Me and Jamila Bey in 45 Minutes

Listen to me and Jamila Bey do our first radio show together, interviewing Marcy Wheeler about last week’s revelations about NSA spying. The show is from 6-7 pm EST and you can listen online at the link below or on terrestrial radio stations in the following cities:

Washington, DC: AM 1390 AND WTOP 103.5 FM HD-2

NYC: AM 1430

Chicago: WILV 100.3 FM HD-2

Miami: 99.9 HD-2

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  • Draken

    AM radio? Interesting. When does America get water closets and closed sewers?

  • dingojack

    Draken – clearly New York city has open sewers (I believe they call them streets) and.Washington has semi-closed ones (the open ones are up on the hill).

    🙂 Dingo

  • Hey Ed i missed this when it was live and would love to listen but i can’t seem to find it. If any one could post a link to the recorded show or an rss feed it would be greatly appreciated thanks!

  • cafink