Jacobs: Native Americans Must Repent for Ancestors’ Beliefs

The thoroughly unhinged Cindy Jacobs declared on her TV show recently that Native Americans must repent for their ancestors’ animistic religious views so they can break the demonic spirits that, naturally, are still infecting them. Gee Cindy, how about you repent for the actions of your Christian forebears for slaughtering those Native Americans?


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  • markr1957

    Why not when Christians are supposed to repent for some bad apple one couple allegedly ate 6,000 years ago?

  • Chiroptera

    HuH? Is Jacobs a Christian? ‘Cause if I remember correctly, a central tenet of Christianity is that individuals are responsible for their own sins.

  • raven

    The ancestors of European Americans were Druids, followers of the Norse Aesir, Greek and Roman polytheists, and assorted other Pagans.

    Using Jacobs nonreasoning, they should be repenting for all that to kick out the demons that still infect them. Or something.

    It’s nonsense.

    Hmmm although, I do have a compelling desire to get in a large boat with a decorative dragon prow and go raiding. Who is up for paying a “visit” to Bolinas, Santa Cruz, and Coos Bay?

  • raven

    That sound you here in the background are all the Native Americans running to convert to xianity.

    Nothing like sounding like an idiot and insulting a much put upon ethnic group to convert people to your religion.

  • pianoman, Heathen & Torontophile

    Holy shit, I have a vein about ready to blow from this. How fucking dare you, you piece of shit, try to shift your Christian murders and the evil actions committed against natives on the natives!! The “rape apologist” card, huh? Blame them, not the vicious scumbags holding their crosses and looking up at their invisible sky daddy while the blood flowed everywhere!

    You piece of fucking filth, Jacobs!

    OK, I will calm down now.

  • congenital cynic

    It’s amazing how completely wingnut fucking crazy these people sound – and this one in particular – when one lives in the evidence based world. I know, academically, that such people exist, but it’s still jarring to hear the absurd verbal effluent that pours out when she opens her mouth. As my father used to say, “If brains were leather, she wouldn’t have enough to make a pair of spats for a chickadee.”

  • kagekiri

    @2 Chiropetra:

    Well, yeah, but if you look more closely, God totally LOVES fucking people over for the sins of their parents, it’s just that he doesn’t think WE should do it. Well, except when we slaughter people in His name for the sins of their parents. Then it’s fine.

    Oooh, or killing babies for the sins of their parents: plagues in Egypt, David and Bathsheba’s first kid, all the dead Canaanites and others in the area, Job’s family because God wanted to win a bet, every human ever because of original sin…

    There really are verses (“curse children of those who hate me to the third and fourth generation” along with blessing those who love him for thousands of generations) that basically say God fucks you over for the sins of your ancestors, rather than your own sins. And my church instructed us to pray to cut off those “generational curses”, and parents were practically encouraged to apologize to children for passing on their sins.

    Which, obviously, is a totally fucked up idea at its core. You’d think this loving, providing God who’s supposed to know everything you need would know we’d NOT need to be fucked by the sins of earlier generations.

  • Funny Diva

    Yeah, Cindy, you first .

    You can start with* all your Christian ancestors’ race-based enslavement of Africans and their continued modern day f*cking racism.

    Then you can work on the Salem Witch Trials, the Trail of Tears, the Crusades and the Inquisition.

    That oughtta keep you too busy to mind anyone else’s f*cking business, you f*cking shit-stirrer for Jeebus.

    *list in no particular order. Start with the Trail of Tears and other indigenous American genocides if you like.

    (I picked on that one because “but, but _I’M_ not a racist, don’t blame ME for (US) slavery!” is such a common cry from people of her ilk)

  • baal

    Ms. Jacobs, the genocides of the Native Americans at the hands of christians who argued like you was more than enough.

  • chilidog99

    Slaughter? Oh, no. They were missionaries practicing enhanced conversion techniques.

  • eric


    @2 Chiropetra: Well, yeah, but if you look more closely, God totally LOVES fucking people over for the sins of their parents,

    I have to agree with kagekiri. Collective punishment by the ‘good guys’ (God, Israelites, etc.) is rampant in the bible. It’s pretty much God’s primary MO throughout most of the book.

  • eric

    Heh, I just thought of one way in which Jacobs is right.

    “We repent! We made the terrible, terrible mistake of believing you christians were going to honor your treaties.”

  • Amphiox

    Jacobs is a pretty good demonstration that demonic spirits are still infecting Christians like her….

  • grumpyoldfart

    I wonder about her flock. Cindy says things like that just for the sake of the free publicity. She doesn’t give a fuck about whether it’s true or not. But her flock believe everything she says and the act upon her words.

  • Francisco Bacopa

    When Jacobs showed up at Perry’s “Pray for Rain” event in Houston, she said that southeastern Texas was under the curse of the Karankawa. The Karankawa were not as brutal as you might have heard. Most of our records come from the Tonwawa, the tribe that killed La Salle’s expedition. Cabeza de Vaca had a more positive account of the Karankawa. Yes, de Vaca’s expedition was made into zoo pets by the Karankawa, but they fed the Spaniards well and let them go when hurricane season came.

    I must also point out that the drought did not lift when Perry had his prayer meeting. The drought lifted only when PZ, Dawkins, and Hitchens came to Houston for the Texas Freethought Convention. it rained heavily that night, and has been raining reasonably since then. Hitchens thought he was going to just check again at MD Anderson Cancer Center where he had been receiving treatment, but he died there a few weeks later,. Hitch is an ascended rain god. The southeast is almost as wet as usual, but the rest of Texas is a little dry.

  • http://polrant@blogspot.com democommie

    “OK, I will calm down now.”

    No, please don’t.

    Cindy Jacobs is a hafe-filled harpy and the world will be a far better place when she’s dead.

  • caseloweraz

    Congenital cynic: “As my father used to say, “If brains were leather, she wouldn’t have enough to make a pair of spats for a chickadee.””

    I’d like to contribute this adaptation of a line from Lodestar by Michael Flynn (page 244): “[I]f dumb was bricks, [she]’d be a housing project.”