Wingnut Pastor: Atheists Don’t Help After Disasters

Hemant spotlights a statement handed out by Pastor David Brassfield of the Newalla Church of Christ in Oklahoma to his parishioners. The statement made the absolutely false claim that atheists haven’t done anything to help the victims of the tornadoes there, and never do anything at all to help people after natural disasters.

After our recent major loss of life and property, thousands of people and many organizations stepped up to help. The list included churches, benevolent groups with religious ties, and even local casinos. What you did not see on the list were groups who have been critical of religion and are unbelievers in God.

The Freedom From Religion group got the 10 commandments removed from an Oklahoma school, but they could not be bothered with helping the victims of the storms. Neither could you find the ACLU, any agnostic or atheistic organization, nor anyone or anything associated with the Humanist Movement on the list of those who were helping the hurting. People who are members of these organizations are conspicuously absent whenever people need comforting, whether it is from natural or manmade tragedies.

As Hemant points out, perhaps Brassfield thinks Google is of the devil and therefore can’t use it. It would have taken about five seconds to find a long list of atheist organizations and individuals helping the very people he claims we never helped. But you know what you genuinely never hear, Mr. Brassfield? You never hear an atheist blaming natural disasters on the victims because they’re sinners and God is taking out his wrath on them. But you do hear lots of Christians claiming that after every single disaster of any kind.

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  • Larry

    Fuck him. I donated $250 to help the people of OK and got another $250 through my company’s matching program. And I would do it again, regardless of what this prick says.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    It’s too bad Christians don’t have some sort of moral guidance instructing them that it’s not OK to tell lies about others.

  • Chiroptera

    Huh. The first thing I did after the tornado in Moore was send money to the Red Cross. I plan on sending some more money, but I have to wait until the next credit card billing cycle — some of us atheists have to buy groceries and pay utility bills just like Christians do.

    Neither could you find the ACLU….

    Or the ACLJ?

  • badgersdaughter

    We sent a hundred dollars to the local food bank before we even checked to see whether there were atheist charities, because we wanted to help first and check the religion credentials of the victims later. There were co-workers of mine who lost homes in that storm.

  • suttkus

    Look, he knows that atheists are less moral, therefore they don’t help out after disasters. If reality disagrees, then reality is wrong.

  • markr1957

    Fuck that lying sack of shit – I know I donated through the OK freethinkers, and I bought a silly t-shirt knowing the proceeds were going to help survivors too. Strangely, just like a good Christian is supposed to behave, I never brag about charitable donations.

  • davefitz

    So, since I donated, does that mean I’m no longer an atheist? Time to find a church and burn my Dawkins books.

  • roggg

    Brassfield is a lying piece of shit for even bringing it up in the first place. Plenty of atheists donate to secular and even non-secular charities all the time. MSF is one of my favorite places to put my money because I believe in what they do.. Just because they’re not atheist organizations doesn’t mean atheists aren’t helping through them and other organizations.

  • If you donated, then you must not be a true atheist. It’s the anti-No True Scotsman argument.

  • anubisprime

    Where can a god hatin’ atheist get him some roasted babies around here?..’n’ where’s dem jeebus droolin’ wimmins?..I got me an itch!

  • iknklast

    My husband and I, both non-believers, have a donation cycle. We donate every month, and only sometimes to atheist organizations. I give even when there isn’t a disaster, and I gave to the tornado victims (I have family in Oklahoma, but that wasn’t my only motivation, since I’ve given to all the other disasters, as well). This is simply a disgusting attack on good people.

  • kemist, Dark Lord of the Sith

    No, no people, you misunderstand.

    You see we atheist simply can’t “help” the way xians do : by sitting on our sanctimonious asses “comforting” people, aka praying and blaming natural disasters on various unrelated people’s “sins”.

    Only xians can provide that most needed “help”.

  • Look, even if you Athiests do donate afterwords, they’re still just undoing the damage they caused before, when they angered the Lord and forced Him to smite the place because of all the gayhomo mansex, Darwinism, and drug use.

  • Ellie

    I understand that there most certainly is a long list, but wait a second! I sent money to Episcopal Relief and Development designated for OK, so I suppose it would be obvious that I am a Christian who gave. However, I also sent a donation to the local United Way in OK, and when I filled out their form online, there was no little box to check “Theist” or “Atheist.” I doubt if they cared which I was. How does this person know who gave or what their personal beliefs are?

  • daleaustin

    Interesting. My atheist ass must not be sitting at this very moment on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, 13 days into a 21 day volunteer deployment. That same atheist ass that’s been in the field helping those most affected get the assistance they need. Funny, I’m donating my accumulated vacation time to the effort. I’ve donated about 15 pounds of excess fat as well. And then there is the financial support I give to relief efforts.

    I fact, I was working to aid that pastor’s very parishioners just last week. None of them seemed to care what I believed. If he’d like to come over to where I am right now and discuss the matter face to face, perhaps I can demonstrate the falseness of his statements.

  • dan4

    @10: Goodness, you fucking lunatic, get some professional help or something.

  • Dee Emarr

    Ah, dan4, @16? I’m almost certain that anubisprime @10 is joking.


    Damn you, Poe’s Law.

  • dan4

    @17: Even as a “joke,” it’s still darn demented, stupid, and incoherent.

  • spamamander, internet amphibian

    dan4 its a common self-mocking atheist trope, the eating babies and all that.

  • dan4

    @19: Except for the common denominator of “atheism,” what does said trope have to do with Ed’s post (“Wingnut Pastor: Atheists Don’t Help after Disasters”) that anubusprime was ostensibly “responding” to…and what the heck is the second part of that insanity (“…where’s dem jeebus droolin’ wimmins…I got me an itch!”) about? That nothing to do with atheism at all.

  • Brain Hertz


    you might want to sit down for a few minutes, maybe crack open a beer or something.

  • dingojack

    Brain Hertz – you have to make allowances for Dan’s apparent Asperger’s.


  • dingojack:

    I used to live with someone who is afflicted with Asperger’s; he’s nothing like dan4.


    See if Wolf Shitburger’s is still around with his CNN crew and get him to interview you. That should make the rev’s head spin like a fuckin’ top, ‘fore it asplodes!

  • birgerjohansson

    dan4, try reading Pharyngula.

    Yes, it is a self-mocking trope, we are atheists, so we must obviously be Satanist cannibals.

    Unless we worship Lovecraft’s Elder Gods, which are even meaner*.

    BTW Idonate to the Red Cross, Doctors Witout Borders, local animal protection groups and more.But I do not pray for them.

    *and we all strive for world domination, like Stewie Griffin

  • thebookofdave

    But Ed, don’t you realize that victim-blaming is the best possible relief for victims? Consider the ones who survive the complete devastation of a community. While they struggle with immediate needs (safety of loved ones, emergency food and shelter, assessment of whether anything of worth can be salvaged from pile of rubble that was home), they are tormented with one final, difficult question. Why me?

    David Brassfield is poised to deliver an answer: pissing off God has consequences. Failure to do what He says (or what He wants, depending on what He really means) will inevitably get people hurt, in some location, at a time TBD. Without the good pastor’s guidance, people wouldn’t know the difference between wrong and Stuff-That-Prevents-Earthquakes-GayButtsecks-and-Folks-Being-Sent-To-The-Cornfield. They would feel free to sin recklessly, exposing someone, somewhere to His justified wrath.

    While the Red Cross wastes resources reacting to events, good people like Pastor David are preventing disaster.

  • If there was a GOD, he’d be listening to some sanctimonious twit like Brassfield then slumping back in his Barcloud Lounger (TM) and muttering, “WTF? Why do I even bother?”.