Perkins: Being Anti-Gay Helps Exxon’s Profits

Tony Perkins recorded one of his little one minute commentaries about a recent vote by Exxon Mobil shareholders rejecting a resolution that would have committed the company to not discriminating against gay employees. See if you can count how many illogical or false claims he manages to pack into a single minute:

At ExxonMobil, shareholders put their stock in something other than political correctness. Hello, I’m Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. It won’t change the price of gas, but it may comfort you to know that at ExxonMobil, your business isn’t fueling the homosexual agenda. For the 14th straight year, ExxonMobil refused to add special protections for sexual orientation in its employment policy. And while the outcome wasn’t a surprise, the margin of victory certainly was. By a four-to-one ratio, shareholders said “no,” shocking liberals and bolstering other companies under pressure from corporate bullies. Liberals say these kinds of views can affect your bottom line — and they’d be right! ExxonMobil is coming off its second-biggest profit year ever. The company’s shares rose 2% last year, as more investors flock to an organization unafraid to take a stand. Maybe Exxon’s courage will help other companies drill down on their priorities. Until then, at least this gas company is keeping our values in the pipeline.

Ah yes, that famous “homosexual agenda” of not getting fired merely for being gay. Those crazy gay people, thinking they should be judged on the job by how well they do the job rather than on irrelevant characteristics. Where ever could they possibly get such a loony idea? How warped do you have to be to take comfort in the fact that a corporation is still willing to fire people because they’re gay? And that those who ask them to stop doing this are “corporate bullies”?

And then there’s the moronic implication that their anti-gay stance is responsible for their soaring profits. Gee Tony, you think maybe gas at $4 a gallon maybe has something to do with that? It’s also worth noting that ExxonMobil is one of the few major companies that does not have an official anti-discrimination policy. 88% of all Fortune 500 companies have them. Chevron, the #2 oil company in the world, got a perfect 100 score on the Human Rights Camapign’s Corporate Equality Index. So did 13 of the other top 20 corporations in the country. In fact, only two of the top 20 received a score below 55; one of them was ExxonMobil.

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  • Pierce R. Butler

    Funny, when it comes to schools, Perkins & Co fiercely oppose anti-bullying measures of any kind.

  • richardelguru


  • richardelguru

    Are we not allowing posts with links?

    I submitted a comment and it seems to have vanished (though the site says I’ve already posted it”)???

    Damn! I wish I had a convenient ExxonMobil gas station so I could avoid buying anything there.

  • richardelguru

    I tried posting this:

    It had a #2 at the end

  • thascius

    @#1-According to the wingnuts it’s only bullying when liberals do it.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I regularly post links. You must be doing it wrong.

    leftanglebracket a href= quote URL closequote rightanglebracket text leftanglebracket forwardslash rightanglebracket

  • Draken

    There seem to be some HTML metacharacters that sometimes get rejected, without warning. I think I had it once with the ampersand, &.

  • regexp

    ExxonMobil is coming off its second-biggest profit year ever

    Its always interesting that those who believe so much in the ‘free market’ and ‘capitalism’ don’t understand the very basics of stock prices, revenue, and profit margins. Those who hate on Exxon are the same way whenever Exxon makes a profit that number looks very very large and they bitch about how ‘oil’ companies are ‘gouging’ us.


  • tubi

    What was the other company that scored <55?