The March of Reason, Parts 1 and 2

Last year at the Reason Rally, the American Atheists convention and Rock Beyond Belief, Scott Burdick was filming everything that happened and interviewing the speakers, attendees, protesters and many others for a documentary called The March of Reason. Parts 1 and 2 of that documentary, each more than an hour long, have been posted to Youtube. I’m supposedly in one of these, though not in these first two, but there’s a huge number of friends who are in them. From FTB alone, there’s PZ, Greta, Taslima Nasrin, Christina Rad and Justin Griffith. And then there’s Mikey Weinstein, Tim Minchin, Dave Silverman and far too many others to mention. Video of both below the fold.

Part 1:


Part 2:


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  • rdmcpeek43

    Just started watching this yesterday; am in middle of Part 2.

    Great photography and editing. The interviews with “believers” are

    hilarious. Hopefully Mr. Burdick will put Parts 3-5 online soon.

  • grumpyoldfart

    I hate that zip-zap editing. Each interview has been cut into segments lasting only a few seconds and then they’ve been spliced back together in a seemingly random order.

    In can listen to one person talking about one subject for anything from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours at a time, but a couple of seconds — with a different subject at every cut!?

    Still, I s’pose the youngsters like it.

  • dfarmer1584

    Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed it. I was playing internet poker while I had this rolling and I’m afraid I didn’t notice your part Ed, but I will watch again. Again, many thanks!

  • Ed Brayton

    No, I’m not in these first two parts. I’m told that I’ll be in at least one of them, but probably just footage from Rock Beyond Belief. I didn’t do an interview with them.

  • valhar2000

    I found a lot of the interviews with believers rather sad. The ones who are in tears talking about how much it will hurt us to burn in hell; I just don’t know what to say. I wish I could help them, but I know I can’t.

    I guess they feel pretty much the same way.

  • Michael Heath


    I found a lot of the interviews with believers rather sad. The ones who are in tears talking about how much it will hurt us to burn in hell; I just don’t know what to say.

    I’ve been saying one thing in response. How can they be so low as to celebrate a god who supposedly causes people to burn in Hell for infinity?

    The reaction is remarkable in terms of how these people act out in response to my question, physically and emotionally. That’s disheartening on a couple of levels. One because my audience appears to have never considered what the promise of eternal suffering signifies about the entity who supposedly causes such suffering; an illustration on how fundamentalism requires people to avoid and deny the logical implications of their beliefs.

    Of course another sad implication is once confronted with a conundrum their own dogma creates, how easily they dismiss, deny, and avoid this implication. I presume in order to continue to celebrate a god who can’t withstand even the merest hint of moral scrutiny. Another implication is their loss of moral authority to condemn any moral failings by any human given their devotion and promotion of a god whose promised evil is infinitely worse than the summation of evil wrought by all humans.