Seagal’s Other Thuggish Dictator Buddy

It seems that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not the only satrap that Steven Seagal pals around with. He’s apparently also buddies with Vladimir Putin and he tried to arrange a meeting between the Russian strongman and a Congressional delegation seeking to investigate the Boston Marathon bombings.

Steven Seagal, cultural ambassador?

The action hero, martial artist and musician attempted to set up a visit of several members of Congress to Chechnya, but the lawmakers got cold feet at the last minute, POLITICO has learned.

The congressional trip — officially known as a CODEL — to Russia is part of a House committee’s investigation of last month’s Boston Marathon bombing. The two brothers accused of plotting the attack that killed three and wounded scores are Chechen Muslims, who grew up in the Kalmykia region of Russia and later emigrated to the United States.

Before the lawmakers left, Seagal, who has appeared to develop a relationship with Russian President Vladmir Putin and Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, laid the groundwork for a detour.

“The CODEL’s visit to Chechnya was facilitated by Steven Seagal. He has an established friendship with Putin and others in the Russian government and assisted in accommodating the CODEL’s request to visit the region,” said Tara Setmayer, a spokeswoman for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.).

Seriously, can we just get all washed-up former celebrities out of the diplomacy business? First Dennis Rodman and now Seagal. Go away. No one cares about you anymore.

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  • laurentweppe

    Oh great: another Depardieu

  • carolw

    Musician? That’s new to me. I’m sure his music is as awesome a his acting (for certain values of “awesome”).

  • Pierce R. Butler

    It all fell through because they couldn’t get Chuck Norris to come along for protection.

  • Akira MacKenzie

    Wasn’t Seagal also one the Dala Lama’s Western celebrity shills? I guess all that Tibetan Buddhist peace, love, and mysticism only matters if you’re a rich, well-past-his-prime, action-movie star.

  • Trebuchet

    Here’s what I think of when I see “Seagal”.

  • Artor

    CarolW, you have been missing out! Yes, Seagal’s music is exactly as awesome as his acting. It’s truly epic, for a certain value of epic. You are in for a treat! Follow this link and be amazed.

  • Artor

    Oops, sorry Ed. I didn’t realize that posting a link would plaster Seagal’s mug on your nice website. Sorry for the mess.

  • matty1

    I notice the video is called ‘My God’ and that was certainly my response on clicking play. Still Putin and Segall has a certain inevitability – one is a self important ‘strongman’ who should be selling home gym equipment on the shopping channel, the other is Steven Seagal.

  • democommie

    Maybe Li’l Stevie Onetrick can get together with a bunch of other fading action heroes and form a band like the “Rock Bottom Remainders*”. The only real difference between them and any line-up that Li’l Stevie might come up with is that THEY know that they’re just fucking around and having a good time.

    The lyrics to the song in the video? Scary bad.

    * Warren Zevon was at one time their music director (