Boykin: NSA Surveillance a Marxist Tactic

Retired disgraced former Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin says that the NSA’s illegal surveillance program is all part of a Marxist plot “straight out of Saul Alinsky” (because no wingnut can ever give an interview without mentioning Alinsky) to destroy Obama’s enemies. Really, Jerry? So what was it during the Bush administration when you were serving in the Pentagon and undoubtedly supporting the same thing?


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  • D. C. Sessions

    Unlike Boykin, I’ve actually read Alinsky. And I can confidently tell y’all that he never wrote anything about methods for the authorities to oppress the people out of power.

  • Chiroptera

    Well, to be fair, there is a very thin line between Marxist authoritarian jack-booted thuggery and legitimate protection of the American people and all that is sacred…and that thin line is basically whichever political party is in the White House.

  • Who Knows?

    What did he think about it when he was running around telling everyone that George W. Bush was personally appointed by God to save us from the Muslims?

  • Wait. Obama discredited Petreus? Oh. My. God. Did you know that Jill Kelley forwarding harassing emails from Broadwell to the FBI is really illegal NSA espionage? I know! I’m as shocked as you are.


    free range clowns?

    The more I get to know ol’ Jerry, the more I get to thinking that the “Blackhawk Down” incident was a deliberate provocation on his part, using the GI’s under his command as Knights Templar of sorts. What an asshole.

  • He’s never read Alinsky. I have. Alinsky’s all about communities organizing to deal with local problems. What a lying fuck.

  • dan4

    Boykin’s got it backwards. The NSA monitoring Saul Alinsky (when he was alive, of course) would have been a much more likely scenario.

  • The NSA monitoring Saul Alinsky

    That would have been the FBI, under COINTELPRO.