exist to please men and if they don’t please men they can be discarded. Thus if a man cheats on his wife that is a man being a man and no big deal. But if a woman cheats on her husband or simply has sex outside of marriage that is an unpardonable sin and wickedness and so women who do so are sluts but men are simply being men. (snark) Of course just who are the men going to have easily forgivable men just being men hetrosex with if the women are all pure and virtuous.

    You see in Pat’s world men just can’t help being men and cheat on their wives, meanwhile women of course are totally responsible. If men cheat it is because of their manly urges they can’t control and of course because women are seductive and corrupt men, and or they drive men to have affairs by not being submissive enough and looking after the men who own them. You see it is always the woman’s fault and men just can’t help themselves. (snark)

    Pat can go to hell.

  • scienceavenger

    Pat’s just a stone’s throw away from saying women should keep themselves covered up to keep men from having these uncontrollable urges. Gee, what other group says that?

  • TLC

    Oh, wow. So “he’s a man!” And that makes adultery OK for him? Please, Pat, since you believe in the literal truth of the Bible, please show me the Scripture verses that say it’s OK for men to commit adultery, but not women. I mean, you’re so busy thumping people with that Bible all the time and screaming Scripture at them. So where’s the part that says only women must remain faithful in a marriage? I’ve read through the Bible at least five times, and I don’t remember seeing these verses.

    BTW, @davidct is correct. Women in these churches are also taught that they should not allow single women to be in the presence of their husbands because these singles will tempt their husbands into cheating. (I guess they haven’t figured out that married women can cheat, too.) Therefore, single people are excluded from most church events and social gatherings. This was one of the many reasons I left these churches and will never go back.

    Anyone who continues to listen to this man, follow his advice, give money to his ministry or support him in any way deserves the consequences of living out this stupidity.

  • bornagainatheist

    Anybody notice that Pat mentioned that the woman just keeps focusing on her husband being with that stripper in a hotel room 10 years ago? The woman who asked the question didn’t mention those details at all. I wonder if Pat is remembering something in his past rather than what the questioner’s husband did?

  • gertzedek

    So if a liberal comes out as gay, that’s an abomination against G-d, but if a conservative breaks one of the Ten fscking Commandments, that’s OK, he’s a dude, dudes do that?

    “Christian”? You keep using that word, Robertson. I do not think it means what you think it means.