Bigots Forming Boy Scouts Alternative

The anti-gay bigots who are so freaked out about the possibility that their children might actually get to know gay people and therefore grow up without their bigotry (which is going to happen anyway) are going to form their own alternative scouting organization where they can furiously try to hide the reality of the world from their kids.

Today, the BSA is teaching our kids that you should not stand up for what is right instead you should stand up for what is popular.

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to “prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.”

The BSA is teaching our kids through its new mission that we don’t make ethical and moral choices through the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law but we make them like an unprincipled politician does, by putting your finger in the air and seeing which way the wind is blowing or by looking at the latest polling results.

Or, to frame it a different way, they’re sending a message that discrimination is unethical and immoral and that gay people are just as capable of being honest and brave and the rest of all that as straight people. At least, I wish that were the case. But since they’re still throwing out any scout once they become an adult, that’s a pipe dream.

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  • Akira MacKenzie

    Aren’t these usually the assholes who keep telling us to create our own “liberal” version of of the BSA if we don’t like their rules against gays and/or atheists?

  • Alverant

    #1 looks like a case of “Rules for thee don’t apply to me”

  • raven

    Not surprised.

    They already have Jesus Camp where kids learn to be terrorists and killers.

    They already have the Ku Klux Klan.

    Next up, Jihadis for Jesus. Cthulhu knows what they will learn there. How to make your own suicide bomb vests, car bombings, MD assassination, beating up gay people, burning down the homes of atheists, and all the other manifestations of god’s wonderful love and caring.

    Patriarchy camps where you learn to act like a barbarian Israeli from 3,000 years ago.

    Dark Ages camps where you learn how to live a traditional xian life. No modern medicine, no modern technology, no moderate institutions like democracy, no education.

    It’s no big deal.

    There has been a proliferation of other alternative summer camps and programs for kids for decades. Wiccan camps, Pagan camps, computer camps, various sport camps, kayak camps, environmental and nature camps, atheist camps i.e Camp Quest.

  • #1, #2 – Ayup. They no longer have a deathgrip on a Congressionally chartered youth organization, and they are panicking as they see all those lovely perqs and benefits paid for out of tax revenues slipping through their fingers.

    I would recommend someone slip them some Valium, but it would be cruel to deny them their self-righteous tizzy.

  • raven

    Xianity seems on trend to end up like the FLDS.

    Small groups of very weird people living apart from society in out of the way places.

    Totally dysfunctional societies recreating the good old days that never existed while civilization and the modern world passes them by. Oppressing their women and children in the name of an imaginary Sky Monster.

    Free country, bye, and I hope they don’t let the screen door hit them in the ass on their way out.

    At least when the rest of them drop the No Atheists or Agnostics requirement, the oogedy boogedies won’t be around to scream out their hatred.

  • [Off-topic] STILL waiting for the promised front page redesign, Ed. Could you at least rearrange the blogs on the current page to drop those who have left FTB down to the bottom? Grazie!

  • burninghiram

    Hmm, as some one that has fought this battle for the last decade, this was a vote of what we could pass at this time. Ryan Andresen’s case was one of the things that moved people to the inclusion side. 60% of those that govern Scouting voted to lift the ban, great progress considering many of those leaders are from Mormon and Southern Baptist Troops and Districts. The adult inclusion will happen, just give it a few years. Those of us working within Scouting will win, we are right and have momentum on our side, and it will just take time and a few good funerals. I also run a BPSA Rover Crew that is very diverse and have none of the problems that are “boogy men” to parents and troop leaders right now, they will see that nothing is going to really change and then be open to lifting the adult ban.

    I know that everything must be “RIGHT NOW” for some, they must remember that this change was from within Scouting, not from the outside. We did and do have allies that are not Scouts, and appreciate them, AND without the local Troop and District Leaders pushing this change, it would not have happened

    Just an Eagle Scout that was pissed his friends (both Eagles) couldn’t sit in the Eagle’s Nest when their son got his.

  • burninghiram

    I also forgot something, the reason the Mormons became OKAY with the resolution was the fact that if they took their ball and ran home to start their own version of Scouting, they would not have the Eagle Rank to earn and that mattered more to them than gay kids in scouting, I wonder how that will affect the formation of this new Christian Scouts

  • dingojack

    A) Any bets on how long it takes for the accusations of pedophilia (or hebephilia or ephebophilia) to appear against those running this BS alternative fundie organisation?

    B) It needs a name. Something butch, like ‘the Turkey-slappers’ or ‘the Felchers’ or the like….


  • busterggi

    Oh, Hell, just put me down for Godwinning – you know who else started his own version of the Boy Scouts out of bigotry.

  • cptdoom

    @burninghiram, I understand from whence you are coming, but count me in as one of those “change everything” people. I was only in the Scouts very briefly – one year – because it was clear the organization was not for me, so I don’t have the experiences you do. However the basic issues of fairness and tolerance require the BSA to treat all humans, including gays and atheists, equally, and they refuse to do so. Change may come in a few years, as you believe, but in the meantime they are still teaching children that those who are different from them must not be considered equal, and now they are teaching children to distrust role models they may have outside of scouting who may be gay or lesbian. Until full change, and that means including atheists as well, the BSA should enjoy the exact same tax advantages as the Knights of Columbus or Augusta National prior to the inclusion of women members – that is, none.

  • anubisprime

    The BSA is teaching our kids through its new mission that we don’t make ethical and moral choices through the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law but we make them like an unprincipled politician does, by putting your finger in the air and seeing which way the wind is blowing or by looking at the latest polling results.

    One can almost smell the stench of toxic bitter tears, bruised and bleeding ego and the inevitable rebuffed sense of entitlement that stinks much the same as a seized brake with melted disc and warped shoes on an 24 wheeler going downhill….fast!

    Let them eat their own words quietly and set up their own bigots corner…it will wither on the vine…the latest polling results indicate!

    And what will be left will be a core of rotten and eventually isolated sour and pathetic rejects of humanity.

    Bring it on….

  • Anyone else find it funny that their motto “on my honor” is what atheists say in place of “so help me god” for government oaths of office?

  • So, “Christian Scouts of America” will be known as the CSA?

    Rather fitting, methinks.

  • Doc Bill

    On My Honor dot org is one guy with a website. A lawyer and he’s no Baden-Powell! He’s just some evangelical homophobe out of Florida.

    Sure, he can form his own youth organization, it’s a free country. Turns out the Baptists have something called the Royal Ambassadors. Never heard of them until recently. From their website their program looks like a bunch of redneck car-campers conducting vacation Bible school outside. Also, it only goes up through 6th grade which is akin to Cub Scouts.

    So, these guys think it’s easy peasy to set up a parallel BSA. Seth and Amy should do a “Really” skit on the concept. In addition to being chartered by Congress, the BSA has a 100-year head start on OMH, hundreds of thousands of trained volunteers, publications, camps, facilities, written programs, guides and on and on. To have a parallel program OMH will have to replicate all that stuff.

    Take a good look at the Royal Ambassadors because that’s what the OMH is going to be, a bunch of homophobe rednecks car camping in state parks for no reason.

  • fifthdentist wins. We can all go home now. Good work, everybody.

  • Doc Bill

    On Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts changed their policies about sexual orientation and religion some years ago. A group got together in 1995 and formed the American Heritage Girls. Leaders have to be Christian but it’s “open to all” but not really. It’s desperately, ear-bleedingly dull. Today they have about 20,000 members in 48 states and no international affiliates.

    The Girl Scouts of America are currently running about 3 million Scouts and are affiliated with the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides with a membership of 10 million across over 100 countries (thanks wikipedia)

  • abear

    Busregii @10; You mean this guy?

  • wvbishop

    I am totally in favor of an alternate Boy Scouts being formed for the bigots to push their children into. It’s best to segment out the bigots, i.e. a form of self imposed isolation, so we can: (1) track their numbers as they hopefully shrink and (2) key any eye on them as they potentially drift even more extreme.

  • Chiroptera

    A new, alternative organization? Why? Doesn’t the KKK already have a youth auxillary?

  • Doc Bill

    At a recent Scouting event I noticed that the American Heritage Girls had a booth set up and were handing out literature. Because of their frumpy dress I thought they were a local historical society doing pioneer reenactments or something. Anyway, I thought it strange that a GSA-competing group would be at a Scout event.

    Looking up stuff about the AHG today I found out that the BSA entered into a memorandum of agreement to mutually support and promote each other’s organization, but that the arrangement was dissolved after the membership vote. That’s probably a good thing!

  • dan4

    @3: “They already have Jesus Camp where kids learn to be terrorists and killers.”

    More slander and unsupported accusations from raven.

  • dan4

    23: Scratch that. What raven wrote was “libel,” not “slander.”