Chambers: The White House is Censoring Me!

Remember that Dean Chambers article quoting Kevin DuJan’s bizarre accusations about Obama doing coke and having sex with Reggie Love the evening of the Benghazi attacks? It seems that the Examiner, where it was published, suddenly discovered a tiny little sliver of journalistic ethics and removed the smear piece from their site. So naturally, Chambers now thinks he’s being persecuted by the Obama administration.

I wrote the story reporting his idea, entirely attributed and credited to Kevin DuJan, and published it on under my Arlington Conservative Examiner column. The next day the story went viral on Twitter, starting apparently with a tweet by Ezra Klein of the Washington Post called the article “most amazing article” he had every read. His comment and the link to the article were re-tweeted by Nate Silver and 336 others…

Just a couple hours later, I received an email from an editor informing me that the article was unpublished “due to higher management request” because the views expressed by the source, namely Kevin DuJan, didn’t “substantiate the allegations” made in my article. I didn’t make any allegations in the article, and simply quoted DuJan and made it clear the ideas were his and not mine…

I was not informed if a complaint had been filed to Examiner before my story was unpublished, but it seems likely there was a complaint, and I believe it was most likely filed by someone Examiner probably believed had ties, in some way, to the White House. I don’t KNOW any of that, I am just saying what I SUSPECT might have taken place. That too would be in the public interest to know, that someone connected to or just simply a strong supporter, of a White House that appears to have a lot to hide, would possibly have someone pressure an online publication to unpublish a story that asks such questions. Given the twitter conversation, it would be easy to put the names of Ezra Klein and Howard Dean on a list of suspects of who COULD have filed such a complaint. Given the he called the story “most amazing” I would guess it is less like Klein filed such a complaint.

What cracks me up about that is that he seems to think that Ezra Klein called the article “most amazing” because he was praising it. He might want to update his sarcasm detection unit. Even more amusing is that he seems to think this is some kind of scandal:

If there is any chance someone from inside the White House could have called Examiner to complain about that story, it only adds to the questions that need to be answered by this administration about the various scandals. It appears the Howard Dean has no appointed position with the White House or the Democratic Party at this time, but we don’t know who inside the party or the White House might have received email from Dean or someone else informing them of my story, and possibly leading to the story being unpublished.

I’ll take delusions of grandeur for $1000, Alex.

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  • composer99

    I would think that the Examiner might have some reservations about (potentially?) defamatory material.

  • composer99

    That didn’t turn out well. I meant to have “posted on their website” appended to that last comment.

  • Dave Maier

    I bet the White House has no problem with it (“Lord, make my enemies ridiculous”).

    Also, let me take this opportunity not to allege that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990. (In fact if I had to bet I’d say he most likely didn’t.)

  • tubi

    Allegations exist that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990. I’m not making those allegations, I’m just quoting Dave Maier. I should make it clear that the ideas are his and not mine.

  • Moggie

    tubi’s comment is one of the most amazing I have ever read.

  • dingojack

    Mr Bek also claims to be ‘the Man in the Moon’ (to be clear this is not my claim, but his) and fought vigorously to suppress the publication of allegations that ‘he murdered and then raped several young children in the 1980’s’ (This allegedly came from an allegation from someone on the Intertubes allegedly calling themselves Tubi (allegedly), I’d stress they are not my allegations, I’m simply repeating these unproven and untested allegations to maximise my (alleged) pay-packet)



  • scienceavenger

    Did Dean Chambers play a role in the Beck rape cover up? Certainly there are questions to be answered about all of Dean Chambers’ scandels. Let’s not forget Skewgate.

  • Modusoperandi

    People, please! Try to stick to the facts. Yes, sources indicate that Chambers was involved in the “unsolved” Beck rape and murder spree in 1990, but you’re missing the critical question: How much gay sex and cocaine was Chambers having during the few hours he was out of contact during that period? Some sources say that it was “a lot”, but new information (from a new informant, Dip Throat) says it was “a buttload” and also “pun not intended”.

  • Loqi

    None of my writing has ever been published in any tabloid. Clearly, I’m being persecuted.

  • Ace of Sevens

    While Obama is about as public a figure you can get, Reggie Love could have sued for libel. I’m betting that was the concern.

  • matty1

    So did Dean Chambers rape and murder a young boy in 1990 while high on cocaine? I don’t believe this for a second but it is important to ask the question right?

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Chambers: The White House is Censoring Me!

    Obviously they are not doing that nearly enough. /Sarc.

  • timgueguen

    He should get a gig with the Globe tabloid. They love doing stories about Evil Obama. The latest issue has a cover story about Obama being worse than Nixon, and that he’s afraid he’s going to be impeached. I’m sure they print an “Obama’s Gay Orgy!” story.

  • dan4

    “He might want to update his sarcasm detector unit.”

    Uh, Klein was obviously using the word “amazing” in a negative context. Not sure what “sarcasm” has to do with what he wrote.

  • Nemo shouldn’t be confused with the supermarket-checkout tabloid known as the National Examiner. Rather, is a site that aggregates mostly low-quality bloggers, gives them inflated titles, and gets disturbingly high page rank on Google.

  • drizzt

    “The next day the story went viral on Twitter, starting apparently with a tweet by Ezra Klein of the Washington Post called the article “most amazing article” he had every read”… If there were Nobel Prizes for quote-mining, he’d be in the lead… and I thought creatards were the best at quote mining… this guy is the best.