Welcome, Nirmukta

Freethought Blogs has a new blogger, or more precisely a whole bunch of them. Nirmukta, a group that advocates science and secular humanism in India, has started a group blog here at FTB and I’m really looking forward to learning about that country and the role that secularism can make there. Please go welcome them.

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  • Trickster Goddess

    It’s about time to update the FTB front page. The sidebar lists 37 blogs on FTB, but onlt 31 are displayed on the front page. There are also a couple shown that are no longer hosted on FTB.

  • F [nucular nyandrothol]

    Wow, that’s really cool that Nirmukta joined FTB.

  • jnorris

    … a whole bunch of them. Nirmukta, a group …

    Nirmukta = The Blog Collective?

  • psanity

    Awesome addition.

    To echo the above — is the frontpage going to be updated anytime soon? There are a bunch of cool new folks I’d remember to pay more attention to if they were in the main list.

    Also, any news on fixing that glitch where we randomly get the mobile site? It happens most often on the frontpage, but also in the blogs. Sometimes there’s a “see full site” link, but it’s never worked for me. I have a notion it happens at high-traffic times. It makes the blogs hard to read, so it’s irritating.

    Thanks for maintaining this oasis of stimulating discussion.