‘I’m Actually an Atheist’ Shirts for Sale

Hemant has the scoop on this. The organizers of the FreeOK, the Oklahoma Freethought Convention, are selling t-shirts that say “I’m actually an atheist,” the statement now famously uttered by Rebecca Vitsmun, a victim of last week’s horrible tornadoe,s to Wolf Blitzer. The funds raised will go to a relief fund for Vitsmun and her family. You can buy the shirts here.

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  • doublereed

    Holy crap capitalism is fast…

  • As noted last week, I’d already ordered my T-shirt before I realized I knew Rebecca Vitsmum. I was happy to help, even happier when I realized I was helping a friend of my son. Plus, I totally want to wear such a shirt.

  • catbutler

    Nice chance to help someone out and wear a snazzy tee. I grabbed one.

  • I think a twister logo on the shirt would be cool. It would be a conversation starter.

  • Christoph Burschka

    twister logo on the shirt

    “I’m actually an atheist. You may want to stand clear, he has terrible aim.”

  • “Holy crap capitalism is fast…”

    Especially when it doesn’t waste time praying before getting down to business.

    I wonder how long it will be until the KKKristianists blame her “good fortune” in having other people give a helping hand on, SATAN!

  • John Phillips, FCD

    How strident /snark

  • rhebel

    I am not trying to steal the thread, but this is the forum I am trying to address. I attended the local Memorial Day gathering in my new home town yesterday only to observe the local PUBLIC high school band was there to play some national songs (Star Spangled, service anthems, etc.) and then forced to have to sit through basically a religious ceremony by the VFW’s chaplain–who is a former public school administrator. I left when he started into the “we must all praise J” stuff, but these kids were forced to sit through it. Is this legal? Who should I turn to if not. Oh, and I was most offended at the thought that this ceremony to honor fallen soldiers just spit on any of them who weren’t xians. Just looking for suggestions.

  • Randomfactor

    Ordered mine LAST week.

    How long until she’s accused of staging the tornado for profit? Or advised that a REAL atheist would give the money away because she has no hope or morals, or something.

  • sezme

    rhebel, your first step is to determine if any local government money was used to fund the gathering. Well, maybe your first step should be to contact the Freedom from Religion Foundation to find out what your first step should be.

  • The Indiegogo campaign for her family is now over $100,000.