A New Book on Atheist Parenting

My friend Aubrey Adrianson, the faculty adviser for the SSA club at Ferris State University, is working on a new book called A Secular Parent’s Guide to Teach Religion. She’s got a Kickstarter project set up for it, through which you can get a free copy of the book when it’s finished. And you can read a sample chapter here.

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  • Or as we normal people call it, parenting.

  • Alverant

    Thanks for the signal boost. I’ll toss in some money tonight and spread word as well.

  • davidct

    Some people seem to assume that one cannot do anything unless there is a book of instruction. There are many books out there for raising children that do not include sections on indoctrinating them with superstitious beliefs. If one wants to be a secular parent, be a secular person. I am always suspicious of the new self appointed experts in “secular”parenting.

  • Alverant

    davidct, there’s nothing wrong with a book of tips and suggestions. Children don’t come with instruction manuals and parents have to learn how to be parents somehow. If you’re suspicious of the book, don’t buy it.

  • @ davidct; As an atheist parent myself I find your glib suspicion insulting. As dale McGowan pointed out ten years ago, the parenting advice aisle at the bookstore is dominated by Christian books. Before “Parenting Beyond Belief” came along there were exactly zero parenting advice books out there aimed at atheist and secular audiences. I have found the “new self-appointed experts” to be incredibly helpful in my task of raising 3 little freethinkers in a world awash in superstition.

    Anyways, she’s welcome to my $20.

  • jayhawk


    Your statement is the same as “why is there any need for an atheist organization? If you want to be an atheist, just be one.”

    It is not learning how to be secular, it is being secular in a predomintley non-secular world. No matter your worldview, most of the people your kids will interact with are not secular.

    As an exampe, Santa Claus, we never once told our kids about Santa Clause or in any way indicated Santa Claus was real. However, they still grew up believing in him without ever bothering to ask their parents. They didn’t need to. All of society told them Santa was real.

    Society all tells them God is real. So yes, some instruction cannot hurt!