From the ‘Careful What You Wish For’ Department

If you haven’t seen it already, you really must watch this entire video of a woman in Florida recording herself throwing a hissy fit at a Dunkin Donuts to an incredibly calm and polite kid who graciously gives her what she wants despite her obnoxious behavior. The woman simply loses her mind, telling other customers about it and being completely oblivious to the fact that she’s making them profoundly uncomfortable and then, just for good measure, launching into a racist attack on the woman who waited on her the night before, calling her a “complete cunt sand nigger whore.”

The punchline to all of this is that she is continually talking about how she can’t wait to post the video on Youtube and how she hopes it gets a million hits. Careful what you wish for, lady. You got it. She’s now deleted her Facebook account and she’s pretty much become the poster child for asshole behavior. “This shit’s about to go live, bitch.” Yep, it is. How about a big steaming cup of schadenfreude?


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  • There’s the fun bit where she says she’s afraid that they’re going to do something bad to her food, so she’s going to give it to her boyfriend. If I were said boyfriend, I’d really be rethinking the relationship.

  • Her obliviousness and overweening sense of entitlement are disgusting to the nth degree. She really has no clue how offensive she is and it’s clear that she expects the support of everyone who hears her tale of woe, even as she spews racist language.

  • tsig

    I wonder if she got permission from the other customers to put their faces out in public.

    Showcasing herself as an obnoxious, foul mouthed, prejudiced idiot would seem to be a good way to lose a job.

  • Martin Wagner was right a few years ago when he said that horrible people don’t know they are horrible.

  • Well, her boyfriend is rather a piece of work himself.

  • The real punch line is that she apparently works (worked?) in media relations.

  • tsig

    “Her obliviousness and overweening sense of entitlement are disgusting to the nth degree. She really has no clue how offensive she is and it’s clear that she expects the support of everyone who hears her tale of woe, even as she spews racist language” Zeno

    I wonder how she got to the age she is without someone explaining to her that she is not the center of the universe.

  • Maybe they tried explaining and got the same response?

  • Who Knows?

    she expects the support of everyone who hears her tale of woe

    Come off it, the fucking Dunkin Donuts didn’t give her a receipt the day before! After all the awesome shit she’s done for that store! That’s fuckin outrageous man! They ever do that shit to me I’m goin in and kickin some fuckin ass!

    Wait, did she say she did all this because she didn’t get a receipt from her last purchase? Never mind.

  • could someone synopsise for those of us with low bandwidth? Why was she abusing the kid in the first place?

  • Who Knows?

    Maybe they tried explaining and got the same response?

    Not comprehending the metaphor, she stood there silently staring…

  • Abby Normal

    I hope someone sends a copy of that video to her mother.

  • Sorry, I only made it through the first 42 seconds. When she said, “…fucking rude,” I turned it off. Not because I’m a tone-troll (really, god damn it!), I’m not. It’s that I’ve run into folks like her (e.g., I was once the president of a condo-association). They can’t communicate, they can’t think, and they can’t be convinced that they are NOT the center of the universe. Talking to them is like trying to teach a pig to sing; it irritates the pig and it frustrates you. (Thanks to the late RAH)

  • @ podkayne

    Dunkin’ Donuts has a policy that if they don’t give you a receipt, they’ll comp your next meal. She went through the drive-through at night and didn’t get a receipt. She came back the next day to collect on the comped meal. In the process of doing that she went on an absolutely insane, racist rant at the DD employees. She tried to get other customers involved.

    Throughout the whole thing the employees were calm and professional. Not anything like this person with a “business degree” who is supposedly a media professional.

    She filmed the whole thing and bragged about how it was going to get a ton of hits. Which it did, but not for any of the reasons she thought it would. This is what some of my friends would term “Professional Darwinism.” She’s a toxic property and is going to be lucky to get a minimum wage job. I’m sure not at Dunkin’ Donuts, though.

  • iknklast

    Which could explain why one time when I made a polite complaint about being accidentally put into a smoking room at a motel, I was accused of being racist. If they have to deal with this crap all the time, they might honestly come to see any complaint as being that of a racist nature, even when all you did was say, Excuse me, I was supposed to have a non-smoking room. I got pretty mad that day, but in retrospect, I have no clue what might have happened earlier that evening before I showed up (though I still think you should treat every customer with the assumption that they are decent human beings until they prove otherwise, I’ve done enough customer service to know how difficult that can be).

  • doublereed

    I love happy endings.

  • ” Horrible people don’t know they are horrible.” This should be inscribed in stone somewhere, next to Sturgeon’s Law. It’s a truth that the practice of law has taught me on an almost daily basis.

  • Usually when I’ve done or said something obnoxious, I have felt on onrush of shame so intense (though always afterwards, unfortunately, rather than beforehand, when it would have done me some good), that I’m sure I never want to feel such a thing again.

    People with NO apparent capacity for shame are, I have to confess, completely incomprehensible to me–like men who won’t support their children, or fans of anyone who ever appeared on American Idol.

  • Scott Hanley

    The weird thing is that the guaranteed receipt policy isn’t even for the customer’s convenience. Not 1 in 50 customers would even care. It’s there to prevent employee theft.

    In an establishment with just a few fixed prices, it’s easy for a cashier to memorize the price + tax for frequent orders and just take the money without ever recording the sale in the cash register (notice that you don’t see these policies at, say, department stores where it would require too much mental arithmetic on the cashier’s part). So you put this policy in place so that the customers will alert the manager if the cashier isn’t recording sales.

  • Doc Bill

    When I worked in retail (true story) this customer came in very irate. “It’s the FIFTH time I have had to come here to exchange this.” She handed me a Bluetooth wireless speaker kit. “It don’t work. None of them work,” she continued.

    “Do you want a refund?” “Hell, no! I want to exchange this for one that works.” “Do you mind if I have a look at it?”

    “Suit yourself.”

    So, I had a look and the battery compartment was empty. The two AA’s were still in the wrapper. I asked her if she put the batteries in and what did she say?

    She said, “Oh, thank you, sir! I feel so foolish. I just didn’t even think about batteries. Thanks and have a nice day.”

    Uh, no. She went on a rampage about how I was trying to make her look stupid, wanted to see the manager, was going to call her lawyer and she actually started yelling at other customers. Before we had to call Security she calmed down enough to take an offer to set-up her speaker, connect it to her phone and show her how to us it. She agreed, we did the setup and she left with a threat “never to return again!” One threat I hope she keeps.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    you really must watch this entire video

    C’mon Ed, that’s over eight minutes long! I don’t think I can take it on an empty stomach.

  • serena

    retailhellunderground is the best site to hear these horror stories. I couldn’t stand being on that side of the register anymore, having this kind of behavior thrown at me on a daily basis (some small thanks to the internet for finally showcasing this stuff) – I haven’t got the heart for it anymore. I’ve stood quietly and taken that very kind of abuse (once a firefighter jumped out of his truck and raised his fist to me, and my manager told me to apologize) then went into the freezer and sobbed for the rest of the day.

    Foodservice is the last vestige of slave-class we get to abuse, I can’t be a part of it anymore. I sucked up my pride and moved back to my parents’ house and am going to school as a Medical Assistant. I’ve never owned a car. I’m 32 and a woman. I only got this opportunity to go to school thanks to a graciously free GED program given by a local community college and the Federal Student Aid I very luckily qualified for.

    Anyway, this behavior is common, and I’m glad it’s being showcased in the manner it has, rather than the glorification of drive-thru pranks that was so rampant in the past few years. That was another reason I had to get out, ugh. There’s nothing like being trapped in a glass booth with a speaker wired into your ear, being forced to listen to everyone’s brakes and mufflers and radios and screaming children, then forced to observe the contents of every person’s vehicle while sticking your head out of a tiny hinged window… I could go on, but the image is melting into a Nine Inch Nails video melded with some kind of ancient torture p0rn.

  • Johnny Au Gratin

    I hope someone sends a copy of that video to her mother.

    I hope someone sends a copy to her boyfriend before she tries to feed him the food she doesn’t trust. He may just wonder how she can treat him that way after rating him ten on Facebook.

  • Foodservice is the last vestige of slave-class we get to abuse.

    Indeed. Having had a couple of such jobs in my youth, I always say Thank you to the waitstaff and never tip less than 20%.

    I wonder perhaps if the woman in this video was sheltered somehow from the kinds of life experience that tend to foster empathy for others in similar circumstances. The Mitt Romney Disease, if you will.

  • yoav

    There’s this sense of entitlement I’ve noticed mostly (although not exclusively) with americans who confuse the fact that someone’s job may be to serve them with a blank permission to be an abusive ass. About a year ago the piece of shit doing of the local radio morning show decided it would be just hilarious to have listeners go to the drive through and deliberately speak jibrish when ordering and then scream at the poor kid when they ask them to move to the window since they can’t understand the order, and the more depressing thing was that instead of people calling to tell him what an asshole he is they actually went and did it and called to brag about it. Because nothing say bravery more then abusing some poor kid who can’t answer back for fear of losing their minimum wage job (well maybe loudly proclaiming to be a christian in the face of the massive prosecution faced by christians in places like Alabama).

  • Jessi Slaughter 2.0

  • John Horstman

    The whole thing? Really? I’m already cringing more than during the most awkward scenes of Curb after two minutes. She thinks they somehow owe her for the positive comments she’s posted online that maybe 20 people read? This is some serious narcissism.

  • John Horstman

    Re: service industry jobs and that with which people working them must contend, my favorite site that collects them is Not Always Right.

  • Akira MacKenzie

    Ugh… I feel for that poor kid behind the counter, I work in a call center (which is the best career you can expect when you can only manage a BA in Journalism) where part of my job includes handling calls from food stamp recipients. Most of the time, the calls are pretty basic: What’s my balance? When will my benefits be deposited. I lost my card, can you send me a new one? Some calls can be very depressing, like the recipient had her card cancelled by a belligerent relative or SO and they’re kids need food and it takes 5-7 business days for the new one to arrive. Then you get the real assholes who howl abuse at you when they don’t get what they want and you have no other recourse but to take it. You have to fight every impulse to talk back at them because, if you do, it could cost you your lousy, low-pay-with-little-if-any-benefits, dead-end job that you need more than life itself.

  • She wrote in one of her online profiles that she’s “working towards my JD in Law now.” Can you get a JD in English or biology?

    I was going to get an MD in Medicine but switched to the MD in Law, before switching to the DDS in Accounting, before finally settling on the JD in Law.

  • meg

    Oh dear.

    Like others, I have plenty of stories about this kind of behaviour. It has two results:

    1 – I am soo less likely to help you. Don’t understand why people don’t realise a kind word gets you further than being yelled at.

    2 – Like others have mentioned, I am so careful how I treat other service people now. I think you can always tell who has worked in service, and who hasn’t.

  • lofgren

    It sounds to me like she has some kind of problem. I see hints of someone I know when they are having a manic episode. They have no sense or proportion or perspective, and they fixate on minor things with great intensity. I’m not sure she’s in control of herself here.

  • Damn you, lofgren,

    Now I may have to feel sorry for her.

  • lofgren,

    It’s possible, but that didn’t sound especially manic. There are more likely explanations for this sort of oversensitivity to slights and need for revenge.

  • lofgren

    I know that there are other explanations, such as certain personality types that are just this sensitive and vengeful by nature. And I certainly wouldn’t presume to diagnose somebody from an eight minute video type, especially since I’m not remotely qualified to diagnose anybody for anything. My comment was based on both the familiarity of the behavior and the level of exaggeration. She simply cannot go through life having a response this explosive to a sleight as minor as a missing receipt. She wouldn’t have time for anything else, including feeding herself or going to the bathroom. That makes me think this must not be her normal mode of behavior.

  • @ArtK; @14

    Thanks 🙂

  • When I worked at Verizon I was, for about 16 months, a 411 operator. Worst.Fucking.Job.I.Ever.Had.

    12-1500 calls per shift with few, if any, people who were not pissed BEFORE being told that “that Chinese restaurant down by the Worcester Centrum” is NOT enough information to work with.

    I had a ranter calling from Cape Cod once who wanted the number for a flower shop in the Hyannis area. She didn’t know anything about them except that they did some certain thing with flowers that she liked. I suggested she call the Hyannis CofC and ask THEM for a phone number. She said, “Oh, why didn’t I think of that?”. I kept my mouth shut, keyed her to the number for CofC and took the next call.

    “And I certainly wouldn’t presume to diagnose somebody”

    Sure you could, you just did.

  • lofgren

    Sure you could, you just did.

    Read it again. No I didn’t.

  • “It sounds to me like she has some kind of problem. I see hints of someone I know when they are having a manic episode.”


  • lofgren

    “Her behavior resembles that of someone else I know who has a specific problem” is not the same as “She has the following specific problem.” The first is an observation. I could say the same about somebody who is high on crystal meth, or hasn’t slept in 36 hours. The second is diagnosis.

  • Walk it back as far as you like, you’re still full of shit.

  • lofgren

    Be as belligerent an asshole as you like, you’re still wrong.

  • hypatiasdaughter

    #26 yoav

    Yeah, I find this kind of pranking a really disgusting form of abuse on someone who cannot defend themselves.

    Serena , any responsible manager has the obligation to defend his/her employees from actions like that.

    And to stand behind the employee who is following company procedures. I worked retail when I was younger and occasionally a customer got mad when I told them a company policy. The manger took over and sometimes caved in to the customer but NEVER blamed me for the customer’s anger. They told me that I was in the right, the customer was wrong but got special treatment to make them shut up & go away.

    It is one reason I am brusque but polite to telemarketers, even though I hate the calls. It is a shitty job that people often take in desperation and they don’t need me being rude to them. I have heard people blow whistles in the phone, or drop the receiver so the caller wastes time talking to dead air. And they think that is funny. NO, you jerk. That is rudely victimizing someone who is just trying to make a living in a bad job market.

  • Lofgren:

    Fuck you, you sanctimonious piece of shit. You made a comment that was stupid, something you tend to do and then when told that you’re a dick you prove it. Not a surprise. Go fuck yourself.