Jackson: Sin Causes Birth Defects

“Bishop” E.W. Jackson, the Republican nominee to be the next lt. governor of Virginia, wrote a book in 2008 called Ten Commandments to an Extraordinary Life and it contained some truly loopy ideas. Like this one. Did you know that sin causes birth defects?

Keep in mind that the whole cosmos has been made imperfect — wounded — by sin. It is the principle of sin, rebellion against God and His truth which has brought about birth defects and other destructive natural occurrences. Leaving aside that for a moment, recent discoveries about the genetic code of each human being are a fulfillment of scripture. Your genetic code is the handwriting of God, written before you or the world existed. Our genetic blueprint is proof of the existence of the Living God and His infinite intelligence, purpose and design. Sadly, many will ignore the deeper spiritual truth which underlies the advance of this scientific knowledge.

Yes, sadly many will ignore this absolutely moronic claim. So sad. I bet Eve eating that apple also caused entropy.

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  • psweet

    Man, billions of galaxies, all messed up because one woman ate an apple?

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Seems a tad harsh / excessive don’t it?

  • I’m sick of the meme that children are tools gods use to punish their parents. Probably one more unspoken reason why they’re anti-abortion, now that it’s on my mind. It won’t surprise me if that reason becomes a lot more spoken, though.

  • Sin turned me into a newt!

  • velociraptor

    So sin, being a rejection of YHWH’s troof, brings about divine retribution? Kinda takes the ‘natural’ out of his claim.

  • This was a mainstream view 500 years ago.

  • Robert B.

    IANABiologist, but doesn’t the genetic code have parts that don’t code for any proteins but rather hacked the replication machinery to replicate themselves ten thousand times? What would that mean for Jackson’s god? Did he fall asleep while he was writing and his face landed on the C key? Was the Holy Cat walking on his keyboard?

  • busterggi

    Yahweh make heap big magic.

    (w/ apologies to Native Americans)

  • CaitieCat

    I’ll admit I’m not a First Nations person myself, but I’ve got to say, busterggi, that’s a really unpleasant thing you did.

    Consider, if you will, whether you would have written “me so solly” or “yassa massa”? Would those have seemed appropriate to put up for a joke? Because to me, and I would venture most people, they’re racial slurs, and don’t belong in civilized discourse. A real apology would be a good start, and remembering not to use that again would be better.

  • cptdoom

    What about defects that weren’t present at birth. I had 6 years of physical therapy to overcome brain damage caused by Meningitis, but didn’t develop the disease until after I was born. Was that because my parents had sinned, or did I do something in the first 11 hours of life that pissed Thor off?

  • Mr Ed

    Thee bible is absolute truth because it was written under divine guidance. “Your genetic code is the handwriting of God,” seems my DNA is one up on that. Not just a ghost written divine work but the actual source notes. Bow down to the holy church of AGTC

  • Well, if you count large-scale pollution as a “sin,” then Jackson is kinda right.

  • Alverant


    But he wouldn’t because that would require accepting environmentalists claims about climate change.

  • Skip White

    Wait, I thought that God made the universe exactly perfect, running like clockwork? Or did sin somehow retcon the entire universe into being chaotic and having evolution? Holy shit I’m through the looking glass on this one.

  • busterggi

    CaitieCat –

    I’m not First Nation though my kids are via their mom and I reeeeeaally hate ignorant goobers like you claiming I hate my kids. What would serve as an appropriate apology IYO? Would I have to beg for your mercy and scourge myself?

    Wouldn’t matter, I’m Polish and just don’t get jokes.

    • CaitieCat

      Dude, citation needed. Where did I say you hated anyone? I said , and I quote me, that you did a really unpleasant thing. That’s the depth of my intemperance. You’ve overreacted, accused me of calling you names, and accused that I said you hate your children, which, bzuh, where did that come from? I didn’t even know you had children, and I don’t really care.

      And I would hope you’ve got enough sense to know that “some of my best friends are X” is not much of an excuser. All I said was, that kind of usage is belitting to people, so you should probably consider not using it. I assumed you were a decent enough person to want to apologize for what I assumed was a good-faith mistake made from ignorance. Apparently, instead, you decide to impute racist motives to me, and hire a backhoe to dig the hole deeper.

      Bizarre. Just bizarre.

  • eric


    Or did sin somehow retcon the entire universe into being chaotic and having evolution?

    You joke, but Dembski has said basically that: that A&E’s sin propagated backwards in time and changed how the universe arose. Not to worry, evidently salvation does the same thing. The OT prophets aren’t in hell even though they weren’t Christian because Jesus’ power travels back in time too.

    I advise you not to try and facepalm your way through that. The friction will wear out your skull.

  • Synfandel

    Zinc Avenger, glad to see you got better.

  • slc1

    Re Robert B @ #7

    The Idiots and the YECs maintain that there is no such thing as junk DNA, that all DNA is functional. Even the DAN that doesn’t code for proteins (about 90%) has some function according to them. Biologist Larry Moran has a lot of fun with those clowns on his web site.

  • John Pieret

    I bet Eve eating that apple also caused entropy.

    Of course! Sin brought death into the world and the heat death of the universe is the biggest result.

    Unless Jesus’ alarm clock finally goes off and he comes back to destroy the world and then remake it perfect again.

  • D. C. Sessions

    I bet Eve eating that apple also caused entropy.

    Of course. It also killed the Tree that the fruit came from. That’s why entropy depends on logs.

  • House Tleilaxu

    A quick correction: the title of the book is actually Ten Comandments [sic] to an Extraordinary Life. Because nothing says “I have access to privileged and divine wisdom” like not noticing you misspelled a key word on your front page, right?

  • Michael Heath

    Jackson and Demski are regurgitating old fundie memes. When I was in my early-teens in the early-70s there was a meme going around the fundie community that genetic mutations were proof God punished subsequent generations for their ancestors’ sins. That this was merely the mechanism that proved the Bible true.

    The preacher at the church I was forced to attend even had a slide show, pre-Power Point!, showing illustrations of DNA and genes. He was posing as scientifically savvy in order to appear convincing. Of course this snow job required him to inform the sheep the evidence revealed proved what they already had faith was true. If he actually told them the truth about what science actually understood he wouldn’t have been a preacher there.

  • I was listening to the Delilah show on the radio about a year ago and she made the claim that God gives babies with Downs Syndrome to arrogant people to teach them humility.

  • Can it be any sin, like not sprinkling your blood offering in the right pattern, or is it only really serious sins like not wearing mixed fabrics?

  • konrad_arflane

    Sounds like someone needs to brush up on John 9.

  • kermit.

    cptdoom Was that because my parents had sinned, or did I do something in the first 11 hours of life that pissed Thor off?


    Clearly you were being held personally responsible for the sins of gays in San Francisco, or perhaps some scientists in MIT.

  • coffeehound

    Your genetic code is the handwriting of God, written before you or the world existed.

    Then apparently he has pretty f’***ed up penmanship what with all the errors and stuff. And what kind of lame assed “all powerful God” can’t even manage to keep Satan and Co.’s monkey wrench out of the works?