Holder 1, Gohmert 0

I’m not a big fan of Attorney General Eric Holder. In fact, I think he’s been pretty much a disaster. The DOJ’s position on about a dozen issues has been flagrantly opposed to civil liberties. But this exchange with batshit crazy Rep. Louis Gohmert is simply awesome. Holder gives an entirely coherent answer to Gohmert’s claim that the FBI didn’t do a thorough investigation of the Tsarnaev brothers due to “political correctness” and Gohmert simply has a meltdown. The funny thing is that the chair of the committee, Bob Goodlatte, is a very conservative Republican himself and he’s trying to get Gohmert to stop. And at the end, Gohmert actually says that Holder has “cast aspersions on my asparagus.”


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  • brucecoppola

    I love asparagus, but with just a sprikling of aspersions.

  • chilidog99

    Did he also deny the allegations and defy the alegator?

  • Randomfactor

    Is Gohmert Pyle holding up the finger I THINK he’s holding up, in that still?

  • Word salad — you’re doing it right.

  • howardhershey

    Is asparagus the new slang for a male member? If so, how would Holder know enough to cast aspersions on it?

  • howdini

    Holder’s expression starting @7:36 pretty much says it all.

  • Doc Bill

    Louie Goober hates being called out and Holder basically called him a liar in public, on film, on the record and in a congressional hearing. Of course, Louie making shit up is nothing new. Remember Al-Qaeda setting up camps in Mexico to train terrorists to act hispanic? Or anchor babies raised as terrorists?

    The Goob doesn’t get called out often because he confines his more outrageous utterings to right-wing talk radio, but this time he got ahead of himself and Holder nailed him good. You can see the moment Gohmert realizes he’s been unmasked and boy is he pissed off!

  • unbound

    How dare Eric Holder call out the insane assertions Gohmert threw out for his own political gain!!!

    Always funny when the idiot politicians get called out on their BS and act all innocent.

  • Ben P

    Is asparagus the new slang for a male member? If so, how would Holder know enough to cast aspersions on it?

    Gohmert’s from Texas so there’s no telling, but “Casting Asparagus” is a malapropism for “casting aspersions.”

    I have no clue what the origin is, but I have heard it used in a racist joke. (Old black man complaining that people are “casting asparagus on his cooking,” )

  • Artor

    I have no personal knowledge of this, but I saw mention in another thread that the asparagus thing is an inside joke among the frequenters of Free Republic. So I guess Gomer just blew the dog whistle for his freeper buddies to rally around him?

  • Steve Morrison

    Language Log has a post about where the asparagus phrase may have come from.

  • dingojack

    Steve – I think you borked the link.

    Is this the page to which you were alluding?



    Perhaps Da Goob thinks Holder is a graduate of Hogwart’s

  • gshelley

    It’s almost as if Gohmert was not paying attention to his own words

  • mildlymagnificent

    Oh dear. Where I come from the common joke malapropism is “casting nasturtiums” on character. So I now have a mental picture of a plate of roasted asparagus scattered with yellow and orange flowers.

  • dan4

    Pardon my ignorance, but since when is the Attorney General in charge of FBI investigations (i.e. the very premise behind Gohmert’s question)?

  • Who Knows?

    What I want to know, is how does anyone respond to Gohmert without just coming right out and saying, are you that fucking stupid?

    Well, I guess he would have gotten his point of personal interest in that case.

  • Steve Morrison

    Thanks, dingojack; that is indeed the link i intended.

  • Joey Maloney

    In the darker reaches of USENET history, “asparagus” was code for p0rn featuring small, undeveloped-looking dangly bits on young men.

    No doubt that big, black. T-bone-eating buck Holder was indeed casting aspersions on Gohmert’s asparagus.

  • raym

    Whilst Gohmert is certainly a first-rate tool, the last laugh is on us, the great tax-paying public of the US, who will support him in his retirement.

    If only we could choose where our taxes go…

  • “Whilst Gohmert is certainly a first-rate tool, the last laugh is on us, the great tax-paying public of the US, who will support him in his retirement.”

    Not if my friends in the Mexislamic Militia kidnap him from the 7-11 when he goes to get a Slurpee and some Slim Jimz!

  • scienceavenger

    This is another case of a GOPer forgetting that what flies in the GOP bubble doesn’t outside it, a la Romney’s “you didn’t call it terror” moment, and Newt Gingrich’s “Saul Alinsky” comments. Chris Hayes nailed it: they are getting high on their own supply.