Ohio School May Teach Creationism

Yet another local public school board is flirting with the idea of teaching creationism and costing the district large amounts of money while they lose an inevitable lawsuit. The Springboro school board is considering a bill that would create a long list of “controversial topics” and require that the schools teach contrary viewpoints on them, including evolution and creationism.

Local parents and the American Civil Liberties Union urged the Springboro school board on Thursday to abandon plans to pass policies inserting creationism and other religious issues into local classrooms.

Parents, teachers and students crowded a board meeting at Springboro High School where the board sought comments on policy changes including creation and evolution in a list of controversial issues.

Lynn Greenberg said the renewed consideration of bringing creationism into classrooms was just the latest controversy diverting attention from educating Springboro students.

“We’re being defined by our issues and not our accomplishments,” said Greenberg, a parent.

Greenberg also read a press release issued Thursday by the ACLU of Ohio.

Earlier in the day, the ACLU — for the second time in two years — sent the school board a letter urging them to abandon a proposed policy listing creationism and evolution as “controversial issues” appropriate for discussion by Springboro students.

The ACLU has already written them a letter telling them to back down before a suit is filed, but they may well stick their hand into the fan anyway.

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  • Trebuchet

    1m =/= 3 ft. 150m is much closer to 500 ft.

    Sorry for the nitpick, but this is something that constantly bugs me.

  • Trebuchet

    Oh dear, I posted that in the wrong thread! Supposed to be in the ATC for witches one. Oh well.

  • blf

    Metric ↔ Goofy conversions are at least based on facts, unlike the “teach the controversy” nonsense.

  • There must be a way to make the costs of the inevitable lawsuits fall back upon the people who keep trying to push this bullshit into the school system in the first place.

    Maybe a lawsuit initiated by the state government? I assume the school boards wouldn’t mount such an undertaking because they’re composed of the same people who are getting the schools into this mess in the first place. (*)

    (Caveat: Not a lawyer so I may be off on a nonsense tangent here.)


    (*) Showing off that well-known conservative Christian sense of personal responsibility and love of the Constitution by making other citizens pay for their bone-headed violation of the First Amendment.

  • raven

    What a bunch of evil idiots!!!

    My local school district is desperate for money.

    They have a declining enrollment and declining state support. The student numbers are important because the state kicks in a lot per capita, something like $10,000.

    They’ve cut a lot already, layoffs and so on.

    They also floated a few bond issues. Which barely passed. If a few more voters were ticked at the school, they would have failed. I voted for it despite the large hit on my next tax bill. If there were creationists on the school board, I would have campaigned against it instead. (I checked as much as possible, didn’t see any.)

    Creationists on the school board and creationism in the schools out here and they would never get another bond issue passed. These votes were barely over 50%.

  • dickspringer

    Gravitation is just a theory. An alternative theory is my idea that the earth sucks. Teach the controversy.

  • janiceclanfield

    Teach creationism. Get sued. Go bankrupt. Send kids to church instead.

    Isn’t that about it?

  • raven

    These creationists cost the school district a lot.

    At Dover it was well over a milion USD.

    John Freshwater cost Mount Vernon well over a million dollars as well and people are polarized enough that their bond issues failed. And will probably keep failing.

    My guess is the fundie creationists on the school board hate public education and could care less how much damage they do or how much money they waste. The head of the school board at Dover home schooled her kids and openly despised public education.

    Xians like their martyrs and we all know who the best martyrs are. Someone else. No point in martyring yourself when you can martyr the neighbor’s kids.

  • I wonder if the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has a school-ready curriculum? If not, I’d be willing to put up some money to write one.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    From linked article:

    The ACLU also urged the board to abandon plans to change the board policy on Religious/Patriotic Ceremonies and Observances to allow use of materials from groups including for the National Center for Constitutional Studies, the Institute for the Constitution and Hillsdale College.

    Haven’t heard of these outfits before, but will try to keep them on my red-flag list.

    In addition to creationism and evolution, the policy would add sex education, legalization of drugs, evolution/creation, pro-life/abortion, contraception/abstinence, conservatism/liberalism, politics, gun rights, global warming and climate change and sustainable development to the list of controversial issues in board policies.

    They left out vampires/werewolves, Jesus/demons, and the Designated Hitter rule!

  • raven

    Hillsdale College.

    Hillsdale college is a far right wing private school somewhere in the American Siberia, upper midwest.

    I got on their mailing list somehow. I suspect someone put me on there as part of a harassment campaign.

    No big deal.

    Amount of money spent on endless mailings = a lot.

    Amount wasted on me = priceless

  • criticaldragon1177

    Ed Brayton

    I heard about this. Creationists are not going to give up are they? I personally hope that everyone on the school board who support this move, gets thrown off somehow.

  • raven

    I heard about this. Creationists are not going to give up are they? I personally hope that everyone on the school board who support this move, gets thrown off somehow.

    That usually happens.

    In my last school board election hardly anyone voted. IIRC, it was some low number like 13% or 20%. No one campaigned because they didn’t have any money or organization. In some cases the candidates were unopposed.

    It is easy for creationists, under those conditions, to sneak onto the school board.

    But once they take their Jesus(TM) brand wrecking ball to the school system, they get voted out. It’s definitely a Ruin and Run strategy for the christofascists.

  • slc1

    Re Pierce Butler @ #10

    Nobody ever went to a ball game to watch a pitcher hit.

  • Skip White

    re Pierce Butler @ 10, slc1 @14:

    Shouldn’t that American League nonsense belong on PhysioProffe’s blogge?

  • kimbeaux

    @composer99 (4)

    I agree entirely that there should be fiscal accountability on the part of school board members who–against the advice of school district attorneys–insist on breaking the law. This should be a federal act–call it the Defend Our Children Act–holding board members liable for willfully depleting education dollars at a rate of 150% assessed over all board members who voted to violate the law. Shouldn’t take more than a couple of judgements to stop this nonsense.

  • I don’t feel like this thread is really ripe yet and, ‘sides, Raven’s here so I know that my criticisms will be aired without me sullying my beautiful mind or cheetah stained digits. So.


    Dear Trebuchet, your comment, though well intended was wildly inappropriate. The unit of measure used in JESUStan (some call it the MurKKKan heartland) is the cubit. There is a handy mnemonic (or something like that) for amemberatin’ this fact:

    “How many quarts could a crafty Canaanite cram into a cubic cubit if a crafty Canaanite crammed cubic cubits*.”

    You’re welcome.


    similar to commentor Trebuchet,’s corrective on the conversion of meters to MurKKKan measure, your comment on the great MurKKKan pastime is appreciated but anti-germaneous. I will admit that I would go to a ballgame to see a pitcher hit, if said pitcher was Roger “The Roidrocketman”, the “hit” was a fastball offa HIS noggin’ after he hit someone in the previous inning and left a Bucky Dent sized dent in that squash of his.

    * A cubit =

    kilometer (km) 0.0004793

    meter (m) 0.4793

    decimeter (dm) 4.793

    centimeter (cm) 47.93

    millimeter (mm) 479.3

    micrometre (micron) 479,300

    nanometer (nm) 479,300,000

    angstrom 4,793,000,000 **

    ** I allus thought that an “Angstrom” was a certain number of rabbits, but I may be mistaken in this.

  • And, slc1, fwiw:

    MLB says the distance from the mound is 60′ 6″. This measurement when unprofaned and translated to correct Wholly Babblical notation would be 38.486005… cubits. In this day of secularvampirism sucking JESUS outta the KKKountry of his birth (Bethlehem and Nazareth are BOTH in Pennsylvania!) such information is of little use but back in the day, THESE guys:


    knew the difference between a cubit and a kumquat.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    democommie @ # 17 – Why don’t you eat your cheetahs with a spork like the rest of us?

  • freemage

    The challenge that should be made to these boards is to ask that the members voting for the provision sign a document indemnifying the school for the resulting lawsuit, should it be lost. If they’re that certain that JESUSJESUSJESUS is going to intervene and make THIS the case that turns around a half-century of jurisprudence, they should be willing to back it up. At the very least, it would provide a Teaching Moment for the community about their hypocrisy.

  • iknklast

    global warming and climate change

    Another scientific issue that scientists are essentially in agreement about, but political and religious forces kick up so much fuss that everyone thinks there is a controversy.

  • slc1

    Re Skip White @ #15

    Since Comradde Physioproffe is an American League fan (a fuckken Yankee rooter), I suspect that he just might think that the DH is a good thing. By the way, despite at one time being a National League fan (Brooklyn/LA Dodgers), I am totally neutral on the subject.

  • Chiroptera

    Composer99, #4: There must be a way to make the costs of the inevitable lawsuits fall back upon the people who keep trying to push this bullshit into the school system in the first place.

    Pay all legal costs out of the athletic budget. Considering the misplaced priorities of the majority of these nuts, that ought to make them think a moment.

  • lofgren

    This is an odd duck. I recognize the signs of backdoor creationism, but at the same time adding this controversy to a list of topics that students can debate seems pretty reasonable. I think you would actually need a real case where you could demonstrate that a teacher had behaved inappropriately before you could sue. If the teacher is truly hands-off with the discussion, and sticks to the science when they are lecturing, I don’t think this is actually a problem.

    The most interesting topic on the list in my opinion is sex education. The abstinence-only movement has the specific, stated goal of preventing students from accessing information. If students have a debate of comprehensive sex ed. vs. abstinence only, then it will already be too late, since presumably they would have to learn about comprehensive sex ed. in order to debate it. It’s the one area where denialists can say, “teach the controversy and let the kids decide for themselves,” and evidence-supporters can say, “YES, thank you, that’s exactly what we have been saying for thirty years now.”