Liberty U. Still Supports Fake Martyr

The right sure does love its martyr stories, so much so that they will often keep on believing them even after they’ve been proven false. Like the story of a student in North Carolina who claimed that he was being persecuted for having forgotten he had two shotguns in his car. Liberty University quickly offered the young man a scholarship to reward him. And now that the kid has admitted he lied, that hasn’t changed their mind one bit.

Liberty University is standing by its scholarship offer to high school senior David Cole Withrow, 18, a professed Christian and Eagle Scout who allegedly brought two shotguns April 29 onto the campus of his high school in Princeton, N.C.

Withrow had been skeet shooting over the weekend, and reports quickly spread that Withrow did not realize he had left the unloaded guns in his truck. News outlets reported that when the student discovered his mistake, he approached school officials in an attempt to remove the guns safely. Police then arrested and charged Withrow with bringing a weapon onto educational property, a felony…

Within days, Withrow had scholarship offers from Liberty University, where his sister attended, and Harding University in Searcy, Ark. Liberty Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. personally reached out to Withrow after seeing him wearing a Liberty T-shirt in news coverage.

But those scholarship offers came into question when Withrow admitted in his May 16 court appearance that he had lied:

“I was not truthful … I did in fact know that the two shotguns were in my truck on school property. I did not mean to hurt anyone by my actions.”

But Liberty says it’s still full speed ahead on the scholarship. Because they’re all about moral values, dontchaknow.

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  • Lofty

    Obviously he had the “right” kind of liberty in mind so he’s still a good boy.

  • Cuttlefish

    The second amendment was always Jesus’s favorite.

  • Modusoperandi

    I got arrested at an NRA convention. I went there after skeet shooting, drove in, parked, and went inside, forgetting that I’d left a car around my guns. When they found out, they told me that’s a restriction on the Second Amendment and upon hearing this, as a 2nd Amendment Patriot myself, I had to reply to this jackbooted crackdown on myself by protesting in front of me with signs, and sending me all-cap’d, paragraph-free, incoherent emails and death threats. Hence, the arrest. Sad story, really.

  • ianeymeaney

    If only there had been someone at the school with a gun, they could have protected the schoolchildren against someone having a gun at school!

  • dingojack

    ianeymeaney – what doya think the second shotgun was for? See, the 2nd Amendment regulates itself!!!



  • slc1

    I seem to recall that one of the commandments that the born agains so love says something about bearing false witness, i.e. lying.

  • lancifer

    The kid lied when he got caught. Not a shining example of ethical behavior.

    Still, what threat was posed by two unloaded shot guns locked in the trunk of his car?

    The campus of the college where I teach was put on “lock down” because some girl “thought” she saw what “could be” a “long gun” in the trunk of another students car.

    All hell broke loose, including helicopters, campus police, state police, automated warnings sent to tens of thousands of campus phones and student and faculty phones. Police searched every room of every campus building for hours, while people huddled in class room and offices waiting for the “all clear”.

    It turned out it was a tube holding a poster. Even if it had been a “long gun” it never left the trunk.

    But hey, guns are evil right?

  • dingojack

    Lancy – so if a shitload of kids had got shot, you’d be happy to be one making the calls to the distraght parents, right?

    Didn’t think so.


  • caseloweraz

    Lancifer: “But hey, guns are evil right?”

    No, guns are not evil. But the people who would choose to abolish any and all restrictions on who has access to guns come asymptotically friggin’ close to evil, in my opinion.

  • caseloweraz

    What’s the reason he has two shotguns to use in skeet shooting. Is it:

    a) he preloads each of them with different kinds of shot in order to test which works best.

    b) he has the second one for occasional guests he brings along to the range.

    c) both are rare ornamented weapons from the days of the Civil War of Northern Aggression, and he loves to show them off.

    d) he uses both of them, one in each hand, to blast two shots of skeet simultaneously (a feat only Chuck Norris had hitherto performed.)

    e) none of the above.


  • slc1

    It would appear that Sir Lancelot’s views on guns are as moronic as his views on climate change.

  • democommie

    Gunz don’t kill people; people kill people.

    However, when people are injured or killed it seems that, in many cases, the gun has fired itself.

  • d.c.wilson

    Of course they’re standing by him. He’s a “professed Christian.” One thing funjelicals have made abundantly clear is that actually living a moral and honest life according to the Ten Suggestions Commandments is completely optional so long as you wear your faith as a badge and hate gays, everything else is automatically forgiven.

  • aluchko

    I do have sympathy, as much as I don’t like guns being expelled and facing felony charges for an accident is a bit overboard. Still the whole idea of Liberty U offering a scholarship for anyone managing to martyr themselves is a bit ridiculous.

  • lancifer

    Dingo Jack.

    Two unloaded shotguns in the trunk of a car are not a threat to anyone. Your overly emotional dead child scenario has no logical connection to the issue at hand.


    Having an unloaded gun locked in the trunk of a car is pretty restrictive don’t you think? Or is it your contention that these unloaded and locked away guns were somehow a threat to the kids in the school?


    My “view” is that an unloaded gun locked in the trunk of a car is not dangerous. Please explain how that makes me a “moron”.

  • dan4

    Not surprising, given that the entire basis for their religion (a virgin pregnancy) is based on an obvious lie.

  • Moon Jaguar


    There’s a reason it’s a felony to bring a gun onto school property: it greatly reduces the odds that someone will be shot there. I want my kid’s chance of being shot at school to be zero.

    You can argue about the response to the felony but not the reasonableness of the law, the guilt of the lying perp, or the idiocy of Liberty U.

  • lancifer

    Moon Jaguar,

    I don’t have a problem with laws prohibiting guns in schools, but an unloaded gun locked in a trunk in the parking lot of a school is not a threat to anyone.

    The fact that the kid had it knocked down to a misdemeanor is evidence that the authorities knew this.

    I just want all laws, including those regarding guns, to be reasonable and rational.

  • dingojack

    Lancy – sure hope you’re not your organisation’s designated Safety Officer.


  • caseloweraz


    I don’t know that you are one of those people who object to any restrictions on guns. I’d like to believe that you’re not.

    However, you reacted like one of them would, by misconstruing my statement.

    RE: your question, I don’t know that the guns were in the trunk of his car. If they had been, the sensible thing would have been to keep quiet about them and simply drive home at the end of the day.

  • dan4

    There’s nothing wrong,IMHO, with disallowing even unloaded guns in a locked trunk to be brought onto school property. Some crazy person can break into the trunk, steal the gun(s) and use it/them to a school employee/student (while taking advantage of the fact that said employee/student would have no way of knowing that the guns were unloaded).

  • dan4

    @21 “…use it/them to rob a school employee/student…”

  • lancifer


    I re-read the article and it says “in his truck” not trunk. My mistake.

    Either way the guns were unloaded and posed no danger to anyone. Are you opposed to the “idea” of guns? Because an unloaded gun is no more dangerous than a stick.

  • lancifer


    An unloaded gun wielded by a “crazy person”, or anyone else, is no more dangerous than an empty bag that the person claims contains a bomb.

    Do you support empty bag restrictions at schools?

  • Michael Heath

    lancifer writes:

    . . . an unloaded gun is no more dangerous than a stick.

    Gun owners are taught to always handle and respect a gun as if it’s loaded, even when you’ve verified it’s not.

    Far too many people die or are wounded because the person in possession of the gun thought it was un-loaded, and it wasn’t.

    Contrary to your repeated assertion, guns are always dangerous. This is taught at all competently administrated hunter and gun safety classes (my dad was a long-time hunter safety instructor). Where I point this out as a life-long hunter who is no ally to those gun rights advocates who blithely and ignorantly deny the safety and security rights of people around those of us who do bear arms.

  • Catrambi

    lancifer, you’re beyond dumb.

    An unloaded gun is not like an “unbombed” bag. It’s more analogous to an exact replica of a bomb but without the explosive material, if the lack of explosive material cannot be verified by whomever is being threatened by said bomb replica.

    Yes, I would be opposed to people bringing harmless non-explosive replicas of car bombs to their schools.