Fischer Doesn’t Like Women Working

I’m sure this will come as a huge shock, but Bryan Fischer is a serious misogynist who thinks women should be at home and not in the workplace. Because God said so. Reacting to a study that shows 40% of mothers are the primary breadwinner in their homes, he says that women are supposed to “devote their energies” to making a home. And women who make more than their husbands are especially bad because it undermines the man’s self-worth.


Two-thirds of those women are single mothers, by the way. So what are they supposed to do? Fischer’s answer would be obvious: They should go find husbands. Or let their kids starve in the meantime.

"Who's the leader of the team that demeans you and me?D-O-N-A-L-D   T-R-U-M-P!"

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  • Michael Heath

    It’s more than a little ironic that a conservative Christian castigates women working outside the home when its conservative Christians who’ve long supported public policy that’s made it imperative women do so, even most married women.

  • marcus

    I don’t think ‘politically incorrect’ is the proper phrase to describe these opinions. ‘Terminally ignorant’ is much more accurate..

  • hunter

    If that’s all it takes to undermine a man’s self-worth, he can’t be much of a man to start with.

  • karmacat

    he is also insulting men saying that their self-worth is so fragile. I suspect Fischer is a narcissist, so his ego is quite fragile

  • Larry

    Fundie men are such delicate, little flowers. Having their woman contribute to paying for the food on their table is ever so emasculating. It isn’t surprising to find that their big and might sky daddy, who can create whole worlds and blown down Oklahoma in order to punish California, is unable to stand the sight of a couple of billboards espousing atheistic view points.

  • dingojack

    I wonder what Bryan thinks of Michele Bachmann’s resignation?


  • I’m currently a stay-at-home dad, and I have no self worth issues. None at all. I’m happy my wife is making career strides. I’m happy with my own immediate future. And I’m happy for the time to share and bond with my daughter.

  • Ellie

    Bryan, tell it to Lydia of Thyatira, you misogynistic, bigoted, lying coward.

  • cptdoom

    I’ll have to ask my Dad how damaged his psyche is after spending 35 years living with a woman who made more than he did – and he was working two jobs most of that time. I always thought he liked being able to afford a house, two cars and sending two kids through college, but now I realize my mother was simply destroying him bringing home that paycheck. Even now her pension (she passed away 16 years ago) provides more than 1/3 of his income – I bet Fischer thinks he should reject that money an live in poverty instead.

  • kemist, Dark Lord of the Sith

    This woman who enjoys her outside work and would most likely commit suicide out of terminal boredom if she were forced to be a homemaker says fuck you, you misogynist fuck.

    Looks like your god wasn’t too good at this designing business.

  • Mr Ed

    Damn right! We need to get back to traditional family values, you know women as property.

  • dan4

    @8: Who is “Lydia of Thyatira?”

  • It always amazes me how low fundie standards are for men. We shouldn’t need to reverse cultural progress because some fundies whine about a little scrape to the ego. They need to grow thicker skin and learn how mature adults deal with it.

  • typecaster

    I’ve frequently told my wife that if she wants to make more money than me, go right ahead. My po’ little feelings will be just fine.

  • Karen Locke

    I never made as much money as my husband, partly because he chose a more lucrative subfield than I did, partly because there is inequality in paying male vs female engineers, and partly because I was very good and he was/is outstanding. Superstars get superstar pay in the industry. But if our fortunes had been reversed — say, if one of the startups I worked for had succeeded and made me loads of money — he wouldn’t have felt emasculated, he would have been delighted.

    OTOH, now he doesn’t seem particularly put out by supporting me financially while I work through some health issues. I, in return, support him in all the ways I can. So we’ve drifted closer to Fischer’s notion of a proper financial relationship, and what I expect Fischer couldn’t understand is that it’s still an egalitarian relationship.

  • anandine

    I am enjoying a happy retirement because I had the good sense to marry a woman with a better job and pension than I had.

  • frog

    Psst, dan4 @12: Google is your friend.

  • =8)-DX

    Darn, when will my girlfriend start out-earning me? I’d take a hefty chunk of loss of self-worth for us to be able to go on holiday this summer..