Maddow on the Conservative Nonsense Problem

Rachel Maddow had an excellent segment on her show Tuesday about the right’s constant search for a “smoking gun” that will finally bring down Obama and prove that he’s the dangerous radical they all think he is rather than the centrist, careful politician he actually is. Particularly amusing is the claim that those non-existent 157 visits from the head of the IRS to the White House — actually only 11 — prove a conspiracy. Fox News mentioned that 58 times last week and didn’t stop even after it was debunked.

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  • Matrim

    Of course they didn’t stop. The conservative media knows it has it’s consumers in an echo chamber where they will never actually be confronted with the truth (and, let’s face it, would likely reject it as a liberal whitewash if they were). They stand to lose nothing by lying. Their fans will never call them on it, and anyone who would is ignored by those fans for being liberal (whether they are or not, as to most right-wingers liberal has nothing to do with liberalism, it’s just a word synonymous with “bad”).

  • serena

    I could swear I heard her call it “Fux News”.

  • Modusoperandi


  • fifthdentist

    Just because the IRS chief and Obama met 157 times doesn’t mean they were coordinating attacks on teabaggers.

    The likelier explanation is that they were freebasing cocaine, having gay sex and holding Muslim services to worship Satin.

  • dingojack

    fifthdenisist – or calico, even lace or [shudder] denim! Don’t underestimate him. That Obama is a dark horse*!



    * ifyaknowhatImean!! [wink, wink]

  • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    Fox News is more of a non-comedy sketch show at this point.

  • zenlike

    The head of a government entity visiting the head of the government? Shock! Horror!

  • D. C. Sessions

    How deep is that bubble?

    I was walking through the cafeteria this week and Fox “news” was on (it takes turns with CNN.) Now, bear in mind that this was a supposedly-straight news segment covering weather, celebrity gossip, court cases, etc. And right there in the middle of it was something or other about Washington and the various heads ask each other “So what does the Administration think it will gain by all of this lying about” Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP, wiretaps, etc.

    No doubt at all that the Administration is lying about not just one but all of the scyndals (synthetic scandals), but even when they notice that it makes absolutely no sense to lie about them they never doubt that the White House is guilty as charged. And of course, they’re secure in the knowledge that their viewers totally agree.

  • marcozandrini

    I just viewed a video of Neil Cavuto’s show during which he yelled, “….cut his mic.” The person who had the mic being cut was Julian Epstein, a democratic leaning lawyer. Mr Epstein’s crime? He refused to go along with Cavuto’s taking point that stated that all the “scandals” were linked to the WH. I wrote to Mr Cavuto and told jim that he’s nothing more than an obfuscator of xenophobia. That’ll take Jim a week to figure that out!!

  • Modusoperandi

    marcozandrini, back when I played D&D my character wielded an Obfuscator of Xenophobia. It was +3. True story.

  • caseloweraz

    If a liberal talk show host had said something like that…

    (You can all fill in the rest of that sentence.)

  • khms

    Obama and prove that he’s the dangerous radical they all think he is rather than the centrist, careful politician he actually is.

    *shug* From where I sit, Obama is a dangerous radical. It’s just that he’s a right-wing radical … and the GOP is out in the la-la-land far beyond the right wing.

    (Whereas over here, we currently have the problem that whenever the left side of the spectrum comes up with a good campaign argument, our conservative chancellor immediately appropriates it for her campaign. Not only are the satirists all joking about it, she even has admitted doing so on at least one opportunity. And it seems the voters prefer the copy to the original. Of course, how much her libertarian coalition partners will allow her to actually do after the election, even assuming she actually wants to, is a very open question. Or even her own party.)

  • Marcus Ranum

    Why don’t they go after Obama for being a war criminal?

  • d.c.wilson

    Marcus Ranum:

    It’s hard for them to call Obama’s actions war crimes when they spent the better part of eight years defending Bush for doing the same things.

    Hard, but not impossible.

  • fifthdentist

    d.c. wilson,

    Not hard at all for them. Not long ago a bipartisan commission that determined the Bush administration used torture also noted that the entire time that was going on the administration was accusing countries it didn’t like, who were using the same techniques, of being evil torturers.

  • hypatiasdaughter

    Well, Faux News did win a court case that decided that the stuff they call “news” doesn’t have to be true.

    And studies have shown that once a lie has been planted it is nearly impossible to correct it – indeed attempts to correct it often reinforce the lie. So Faux News had to repeat it 58 times to make sure as many people as possible heard it.

  • matty1

    There are definitely not 2,300,009 invisible blood sucking ghosts working for Obama.

  • eric

    I see this as another example of ‘math you do to make yourself feel better.”