Awww. Bradlee Dean is Upset

Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage the other day and the terminally stupid Bradlee Dean is predictably freaking out. Gov. Mark Dayton, he says, is a criminal. But my favorite part is when he says that “they do it covert-like.” Because apparently elected officials passing a bill with the attention of the whole state being paid to it is being “covert.”

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Then he goes after Alex Jones, who is apparently not anti-gay enough for him (never mind that Jones believes that the government is turning kids gay through juice boxes). Oh, and the gays are coming for your wife and kids.

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It’s a breathtaking tirade he goes on. Funny stuff.

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  • Pyra

    I tried to listen to both clips. I just… can’t. I can’t get there from here. Radical homosexuals. Radical. Homosexuals. WTF does that mean????

  • tbp1

    @Pyra, In Conservative-speak, a “radical” is anyone who expresses any opinion in an even remotely public forum that conservatives don’t like. Basically we’re supposed to exercise our free speech by shutting the f*** up.

  • justsomeguy

    So does this mean he thinks you should hide your kids, hide your wife?

  • Larry

    They don’t like judges legislating from the bench and now, they’re at odds with legislators legislating from the Legislature.

    Apparently, they were out sick during 8th grade civics classes.

  • dingojack

    Larry – well at least Dean (and his ilk are consistent. They don’t like the Legislative Branch legislating, the Judicial Branch passing judgement or the Executive Branch exercising executive powers (whilst being black at least). They’re equal opportunity haters.

    tbp1 – Nope, they want queers like you (it’s irrelevant to them if the smear is accurate or not, just as long as it bullies anyone who disagrees into silence) to ride waayy back in rear of the closet, thankyouverymuch! 🙁


  • jamessweet

    Yeah, that “covert-like” criticism is weird, because that kind of shit has been done (e.g. the way the new gun control measures in NYS were enacted left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths, even some people — like me — who supported the gist of the measures). But that’s not even close to what happened here, it was all over the news and was conducted in a very methodical way. Weird.

  • brianwestley

    Yeah, Dayton expertly hid his signing of the bill by cleverly leaving his office where he would normally sign bills and instead signed it on the state capitol steps hidden behind a bunch of TV and newspaper cameras.

  • steve84

    For them the only correct way to pass laws is legislatures rubber-stamping what they preach in church.

  • Subtract Hominem

    Larry, #4

    They don’t like judges legislating from the bench and now, they’re at odds with legislators legislating from the Legislature.

    Bah! We The People don’t need that kind of legislative activism* in Minnesota!

    *I expect this phrase to be used without sarcasm by the end of the year

  • stubby

    The wing nuts in Minnesota are having a tough stretch. Along with gay marriage the legislature passed a tax increase on the wealthy, a bill allowing daycare providers to unionize, and gave nursing home employees a raise for the first time in four years. Poor nutters don’t know what to do.

  • kermit.

    larry: Apparently, they were out sick during 8th grade civics classes.

    Just the opposite – they were dismayed and infuriated to find out that our representative democracy was being controlled by secular judge-monitored laws written by legislators elected by citizens, rather than the population following God’s laws as written in the bible (1) and its obvious meanings explained by their local preacher.(2) Which of course is what democracy is all about.(3)

    (1) King James Version

    (2) Any denomination of Southern Baptist

    (3) As explained by the Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence


  • gardengnome

    brianwestley @ 7

    Well said – I like it!