Robertson: Prayer Could Have Stopped the OK Tornado

And right on cue, here’s Pat Robertson saying that while God did not send the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma specifically, he would have stopped it if only people had prayed for him to do so. Does he think people didn’t pray? Were there just not enough of them? How many is enough? Did they not do it exactly right? Did they not say “Simon says”?

Update: Turns out this video is from 2012, from the last round of deadly tornadoes, not from the more recent one. Still nuts, of course, and he still believes it. But it isn’t about this latest tornado.


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  • Larry

    Prayer is 100% effective against things that have already happened according to 9 out of 10 leading TV evangelists.

  • So why didn’t Robertson pray it away? You know, like he “did” with that hurricane?

    Robertson doesn’t really believe his own lies. If he did, he’d have a string of prayer warriors protecting the people of the United States from all dangers, foreign and domestic, including “acts of God.” But deep in the shriveled remnants of his heart, Robertson knows it’s nonsense and that he’s a fraud. His actions (and nonactions) prove it.

  • Jeremy Shaffer

    I’m sure there were plenty of people there that prayed but there was also that one atheist woman that poor Wolf Blitzer was set up by the forces of darkness of CNN to talk to on live television. It’s a well known fact that god’s hearing gets wobbly when atheists are around.

  • Alverant

    Words fail.

    I can see it now, one of the children killed is receiving his final judgement before being sent to Hell (he called his father a doo-doo-head) and is told, “Sorry Billy, but if 3 more people prayed for no tornadoes, God would not have had you killed. Now face eternal punishment.”

  • freemage

    The atheist woman from the Blitzer clip must own an iron chariot.

  • oranje

    This is one seriously sociopathic deity they worship. Insecure, partially deaf, terrible at geography. Maybe a good representative in Congress, then.

  • toro

    So this wasn’t a big enough disaster for Robertson to point the finger at “abortionists, feminists, gays and lesbians” and telling them “You helped this happen”?

  • kemist, Dark Lord of the Sith

    He does not understand.

    He should tell people to pray less.

    We don’t get tornadoes, hurricanes or severe earthquakes in Quebec. A huge majority of us are non-religious. If their god exists, I’d take this as evidence that prayer pisses it off.

  • Ex Patriot

    A tornado is one of natures most violent actions and 10 million people praying to a non existant being would not have stopped it. robertson is a fraud and what he has to say is not worth the time it takes to print it

  • erichoug

    Robertson has been doing this for years. It is his entire shtick. He either says he can pray to do something or he says that some disaster was because of (Gay, Civil, women’s) rights or because you personally failed to go to church last Sunday. But, Never Fear! You can right the wrong by simply praying in front of the TV set right now. Wasn’t that awesome? Don’t you feel better? why no send preacher Pat a “love offering” right now to help his ministry help other people.

    He has made an entire career out of profiting from other people’s misery and the tragedy in Moore is no exception. You know where you sure as hell WON’T see Pat Robertson over the next few weeks? Moore, Oklahoma helping the actual victims of the Tornadoes.

  • yoav

    Did you notice how Paris was not flattened by a tornado yesterday, that was all me praying to the celestial orange hedgehog, now send money.

  • unbound

    Well, it was either this (you didn’t pray enough) or god works in mysterious ways. That shtick has been working for literally millennia now.

  • pianoman, Heathen & Torontophile

    You do realize, Mr. Robertson, that every time you say things like this, you’re actually painting an abysmal picture of your god as a juvenile, psychopathic, homicidal asshole.

  • mandyjane

    The prayer thing doesn’t surprise me coming from him, and I suppose his other comments about where people live shouldn’t surprise me either, but for some reason it always does. I see comments like that every time there is some type of natural disaster. “You shouldn’t be living there” or something of that nature. I think people who have wealth don’t realize how difficult it is for poor people to move. Right after Katrina I saw lots of comments like that, and it was always from someone who never experienced what it’s like to be working poor in the US.

  • tbp1

    I can’t bring myself to watch it. Did he blame it on gays and feminists, too?

  • bobcarroll

    In this case, the correct invocation should begin with, “Simon Peter says.”

  • Randomfactor

    They prayed, all right, but NOT TO ALLAH.

    That was the problem, right there–incorrect routing.

  • And yet, aren’t Christians very fond of saying “God always answers prayers, and the answer is quite often ‘No, I’m gonna smite your sorry ass because I’m a vicious bully to gets off on the torment of others.'”

    Or something like that.

  • a miasma of incandescent plasma

    This is why there’s so many tornadoes on the moon, since there’s no one up there to pray them away!

  • fmitchell

    When your god sounds like the Unabomber — “pay attention to me or I’ll kill again” — maybe you need a different god. (Or none.)

  • kemist, Dark Lord of the Sith

    They prayed, all right, but NOT TO ALLAH.

    That was the problem, right there–incorrect routing.

    Am I alone imagining a giant celestial prayer DNS right now ?

  • naturalcynic


    Prayer is 100% effective against things that have already happened according to 9 out of 10 leading TV evangelists.

    I looks better if you change the “is” to “would have been”

  • raven

    It’s been clear for about fover.

    The gods hate fundie xians.

    Oklahoma and the rest of the fundie heartland are always getting hit by tornados and hurricanes.

    They never catch on though. “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make stupid.”