Welcome, Tauriq Moosa

We have another new blogger at FTB, Tauriq Moosa. You may well have seen his work at Big Think, where he will continue to post, but he’s now joining us as well with a new blog called The Indelible Stamp. We’re excited to have him at FTB, of course, so go visit him and give him a welcome.

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  • Tauriq Moosa

    Thanks very much, Ed. For both this kind plug and for all your work getting my here.

  • Ysanne


    On a technical note: Ed, I can’t see any of the three new blogs (Yemmy, Tauriq, Ally) on the FTB start page… am I overlooking something, or aren’t they up there yet?

  • dickspringer

    Yes. Where are they?

  • rapiddominance

    Welcome, Tauriq.

    Are you ready to tow the line?

  • They’re on the sidebar, but not on the front page, which is being redesigned as we speak and will no longer have spots for all the individual blogs on it. The front page will look totally different soon, with topic feeds instead of the individual blogs.

  • birgerjohansson

    Welcome, Tauriq Moosa.

    Um, a problem with new features on the web site,

    I used the usernames “Birger Johansson” after I forgot my previous user name “Birgerjohansson” and now some of the blogs think I am an impostor (not your blog or Pharyngula, but pretty much all the rest) And following the instructions for logging in anew does not help.

    Since I mostly comment on these two blogs it does not matter, I just thought I should mention it.

  • “Welcome, Tauriq.

    Are you ready to tow the line?”

    “TOE the line” (pedantic prick pouncing).


    I had a similar problem but I just logged in with my real fake name (after using a faux fake name at Tauriq (does not rhyme with “orange”) and it worked.

    “The front page will look totally different soon, with topic feeds instead of the individual blogs.”

    Ed, for the LOVE OF GOD!! It’s perfect already, stop tinkering.; tell those other whiners to just STFU! Otoh, it you’ve already printed up the flyers? just add a glossary of terms in Aramaic, Esperanto or Romany and some cheat codes for those of us who are not as proficient in webtoobzeeze. Thanks!!

  • troll

    I like the sound of that redesign, Ed. The front page is a bit unwieldy at the moment.

    Welcome, Tauriq!