Fostering Critical Thinking in Cambodia

Atheist Alliance International is joining forces with the Cambodian Children’s Trust, a secular non-profit NGO that works to help the people of Cambodia break the cycle of poverty, in a project to teach children how to think critically. Here’s some information about it:

The Critical Thinking & Secular Ethics project primarily works with children from 5 – 18 years of age. The classes introduce children to the concept of a ‘community of inquiry’, exploring ethical dilemmas with the aim of developing skills to evaluate arguments and counter arguments, which will ultimately deepen their knowledge and understanding of the complexities of daily life.

The program focusses initially on children in CCT’s care and street children who are part of the CCT community in Battambang Province, with over 140 participants at present. Over time, it is hoped that the project will be expanded to include interested Khmer teachers, international volunteers and, ultimately, schools and NGOs in Cambodia.

Tara Winkler, founder of the Cambodian Children’s Trust, said “We are very excited about this program – it has enormous potential to teach Cambodian children critical thinking skills and secular ethics, which will benefit them throughout their lives.”

Carlos A. Diaz, AAI President, said “AAI is proud to support this fantastic initiative and to contribute to the education of Cambodian children. Helping the next generation of Cambodians develop their ability to think rationally and critically analyse claims will facilitate a fair, secular Cambodia of the future.”

If you’d like to contribute to the project, click here.

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