Rick Joyner: Self-Declared Moderate

Rick Joyner went on Jim Bakker’s TV show — yes, that Jim Bakker — and made several bizarre claims. He declared himself to be a moderate, Timothy McVeigh to be a “left-wing extremist” (evidence? Of course not) and the media to be a bigger terrorist organization than Al Qaeda. If he’d declared himself to be the tooth fairy, that would be no less disconnected from reality.


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  • “(evidence? Of course not)”

    1. Timothy Veigh was bad.

    2. Leftwingers are bad.

    3. Ergo, Timothy Veigh was Leftwing.

  • abb3w

    It kind of makes sense, of you consider “moderate” to be somewhere well to the right of Timothy McVeigh.

  • gshelley

    Well, this is extreme, but the word “moderate” does seem to have been stolen in the US. Whenver an article mentions “moderates” in congress, you can be sure they aren’t the people with moderate political views, or those open to compromise.

  • matty1

    Wait. you’re saying Rick Joyner is not the tooth fairy?

  • grumpyoldfart

    Yay-aah, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes …

    Top class Interviewer, I can tell.

  • Rick Joyner: Self-Declared Moderate:

    That’s okay, Ricky, the rest of us will continue to call you a bigoted asshole.

  • raven

    These guys are so moderate Jim Bakker spent a long time in prison.

    Joyner, Cindy Jacobs, et al. claim to be New Apostles with super powers given them by god.

    No one has actually ever seen those super powers though much less the certificate from the gods.

    Unless, one of those super powers is the ability to lie outrageously without any ability to know that they are even lying. The other one being the ability to scam fundie idiots out of a few bucks here and there.

  • dan4

    I like how the unflattering picture they showed of this Bob Jones fellow sort-of “matched” with the angry and stupid thing they quoted him as saying.

  • naturalcynic

    I like how the unflattering picture they showed of this Bob Jones fellow sort-of “matched” with the angry and stupid thing they quoted him as saying.

    Is there such a thing as a flattering pic of Bob Jones?

  • briandavis

    McVeigh said that he didn’t believe in Hell, and that science was his religion. I’m sure someone like Joyner would consider that to be conclusive evidence that McVeigh was a lefty.

  • redmann

    From his Wiki article.


    – read magazines such as Soldier of Fortune

    – was reprimanded by the military for purchasing a “White Power” T-shirt at a Ku Klux Klan protest against black servicemen who wore what he viewed as “Black Power” T-shirts around the army base

    – complained that the Army had implanted a microchip into his buttocks so that the government could keep track of him

    He said “Taxes are a joke. Regardless of what a political candidate “promises,” they will increase. More taxes are always the answer to government mismanagement. They mess up. We suffer. Taxes are reaching cataclysmic levels, with no slowdown in sight. […] Is a Civil War Imminent? Do we have to shed blood to reform the current system? I hope it doesn’t come to that. But it might.”

    Also he wrote to a government agency ” Go ahead, take everything I own; take my dignity. Feel good as you grow fat and rich at my expense; sucking my tax dollars and property ”

    Also ” Those who betray or subvert the Constitution are guilty of sedition and/or treason, are domestic enemies and should and will be punished accordingly.

    “It also stands to reason that anyone who sympathizes with the enemy or gives aid or comfort to said enemy is likewise guilty. I have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and I will. And I will because not only did I swear to, but I believe in what it stands for in every bit of my heart, soul and being.

    “I know in my heart that I am right in my struggle, Steve. I have come to peace with myself, my God and my cause. Blood will flow in the streets, Steve. Good vs. Evil. Free Men vs. Socialist Wannabe Slaves. Pray it is not your blood, my friend.”

    Yep, that there’s a real Leftist.

  • dan4

    @11: “More taxes are always the answer to government mismanagement.”

    I wonder if Joyner came up with his “left-wing extremist” characterization from that sentence, without realizing or caring that (in context), its meant to be a MOCKERY of such an attitude.